Recent Club Meetings
Today's Guest Speaker, Phil Roy was intoduced by Craig Bromley.
Phil is a director of systems and applications at CSU. There are some 230 applications that the crew at CSU manages.
The theme of his talk was that the rate of change was increasing and that technology was rapidly becoming both necessary and accepted in the community. There is disruption ahead! There are complete changes coming in the way we use technology, and its effect on current businessses will be profound. Phil used Kodak as an example. Although Kodak owns many of the patents that make digital image capture possible, they didn't capitalise on the advances that they themselves introduced and so lost 90% of their business.
The Taxi business is another classic example with the introduction of Uber, music sales have changed in character completely, as has TV with live streaming. Newsprint is under huge pressure, as is journalism itself. The AFL media unit will soon be a broadcast station in itself.
There are unintended consequences. Amazon began as on line selling service, but now uses its cloud facility to support other retailers, such as Canon, AON etc, SMS developed in the same way.
The Internet of Things connects us to things by WIFI. Examples are door locks, sprinkler systems, refrigeration, light control, security etc. It seems strange, but the average household even now has somewhere around 7 devices attached to WIFI. Weather stations are a popular use of this technology. The particularly clever ones can monitor the weather and rainfall, and adjust your water system accordingly. An estimated 40% saving on water usage.
Phil concluded by drawing our attention to backing up our computer continuously, either to a physical hard drive or to a cloud server.
Change your password often, and make sure it consists numbers symbols and letters. Use different passwords for different application. It won't guarantee that you have absolute security but it will make it harder to hack.
And finally, don't open something that is suspicious! Its if seems to good to be true, on the web it is!!
After fielding several questions that related mostly to NBN, Phil was thanked warmly by PP David Benn.
Chris Hillis sent us new photos from Thailand and the email below.  
Click here to see all the photos
Hello Gentlemen,
An update from Kae re your Thailand kitchen project.  
The school had a great crop of fish and rice.  Kae said they have rice for the next 12 months for the school and were able to sell the excess rice as well as the fish.  
The money will be used to buy more school kitchen supplies and equipment.
Congratulations, you guys have made it possible for this community to feed their school children in a self sustaining way.
Many thanks for your generosity

Judy Ferguson was awarded a Paul Harris Fellow at Tuesdays meeting.  She is pictured above with President Geoff Breust and John.
PP Peter Crozier announced the award and gave an overview of Judy's achievements.  His presentation is reproduced below:
Today, the Rotary Club of Wollundry – Wagga Wagga has the privilege of honouring an outstanding member of the community in the form of bestowing them with the highest honour of Rotary International, a Paul Harris Fellowship.
This awardee was born into a rural family at Casino and was educated locally at Casino Public and High Schools before moving into her tertiary education at the University of New England and the Armidale Teachers College. She taught at several schools on the South Coast and the Riverina for over 40 years. She met her husband, John, when she was appointed to the Collingullie Demonstration SchooI. I guess only a few would not recognise that I am referring to Judith Anne Ferguson. Her involvement in the management and love of sports both in the public school and adult fields would be without peer. Her roles within the Primary Schools Sports Association have been voluntary and completed outside her teaching roles. I will touch on her activities in the PSSA:
  • Wagga Wagga PSSA   –  Secretary 1984 to 1999; organisation of ten sports throughout           Wagga on Friday afternoons at many locations; instrumental in the introduction of the Royal Life Saving Swim and Survive program into Wagga Schools; convenor of Hockey, Softball and Tennis trials; convenor of Swimming Carnivals for 10 years.
  • Riverina PSSA – Life Member 1995; Softball convenor and Coach 1976 to 1996 responsible for selection and attending state championships; Hockey convenor and Coach 1983 to 1999 responsible for selection and attending state championships.
  • NSW PSSA – Life member 2008, with John, the only wife and husband team to be made life members in the 127 year history of the organisation; State softball convenor and manager 1989 to 1999 responsible for the organisation of two state championship a year for boys and girls involving 13 teams and the selection and coaching of NSW teams at National championships; involved in the final series for both Boys and Girls school softball knockout competitions where around 800 girls schools and 400 boys schools took part. This was one way to develop her geographical knowledge of  NSW.  She was the state Coach of the girls hockey team from 1991 to 1997.
President Geoff opened the meeting with Rotary Grace and welcomed our guests
Craig Dorward from Big River Plywood
Adelaide Kovak our CSU Scholarship recipient
Nellie Shepherd our Outbound exchange student
Willis Cheng our exchange student
Ed Clayton from DPI
Rennae Ross
Our Christmas Market will be held on the 10th of December and we are looking for a few extra
volunteers in addition to the rostered team to help with the extended hours on the day.
Darren Wallace gave a recap of the RYPEN weekend held last weekend. A very successful event with
over 60  young people enjoying speakers and activities designed to enhance their leadership skills.
Many topice were covered including health, road safety, youth exchange and leadership.
Peter Crozier from Projects Committee discussed a proposed donation to the Rail Trail Project.
As the issues were quite involved peter advised the proposal would be circulated to members and voted on in
two weeks time. The initial funding required was a donation of $5000 as part of a $40000 design phase for the
Adelaide Kovak gave an update on her progress in equine studies at CSU
She is enjoying her course, and has completed her first year and done work experience at Kooringal Stud.
Adelaide thanked the club for its support of the CSU scholarship.
Richard Rossiter gave a formal thankyou to Craig Dorward from Big River Plywood for allowing us to
visiti their factory at Forest Hill which was an interesting and enjoyable tour of a local business.
Dr Ed Clayton from Department of Primary Industries gave an interesting talk on his research
and history of the Ag Department in Wagga. They are currently studying the effect of diet on lambing
percentage and gender balance with changes in Omega 3 and Omega 6 acids.
Interesting results are appearing with increases in twins and females in response to diet changes.
Ed is working with MLA and AWI as well as large corporates like Cargills.



“Did you know that the number one per capita club in Australia in 2015-16 was Archerfield in D9630 at $US 13,264.13?” This club has 17 members and is also the number 2 per capita club in the world.


Bob Willis


Our Meeting.

Today's meeting was set aside for the AGM and to see the Wagga Rescue Squad demonstrate the item of equipment purchased with the BMW Food and Wine Festival 2015 funds.
John Rourke, From the Wagga Rescue Squad demonstrates the new jaws of life.
It is an Electronic Direct Drive, which saves a hose set up.
They replaced an existing set, which run on compressed air, through hoses from a compressor.
In fact, as soon as the truck rolled up at the Commercial Club at lunch time, it was called away to an accident to free the driver of a motor vehicle.
They took 3.5 minutes to complete the task of removing the door from the vehicle, and then back to the club for a demo.
The unit has a 26" spread, and maximum pressure at the strongest point of 34.9 tonne.
They also spent money on a couple of Auto Cribs, which are devices that act as a fail safe under a car as it is jacked up.
Ken Middleton presented President Geoff, a certificate of appreciation from the squad.

Fine session.

An very embarrassed David Benn, a cricket tragic, proceeded to collect money by asking Wallace ( Willis) to throw a couple of coins up in the air for a round of Heads and Tails, duly won by Andy Irvine.

Sprout and About Market report.

David Byfield
Greg Conkey
Col Duff
David Foster
Gerry Gerlach
Geoff Hamilton
David Hodge
Pete McKinnon
Rob Nicholson
Wal Paton
Malcolm Robertson
Nick Leywood
Banked $1,073.80
17 stalls, including the BBQ.

BBQ to be Moved to a site away from Trees

BBQ Trailer to have Wollundry Rotary branding placed on Esky's, BBQ etc

Need Plastic plates & Serviettes for next Market

Buy Bacon from Woolies (Riverina Berkshire too expensive ($110.20) & need to cancel standing order

Deja Vu (Entertainment) would like to be invited to next market)

No Water Needed for next Market

South Wagga Bakery to be paid $65.28 as per Invoice

Reteif Wines will Direct Deposit $55



President Geoff opened the meeting, 
announced Minutes, and handed over to David Pyke for a very comprehensive accounts report.
Paul Milde announced the incoming Board.
Wollundry Rotary Club Board for 2017 – 2018.
President: Paul Milde.
Secretary: David Benn.
Treasurer: James Hamilton.
Club Directors.
Club Administration: Peter Green.
Service Projects: David Byfield.
Youth: Neil Pinto.
Foundation: Bob Willis.
Membership: Rob Nicholson.
Public Relations: Richard Rossiter.
Immediate Past President: Geoff Breust.
James Hamilton presented the changes needed to the By-Laws of the club, and the Constitution.
He and others had attended a course of instruction outlining amendments required as a result of electronic devices.
A copy of the minutes will be distributed in due course.
President Geoff nominated James Hamilton for Public Officer, Seconded Andy Irvine, carried.
Members Draw, 41, 59, and then 2, David Benn.


Foundation Fact No:17
“Did you know that the number one per capita club in the world in 2015-2016 was in Maracay in Venezuela at US$ 16,179.99 ? This Club has 16 members.”
Bob Willis

Hume Business Lunch




The International Hotel, cnr Lake Albert Road & Sturt HW


Join Hume Bank and Wagga Business Chamber for a very special luncheon with former CEO of the Commonwealth Bank and former inaugural chairmain of the Australian super fund, David Murray AO. Mr Murray will speak about leadership and the Australian global economic outlook.

Key insights for Wagga businesses on the economy.

ALL PROCEEDS from the lunch will be DONATED to country hope, which provides family centred support services to country children diagnosed with cancer and other life threatening illnesses.

President Geoff welcomed club members and visiting cricketing rotarians and friends to a
week of competition and fellowship in Wagga Wagga. The weather held off, and an outdoor
meeting was held at the Duke of Kent oval, with our visiting cricketing rotarians.
We had visitors from as far as India, Great Britain, New Zealand as well as Cairns, Perth and
Maryborough in Australia.
David Benn and John Gray welcome our VIP visitors:
IFCR President Ravi Raman and Vice President Vipul Patel, John Dean from New Zealand, Doug KIng
from Australia and Norman Brown from GreatBritain.
Wagga Wagga's Mr Cricket - Warren Smith gives an interesting talk on local cricket and the champions
it has produced, as well as displaying some cricketing memorabilia.
Secretary Gerry Gerlach reminds us about Rotaract Charter Dinner - please support if you can.

Rotary Information - Bob Willis 



FACT 12        Did you know that THE ROTARY FOUNDATION is Rotary International’s ONLY charity?”

FACT 13.........”Did you know that Personal  Giving  to the Rotary Foundation in Australia is tax deductible if the contribution is given via THE AUSTRALIAN ROTARY FOUNDATION TRUST?”



World Polio Day is celebrated this Monday 24th October. Our Board has decided that at our meeting the following day, the proceeds from the fines session  will be given to the Polio appeal and topped up to a reasonable donation. So bring your money with you and give generously to this wonderful cause.


The Board has decided to encourage members to participate in a Lake Fun Run which district Rotary is organising to celebrate the centenary of Rotary Foundation. Further details to follow when available.

Bob Willis

President Geoff opened the meeting with Rotary Grace and a toast to the Queen andthe people of Australia.
Geoff introduced Christine Williams who ran through the new member benefits for the commercial club.
Geoff reminded us the new Rotaract Club is holding a charter night function at the RSL club on 29th October,
and an email invitation has been sent to all members.
Willis Cheng, our exchange student has had a great holiday to Hervey Bay and the Sunshine coast, and celebrated
his 18th birthday this week- Happy Birthday Willis!
Graham Burmeister Rotary Information.
Graham recalled how Wollundry Rotary has been involved in Rotary cricket events for over 25 years.
Our first match was against Coolamon Rotary, then a combined Wagga side, and then a District competition.
Sergeant Rob Fuller
Rob fined for various misdemeanours, particularly Volvo drivers who won at Bathurst on the weekend!
Sprout and About Market Ken Taylor
Ken stood in for Ken (cook) and reported a fine day and great team.
There five no show stallholders.
The total for the day was $1068.00
IFCR David Benn
David reported all is in hand for our Cricketing visitors.
The full program has been emailed to members and any members who would like to help with
functions can contact John Gray or David.
Grounds have been changed to the Duke of Kent due to bad weather, but all is ready.
Paul Milde may need some volunteers to help with barbecue on the day.
Paul Milde asked for all Hi-Viz safety vests to be returned please.
The Fusion 16 event is on this weekend and Paul will be emailing for volunteers to put up tents on Saturday.
Member Profile Craig Bromley
Craig is currently on leave but returned to fill us in on visiting down the coast at Vincentia.
He recalled for us a cruise he did on HMAS Parramatta frommelbourne to Sydney, with many
interesting facts on daily life onboard a warship.
Geoff Bruest Australian Aviation Hall of Fame
Geoff gave us an update on the progress of the AAHOF
It is based in Wagga Wagga and formed in 2011.
It recognises contribution to civil aviation, to honour the past and inspire the future.
The inaugural inductee was Lawrence hargreave.
The have partnered with major sponsors Jeppesen, Shell, Wagga Wagga City Council and GE.
James Hamilton was lucky draw winner.

The following is an extract from the Monday Oct 3rd Daily Advertiser :

Mother Nature has selected only a few events over the past few months to grace with perfect sunshine – Gears and Beers was the latest.

Almost 1100 riders registered and countless others attended the festival at the Victory Memorial Gardens after.

People travelled from as far as New Zealand to pedal through Riverina countryside.

“It’s been really, really good,” organising committee chairman Phillip McIntosh said.

“Everyone came out because it was a really sunny day.”

Mr McIntosh said participants provided positive feedback, especially the 250 people that rode the 130 kilometres.

“The conditions out there were challenging,” he said.

“There was water, there was mud but they just ate it.

“I’m blown away in all honesty.”

Welcome to Wollundry Rotary

President: Geoff Breust
We meet Tuesdays at 12:30 at the Commercial Club at 77 Gurwood St. Wagga Wagga. 

Postal Address:  PO Box 229 Wagga Wagga 2650

Wollundry Rotary is home to the Sprout & About (Farmers Markets), the Wagga Food and Wine Festival and the Gears and Beers Festival.


Club Directory 


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February 2017

2015-16 Donations

 Everywhere Welfare service 

 $     210

 Exchange student 

 $  6,700

 Spring Street Festival 

 $     300

 Nat Science Forum 

 $  2,950

 Rotary Men’s Health 

 $     520

 Anglican Parish of wagga 

 $ 3,000

 Immune deficiences Foundation 

 $      550

 Regional Oxygen Bank 

 $   1,600

 St Vincents de Paul 

 $   3,000

 Wagga Picnic races- Country Hope 

 $   2,700

 Kurrajong Early Intervention 

 $   2,500

 Coolamon Rotary 

 $   2,000

 Sth Wagga Rotary 

 $   1,100

 Sth wagga Apex 

 $   1,000

 Ashmont Public School 

 $      360

 Riverina Summer school of strings 

 $     500


 $   2,310

 Sunrise Rotary 

 $   1,125

 Wagga Wagga City Council 

 $   1,275

 Childrens Medical Research 

 $   1,350

 Sydney Rotary Club 

 $   2,500

 Kooringal Rotary Club 

 $   1,000

 Ashmont pre school 

 $   1,739

 Murrumbidgee Rotary 

 $      500

 Ashmont Combined Church’s 

 $   1,500


 $   3,510

 Asmont Public School 

 $      360

 Seniors week 

 $   1,000

 Wagga Eisteddford 

 $  1,000

 Ashmont School 

 $     250

 Kurrajong Waratah 

 $      240

 Rotary Club Of Sth Wagga 

 $      600

 District 9700 

 $      100

 Noel Barnes Scolarship 

 $   1,000

 RAWCS- Fiji Disaster Appeal 

 $ 10,000

 Wagga Rescue Club 

 $ 40,000

 Pistis Academy- Kenya 

 $      750

 CSU Scholarships 

 $   7,000

 Rotaract training 

 $      500

Defib for Life Project  1 

 $   2,494

 Help Cambodia  

 $   6,000

 Bimbi Pre School 

 $      500

 Jane Leywood  

 $      550

 C4 Wagga 

 $      200

 ARH Indigenous Health Scholarship 

 $   2,500


 $   3,000

 Ronald McDonald House 

 $   3,000

 Fort McMurray 

 $   2,000

 Country Hope 

 $   3,000

 Wagga Men’s shed 

 $   2,470

 Defib for Life Project  2 

 $   3,751



Club Executives & Directors
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Club Service
Public Relations
Rotary Foundation
Youth Services
Immed PP
Executive Secretary

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