Today's meeting

Our meeting was in the regular room upstairs at Romanos, the new specials board menu proving popular again.
President Phil started the meeting with a quick grace and a toast.
He then introduced Elaine Almond the Area 3 Governor. Elaine said she wasn’t here to talk about regionalisation, instead she made the journey in regard to nominations in Area 3 for Rotarian of the year.
This is the first year an environmental award has been given and it went Melina Dunn of the South Wagga Club, for her work on the Rocky Hill regeneration project.
There was six other awards and each Governor was asked to nominate someone who they felt had contributed substantially not only to the area but to their club and to the community aswell.
Elaine called on Phil McIntosh to come forward and accept the Rotarian of the year award for his involvement with the Gears and Beers festival.
Phil accepted to a big round of applause. He spoke very highly of everyone involved with the festival saying this is a whole club award. First and foremost is the wonderful committee who work on the actual event and have done so for some time now. At event time it is everyone from the Wollundry club who participates, and the other very good thing is everyone from the other Rotary Clubs that get involved on the day. From a community perspective Phil said it does pull a lot of people together.
Congratulations on the award Phil McIntosh.
Elaine Almond the Area 3 Governor

President Phil gave us an in depth presentation on the proposed regionalisation trial. He has attended several meetings lately regarding the proposal.
On the screen was the High Level Volunteer Organisational Structure. Phil stepped through the new levels of management and the flow chart of the organisation. He had several videos on the subject.
One of the proposed benefits of the new structure will be to streamline management to bring clubs closer and to help maintain members and along with attracting new members.
Our club has been selected to trial the new structure and there is an opportunity to vote to participate. President Phil’s recommendation is that we vote in favour of the trial.                       
He said everyone should have received an email on Monday providing links to webinars with more but limited information on the new structure. We all should gain as much knowledge on the subject as possible as we are going to have to vote on it in September.


Apologies & Make Ups

Barker, Steve
Burmeister, Graham
Clucas, Peter
Duff, Colin
Ferguson, John
Hodge, David
Hutchings, Tim
Ireland, John
Mason, John
Paton, Wal
Sargent, Ken
Smith, John
Sutton, Doug
Wallace, Darren
Whiting, Adrian
Science challenge make ups x 2 - Craig Bromley, Colin Duff and John Gray.


Visiting Rotarians

Elaine Almond.


Sergeants Session

Stuart Herriot explained the real purpose of the Sergeants sessions. People seem to think of it as a few light moments and telling a few jokes. However Stuart explained that 90% of the Sergeants job is look after the president, and to try and keep order amongst the members. He acknowledges that this would be a terrible task in a short time. He then continued with some very humours debous fact about several members. Stuart is not sure about Pauls pension, he gets one from the USA and one from Australia, so he has money coming in from everywhere. We’re not sure where Stuart gets his information from, and we have obvious reasons to be sceptical. A very amusing talk that ended in a question for us.
You have a flock of birds, a heard of cattle, a mob of sheep?
What do you call a group of farmers – it’s called A Grumble of Graziers!


Rotary Information

Rotary Information was presented by John Gray.
John said normally during Rotary information, we talk about past initiatives from Rotary, present initiatives, Rotary International. Some thought John has and wants to pass on to members about the future of Rotary but more in particular about the future of Wollundry Rotary. He asked for a show of hands from those that have been past presidents. There was a large number present, and John noted that past presidents can reside again. He also light-heartedly pointed out that there are some who could do with the extra practice.
John talked about the success of the Food & Wine and Gears & Beers committees. He noted that these are sub committees and without the club those committees wouldn’t exist.
There is going to be an Annual General Meeting of our club, at that meeting the members vote on and elect board members, including a president elect who should have been appointed last November. Every member of this club is eligible for this role.


Secretary's Report

President Phil took to the podium with a couple of messages and information. A few Fridays ago, the trivia night for Horse Ball was very successful. There is an information email going out for Orange Sky, they are commencing operations from Wagga and are looking for Rotarians to volunteer.
He presented the Secretaries report in absence of Peter McKinnon and some information for us.
There was a thanks from Kooringal Rotary for the trestles and the tables to the showground and everyone that was involved in that. He ran through the market roster for next week and members had the usual changes and updates to make.


Members Draw

For the first time in a long time the first peg out of the pan was a winner with the prize going to David Benn.

Elaine Almond was presented with a bottle of olive oil as appreciation for her attendance and presentation.
Richard Baguley on Reception duty and filling in on Fellowship for Col Duff.

Rotary Y