John Smith and Oshkosh

John told us of an amazing aviation event he attends as regularly as he can. The EAA Airventure at Oshkosh in Wisconsin started in its present form in 1969, growing from a backyard organisation for aircraft restorers  by Paul Poberezny.
Oshkosh has a population of around 66,000, but 700,000 people descend on it in the last week in July. There are upwards of 10,000 aircraft on the ground at any one time. That's more than all the registered aircraft in Australia! Every manufacturer in the world is represented, including AirVan, Jabiru and Brumby from Australia.
There are aerial displays by night and day, and almost every experimental aircraft being considered. Warbirds from the past, to the restricted F22, along with huge "fly-ins" from enthusiasts of aircraft types such as Mooney, Cirrus, Cessna and Beechcraft. You can get up close and personal with the U2 and Blackbird spy planes of the Cold War, and buy anything from wings, nuts or jet engines! 
It is a fantastic event, and well worth the visit even if you don't fly!
Peter Green and Rotary Information
Peter spoke of the CSU Scholarship which we have been part of since 1992. John Ashton was president that year and at the suggestion of the District Governor of the time, undertook to establish the Scholarships. Burmo was one of the driving forces behind this and insisted that it be a Science based programme, as we are a rural, agricultural area.
In the time we have given over $200,000 to students, and as far as we can ascertain, all of our selected students have completed their studies.
This is a testament to the small committee who vet the students carefully and award the scholarships according to ability, need and likelyhood of completion. It is awarded to rural based students.
Phil Macintosh took the opportunity to thank everyone for the enormous support he has felt in the organisation of The Gears and Beers event. He spoke highly of the Coolamon Club for their ability to get things done, and their willingness to assist on the day.
We just need the Traffic Management Plan approved and we are ready to go!
Please be sure to get your name down on the rosters. Yes you are needed!
John Gray also asked that we get as many as possible to Hammond Ave THURSDAY at 9.30 to pack bags. Unit 3 181 Hammond Avenue. The entrance is off Gillard Rd, the first street on the left after the Caltex Service Station, when heading East. 
The Saturday Market Report
OIC James Hamilton reported a beautiful Autumn day with many people taking advantage of a day out.
The team, Richard Baguley, David Pyke, Peter Clucas, Wal Paton,  Peter Green, Craig Bromley, Stuart Herriot, David Hodge, John Egan, Paul Murray, Robert Pearson, Neil Schirmer, and Steve Anderson worked together like a well oiled machine, returning some $3000  for the day. The BBQ was back in our hands and the team had to send out for supplies twice, and at least two stall holders had sold out by 11am. James recommends that we provide EFPOS machines for each gate as we are rapidly becoming cashless (The same is happening at the Club meetings). Another note to the BBQ people to put perishables into the fridge at North Wagga on return.
The crew after pickup went out to Hammond Ave to set up for the bag packing, delivering 30 tables. (This has been suggested as a second makeup....but that's up to James.:):):)
 Paul Murray learning the superior qualities of the Apple Watch from Neil Schirmer.
Make Ups, Apologies and Guests.
Apologies: Craig Bromley, John Flynn, Frank Fuller, David Hodge, John Mason, Jonty Shuter, Darren Wallace.
Guests. Mayan Burmeister
Doug Sutton won the bottle of wine on the fifth attempt. It was drawn by Mayan, who was sitting beside him!!