Posted on Oct 13, 2020
It was great to see former Rotarian James McTavish back again as a guest speaker.  James is a busy man keeping Victorians out and solving complex regional town water issues.  There will no doubt be an El Nino to follow the current La Nina part of the weather cycle which probably means drought again some time.  In the meantime the farmers are happy for a change.
We conducted another very successful Saturday Market last weekend.  Well done to Captain Ken and his team.  The weather gods were kind and it looks like the local community is hungry for an excuse to get out and about safely.
On a more melancholy note, 13 members who attended the last Club meeting had not advised the Apologies Officer they were coming.  Of those, 4 were seen to be eating lunch that was, strictly speaking, not theirs to be had.  This is not helpful.  One member had to be turned away because there wasn't room under the Covid guidelines.  I leave you all to contemplate that.  Apologies also to the Zoomers for the technical issues with Zoom at the meeting.  Hopefully next week will be better.
Stay well Fellows.
President James