Posted on Jan 12, 2021
Welcome back to a new calendar year.  Our inbound exchange student Sofi Seneme flew back home to Brazil last week and arrived safely. Thankyou again to the host families outside our Club who fortunately put their hands up.
The new year has indeed arrived with a bang, with the cancellation of this year's Food & Wine Festival.  This is a great disappointment.  Our thanks go to Chairman Phil Burgess, former Chair Andrew Puckeridge, and their team who had developed the event to the point of delivery.  It is in the nature of a democracy that some will be more disappointed than others, and as good citizens we will resist the temptation to riot through the civic precinct.  As one who has a 0-5 record in cricket grand-finals I am used to the old adage "there is always next year".  It is cold comfort, but we will back up again.
Something tells me that the current risks to our collective health with be with us for quite some time and that we need to come up with new ways of doing business.  It is interesting to note that the McGrath Foundation raised a record amount at the recent Pink Test in Sydney by selling virtual tickets.  Food for thought.
Our first meeting back this week was at Romano's.  It went quite well and I am confident we can resolve a few little teething difficulties quickly (Rickety is on the job with the audio). The Zoomers are welcome to join us in the larger room. 
Stay well fellows.