Posted on Jan 19, 2021
The Board held its monthly meeting this week and main matters arising were :
  • A number of members have still not paid their Subs, completed their Working With Children Check, and/or paid for the Christmas Party.  These omissions are easily resolved.  Please see Treasurer Ken.
  • The Food & Wine Committee still have a few matters to attend to as the heat subsides over the decision to cancel this year's event.  On reflection it appears that some issues raised could have been better considered back in early November when the decision to press on with the event was made.  A lot of good work by just a few has come to nothing.  Australia appears to have begun another period of very low local transmission with no hot-spots. Things can change very easily.  The Mardi Gras has also been cancelled again.  A regional tv news broadcaster referred to it as Wagga's largest community event.  Mmm.
  • We seem to be making slow but steady progress with the issue of District finances thanks to David Pyke's persistence.  It may be that they have more members' money in their collective kitty than the official accounts would indicate.
  • There should be a link in this week's Bulletin to four Saturday Market training videos.  These should assist with efficient and safe set-up and pack-up. Trailers are a particular risk factor, not to mention Covid.  Well done John Egan for putting the videos together.
  • We are still hoping to have a new Members' Handbook soon.  In the meantime please be mindful of the importance of continuous 'renewal' by inviting potentially suitable new members along to our meetings. David Benn is still the clubhouse leader in this regard.  We will try to incorporate as much Fellowship in our meetings as possible to enable people to better get to know one another.  If you want good Fellowship it would also be a good idea to actually come to meetings, although the Zoomers seem to be able to talk amongst themselves to some extent (as long as there is more than one).
In future and as the opportunity arises the Club may need to consider its involvement in Youth Exchange given that we could not find any host families from within the Club last year.  It was fortunate that other families opened up their homes to Sofi.  Two of those families had daughters who had been outbound, although Paige's year was cut short due to the pandemic.  It may be difficult to justify sending Outbound students without having hosted Inbounds.
We presented our 29th and last AED to Susan Bradley, Manager of the Mt. Erin Heritage Centre, under the original AED program which began in 2016 with a grant from the Beyond Bank whereby the recipient and the Club shared the $2,500 cost 50-50.  This has been a tremendous program started by former Club member Travis Downie. If it saves one life it has been worth it.  Any future AED donations will be from the Community Service Projects Budget as funds permit.
We seem to have resolved a few little teething difficulties with our weekly meeting set-up.  Our resident tooth fairy Neil confirmed that he could hear at the back of the room. The microphone is till a bit hit-and-miss though. Everyone who ordered a meal got a number which appeared to work well enough. I can recommend the $12 light lunch from the specials board (I am trying not to have the chips for an extra $3).
If you can't use the QR code in the foyer the bar staff can assist with registration on a tablet.  A more tech-savvy young man at the Telstra shop was able to load a couple of 'apps' for me.  Apparently not all businesses use the Service NSW app.
There is no need now to advise our Apologies Officer John Mason that you will be attending the meeting as that unnecessarily adds to his workload.  The word Apology is more pertinent now than it was last year.
Try to keep a little more socially distanced during Rotary Grace and the National Anthem, and note that we are "one and free" and not so 'young' any more.
As a demonstration of our healthy democracy we decided by show of hands not to meet next week on Australia Day.  We will reconvene on 2nd February.
Stay well fellows.