Posted on Oct 20, 2020
Burmo has advised that the Guest Speaker almost set a record for the longest presentation in the Club's history.  There has only ever been one longer apparently, but that's another story. Nevertheless it was an interesting and pertinent talk, and sobering to think what the future of our rainfall may be.  Perhaps we should all follow the climate down to Tasmania.  It seems to be heading that way.
The Board held its monthly meeting on Monday evening.  As a demonstration of great commitment Mark H drove all the way back from Jindabyne for it in the afternoon.  The main matters arising were :
*  $300 has been added to the amount raised at last week's meeting for ARH Hat Day.
*  The Food & Wine Committee is pressing on with a Covid-Safe event in March 2021.
*  Our next Changeover is set down for Tuesday 29th June 2021 (save the date).
*  4 members are still to pay their annual Subs.
*  We will soon have the opportunity to become Centurions in aid of the Rotary Foundation.
The Club ratified the Board's approval of a $5,000 donation for a school counsellor based at Batlow as fire relief.
David W very kindly shouted the house following his win in the Everest.  Beer can taste a little better when it is someone else's.
Stay well Fellows.
President James