Our Guest speaker on Tuesday was Dr. Graeme Wren, providing members with an overview of the Australian and world space activities.  Dr. Wren has extensive knowledge and experience in the space program  both within Australia and in the United States working for NASA. 
The beginning of Graeme's presentation included a video giving a perspective of size ranging from 10 billion light years to the atoms within our bodies.  Click on the photo below to view the video.
Dr. Wren's presentation included some fascinating graphics that gave the viewer an idea of the volume of satellites that currently surround the earth and the heights from which they operate.  The satellites on the left are orbiting and the ones on the right are geostationary.
Graeme told an interesting story about a fist size chunk of glass that broke away fron the shuttle.    It had been hit by a tiny flake of paint...but it  was travelling 25,000 k's per hour at the time so it did some damage but was not critical. 
Due to a shortage of time, Graeme could not finish his last two slides, one of which was a brief video of eary test pilots.  This short and historic video is a minute long and shows sone interesting flying machines.  Click on the photo below to view the video.
President Richard presented Graeme with a bottle of wine and a thank you for coming along to Wollundry Rotary and sharing his knowledge and experiences in the field of Space.