Posted by Paul Murray
Click on the Video below for a short Gears & Beers movie
The 2017 Gears and Beers can certainly be referred to as a triumph for Phil and Tim and the committee and the club.   
Phil gave members a overview of the financial results and a heartfelt thank you to all the members for their dedication to the event.   He mentioned a few members by name.
1) Frank Fuller - he must have driven 1000km in the last 2 weeks picking up sponsor banners, and organising and packing nearly 1700 rider bags - unloading pallets of water and so much more. 
2) Paul Murray - for the computerised rider bag pickup process programming - for his sleepless nights just brilliant.
3) Tim McGillicuddy   - for his calm organisation of the festival and getting all that gear to turn up on queue.
4) Dave Foster - nothing was a hassle - he was responsible for making the festival look as good as it did with signage that was first class. You don't see what he does in the background to make the signage workout on the roads. It's this stuff that makes everyone feel so safe. 
5) David Byfield - organising and rostering 225 positions on the event was masterful. 
Phil also recognised President Paul Milde, Geoff Breust and Jim Gibson for their hard work. 
Phil noted that a lot of people in the Wagga Wagga community will be a lot better off because of the funds you all assisted in raising.