Posted by John Egan on Feb 19, 2019

Libby Clohessy is the manager of a unique Wagga initiative, The Leisure Company

It was formed some 29 years ago by a group of concerned parents who were looking to give their disabled children activities to fill in their time and to help them socialise. It was funded by the Department of Health and came under the auspices of Kurrajong Waratah. In recent times that has changed and the NDIS is now the funding source. Before they had certainty, knowing exactly what funding was coming . Under NDIS the activities take place, then the funds come through. Same, but different!! 

The centre employs 65 staff, and provides events and experiences for some 184 children. The carer ratio has to be high as some of these people have difficulties that need close attention.

They have 14 vehicles to transport their clients. Ranging as far as Henty to Coolamon, the centre provides a range of activities which help them to become active participants in the community, and to socialise with their peers. Weekend trips away give the parents some respite, and they are just back from a trip to Wollongong.

The centre does provide for work experience. They worker will be chaperoned, and the time periods can be from an hour or so to whatever fits! The sorts of things they can do are probably limited a little, but gardening to office work were mentioned. The Men's Shed is a favourite of some, and they really enjoy the company of the men out there.

The centre also provides a great service picking up from school and caring until the parents finish work.

There are two premises, 69 and 72 Peter St.

Libby fielded several questions and was thanked by Paul Milde.