Hi all,
It was a wonderful night of fellowship at last night’s changeover dinner. An all-round feeling of goodwill prevailed which was capably engendered and promoted by our Master of Ceremonies Darren Wallace along with the willing participation by members, partners and guests. This augurs well for the start of a new Rotary year and it is something that I would like to see continue unabated within the mix of a productive and fun year.
Well done to Phil McIntosh on the receipt of a Sapphire Pin. His vision for, and dedicated commitment to The Gears and Beers festival has resulted in positive recognition and benefit for the Wollundry Rotary Club and the community of Wagga.
Peter Mackinnon has also worked tirelessly over many years in effecting exceptional operations and logistical outcomes for both major festivals. This year he has also stood up to take on the complex role of Club Secretary. Well done to him.
The 100% attendees list did not appear in the program booklet last night, so I will print it here as there are some quite outstanding achievements within the numbers.
Geoff Breust 100% 21-22               aggregate 100%
David Golland 100%21-22             aggregate 100%
Phil McIntosh 100% 21-22             aggregate 100%
Richard Baguley 100% 21-22        aggregate 200%
Phil Burgess 100% 21-22                aggregate 200%
Wal Paton 100% 21-22                   aggregate 200%
David Pyke 100% 21-22                  aggregate 300%
James Ross 100% 21-22                  aggregate 1900%
James Hamilton 100% 21-22        aggregate 2100%
Neil Pinto 100% 21-22                    aggregate 2100%
David Benn 100% 21-22                 aggregate 3600%
David Byfield 100% 21-22              aggregate 4200%
There are some high figures there. Well done to all.
Recognition must also go to the outgoing Board for its steady steerage of the ship over the past twelve months. Mark Hillis, Tim Hutchings, James Ross and David Pyke have stood down. Thank you for your efforts, particularly to David Pyke who took on the Treasurer’s role again after the retirement of Ken Taylor at about the half way point.
Congratulations to IPP Richard for having the courage to stand up for the role of President 21-22. You carried out your duties to the best of your ability, and that is all that could have been asked of you.
I thank you all for your endorsement as President for 2022 – 2023 and look forward to working closely with you over the coming year. Thank you to those have stood up for Board positions 2022 -2023. We do not have an onerous task because we all belong to an efficient and successful Club, that is charged with experience, knowledge, skills and enthusiasm.
Incoming President Phil