Posted by Michael Knight on Aug 28, 2018
Brent Pickard hasn't been in Australia for a few years, but many members of Wollundry Rotary would be keen to keep in touch, and older members can remember that Brent brought his mother to a meeting as guest. Brent's mum is still in great shape, living in what he calls a "landlocked cruise ship" in Canmore.
Cousin John McBride finally came down from Riverbend Farms (where the best purebred black Angus are raised) to Canmore and it was just great to see him.  Of course - this was due to a steadily decreasing number of requests from Mother to have a ride on his Harley Davidson.  Well here are the before and after photos - a video of the actual ride has been been deleted and will soon be released as a Disney Movie - with the video and their state of the art animation - in time for the Christmas season - just before her 99th birthday - Brent