John Ferguson's sister Barbara has worked in  The Democratic Republic of Congo for many years.  Our club has been a supporter of her very worthwhile projects.
Barbara was influenced and inspired to go to the Congo Dr Denis Mukwege, and forwarded the following letter to brother John:
> Dr Denis Mukwege, an obstetrician in The Democratic Republic of Congo is joint winner of this year’s Nobel Peace Prize announced today.  

> In 1999 he set up the Panzi Hospital in Bukavu to help some of the estimated 48,000 women in the country who had been violently raped in a 12 month period - many required surgery to repair internal damage and/or treatment for HIV infection.  
> I first read about him and his work in a report in the SMH on 24 November, 2007 that changed my life and sent me to Congo to try to help at The HEAL Africa Hospital in Goma.  

> In 2018, 70 armed groups continue to roam the country and rape women with relative impunity. 

> Barbara