Sergeant JohnGray
Raised some dollars from the members and some laughs with the story of the dead irishman
who died with few houses but many windows to clean!
Cheque Presentation.
Gears and Beers Chairman Phil Macintosh presented Claire Lawler from Rotaract with a cheque
for $600 for their help with this years Event.
Guest Speaker
Guest Speaker Cec Noak
         Introduced to the club by Rick Priest, Cec gave a first hand account of the recent fires at Tathra
and their recovery efforts. He spoke of how the fire was devastating for the region, and how some 
houses were spared beside other property that was destroyed. The town is being rebuilt, with the
first houses to be finished by the end of this year.
Guest Speaker
Guest Speaker Michael Milston - End Trachoma Project 2020
Michael is a Past President of Orange Daybreak Rotary club, and is promoting a project identified
by Rotary President Ian Risely to eradicate Trachoma by 2020.
Trachoma is the leading cause of blindness, and is an infection of the eyes. The disease is spread by contact, and appears in remote communities with limited health services. 
Trachoma is preventable with treatment by antibiotics and teaching and implementing simple
hygiene routines of face and hand washing in clean water. These simple procedures can be difficult
to implement in communities without the help of local leaders, education and facilities for keeping
hands and faces clean and laundry disinfected.
Rotary is funding many projects to eradicate Trachoma including use of simple washing machines,
water saving, sanitation, and community education.