Posted on Aug 23, 2022

Today's meeting

Geoff Breust is looking for a replacement at the Gears and Beers. He has sent this email to everyone in the club. Please read it and if you can help, reply to him.
" I have a family event on the long weekend in October which means I am now unavailable for Gears and Beers.
For some years I've managed the entry gates and now need to find a replacement to take over this task
I have revised the Entry Gate Procedures and the Emergency Evacuation Plan for this event and more than happy to brief my replacement in detail about the task. 
Please consider taking on this necessary role and contact me by return.
Many thanks and kind regards,
Geoff "






Our Guests today were Megan Gaffney, guest speaker, and Robert Lang guest of David Benn.


Apologies & Make Ups

Apologies today. Peter Clucas, Doug Conkey, Greg Conkey, ken Cook, John Ferguson, Peter Green, James Hamilton, Pat Ingram, John Ireland, Chris Kelly, John Mason, Neil Schemer, Doug Sutton and Darren Wallace



Our Guest Speaker today was Megan Gaffney.
Along with her friend Rebekah Post, she established Vilomah, a community to support grieving parents who have lost children, from miscarriage, still birth and cot death.
The aim of the community is to provide support and counselling for those parents who don't have their children for long enough or at all.
Many people in the community suffer this sort of loss...many more than we realise as one in four pregnancies fail. The excited anticipation becomes an empty void.
The aim of Vilomah is that no family experiences pregnancy and infant loss alone.
They offer support so that parents can grieve together as they all share the same experience and have an understanding of what each is going through. Vilomah makes counselling available, and connects services such as photography and clay momentos, and more  practical helps such as assistance with funeral arrangements and memorial services.
It costs around $3000 per family supported, which comes from fundraising and services donations across the business community.
It is a wonderful thing they are doing. Each member of the Club has either suffered from loss, or knows someone close to them who has, and everyone was touched by the sincerity and strength of this young woman.
We also had a visit from a South Australian videographer, who was working for the promotion of Beyond Blue. Robert Lang was a professional photographer who has since taken up video making and is enjoying the change and the challenge. He is travelling extensively in the area to bring the message of Beyond Blue to the wider community. He was the "hurried" guest of David Benn.


Sergeants Session

David Hodge collected quite  a few dollars from his experience with a psychic who could read the AFL ladder, even culminating in the final result and by how much! Col Duff was the last man standing, a strong supporter of Richmond!. The bone (pointing) psychic was revealed...but mark my words,  not one raced to the bookies!!


Rotary Information

PP John Gray outlined the role of Rotary in the current war on the Ukraine.
The Rotary Foundation has raised and distributed more than $15m in humanitarian aide, providing essentials such as shelter, food, clothing, medicine and water. there are some 62 Rotary Clubs in the Ukraine. with about 1100 members (about the same size as the old D9700) These clubs, which would average about 20 members, have travelled to border areas, and helped refugees settle in, and further evacuated families from the war zones.One club has collected medical supplies donated by Italy, and distributed them within Kyiv and Sumy, cities under bombardment. Kyiv clubs have provided hot meals and hygiene products for young mothers.
Across the borders, Poland has taken 3,000000 displaced persons, and Rotary across the nation has kicked in resources, providing toys for displaced unaccompanied children, and accomodation and jobs for some families. Germany has taken part in finding housing, along with an E club based in New York, and Hungary mobilised its Rotarians to get provisions transported to needed sites. Moldova and Romania organised shelter for refugees, and the Czech Republic and Slovakia partnered with railway companies to transport 2300 refugees.
Be proud you are a Rotarian!!


Members Draw

The Wine was won by Phil McIntosh