Posted by John Egan

Our meeting began right on time, with President James welcoming Peter Davies back to his old club. He also extended warm welcome home to PP Ken Cook, who was to be our guest speaker.

Also joining us on Zoom were Frank Fuller, Adrian Whiting, James Hamilton, Stuart Herriot, Peter Wilesmith, Graeme Obst and Andrew Puckeridge  (I’m sorry if I missed anyone there!)



Sofi's Week Sophi told us of her weekend. She went to a birthday dinner party with her hosts, and then the next day helped with a Suasage Sizzle at the High School fundraiser. Breakfast on Sunday at the Pot and Kettle.She is going with PP Paul Murray for diner this evening (Tuesday).

Sophi also has an Australian Flag that she wants us all to sign and write a message. 



The Sergeant this week was PP Ken Cook. He features well in this weeks bulletin, as he also won the bottle of wine!Ken decided to punish the football followers as he had only just returned to the country and had little time to dig any dirt!

Then, as Guest Speaker,  Ken  went on to tell us of his trip to Dubai during the Covid crisis. It seems that it is very difficult to get permission to leave Australia and even more difficult to get away from Dubai. He applied for his journey up on the grounds of compassion as his daughter was having twins and with me all the support she could get.  In order to do this ken had to apply at least twice and on he ultimate attempt he was giving just 48 hours notice that he could travel away from Australia. 

He then had to have a valid Covid and that certificate would only last 96 hours. It was just enough for him to leave his home and then to arrive in Dubai. Just enough.

Leaving Dubai was just as traumatic, and permits were very expensive in a country that collects no tax. The new twins were not recognised as being arrived in Dubai at all as they were British/ Australian citizens, so if they hadn't arrived how could they leave? This created quite a commotion at the airport before they could board for Australia.Once they arrived in Australia, they all had to self isolate 14 days. This meant that the six of them, three adults and three children were in a room for the full time unable to leave for any reason. The accomodation was luxurious, and they had a three bedroom suite, but even luxury has its limits! Ken was very relieved to be home on the Australian soil again  and free to move around.

This interesting talk highlighted the problems that Covid 19 has caused around the world, and how lucky we are to live in Australia.


We had a very welcome visit from PP Peter Davies who was back in town. Peter told us that he had  joined another club in Canberra but it didn’t have them same dynamic as Wollundry.

He told us briefly of his year as President, (being ably dropped in it by PP Benny!!) Peter was President 97/97 and related as fast as he could remember that it was a great experience for him.



Rotary Information came from PP Neil Pinto who was President in 07/08. With some glee he recalled that the then District Governor Geoff Bargawarna was hammering him to allow women join.This was at PETS which is held just before the new president is inducted.He didn’t hear any more on this as during his year he inducted a record 10 new members which took Wollundry well ahead of any club in the District, a lead it has maintained! He made special mention of Pres James who was his Secretary, and PPO Frank Fuller who was Treasurer, openly admitting that he needed support in his area. Strangely there was no mention of vests….. It was the year John Egan was District Governor, and PP John Smith ran a very successful District Conference for us.