The Centurion Club was started by PDG Peter Walsh several years ago.
His aim was to have each Rotarian contribute $2 per week to the Rotary Foundation ($100 per year).
Our club contributes $1 each Rotarian each week, on our behalf.
So we can be part of this club by adding $1 as well ($50 per year )
It is a very small amount, and if you can see your way clear to be part of it, the effect can be enormously beneficial to someone less lucky than we are.
See Bob Willis if you would like to take part
This September there will be a new Zone Director elected. The election will take place at the Zone 8 Convention being held in Christchurch. Current Director Noel Trevaskis will stand down but still be very active on committee.
And the news on Polio is getting better. Although Afghanistan and Pakistan remain problems, Africa, the whole continent, has been polio free for 3 years. Nigeria was a problem there. That means that two areas really problematic have been declared polio free, Africa , in particular Nigeria, and India, in recent days.