Around sixty of our Members, Partners and Family gathered in Springvale on Sunday to socialise and catch up in different environment - away from procedure, agendas and deadlines fitting in guest speakers. The emphasis was to enjoy each others company, meet the families and dispense with the pressure of being the successful Wollundry Rotarians.
The only activity organised for the guys was the "nearest the pin" competition, and after a rethink, the tee was moved around 30 metres closer to the flag, which was still too long for many of the hackers. The benefit to the lawn though, was immeasurable.
The competition over the shorter distance resulted in a win for Peter Clucas (or Peter Crozier????) with a ball between 2 and 3 metres from the Pole - there was no hole.
The Longest shot that was able to be recovered was marked "NL" Congratulations Nick Leywood.
Organised as an afterthought, we had a Ham Carving demonstration. I hope that the crowd watching get lasting value out of this lesson, and that the Packer family do not take too seriously any guilt for deteriorating standards of Christmas carving during the second half of the twentieth century.