Presidents Report
Presidents report week no 29
The damaged marquees from the Showground are being repaired, where possible, by Mal Robertson and his team before the next Saturday market on February 8.
Last night we had a Board meeting and a number of matters were attended to
  • John Egan addressed the meeting on Constitutional changes required by RI. They are not material in variation and will be incorporated into our existing constitution and presented to a Special General meeting of our Club for discussion and adoption. Thanks to John Egan, James Hamilton, Graham Burmeister and Richard Baguley for their work reviewing the changes
  • Peter Crozier will seek Club approval for three Project distributions
  • Our Club officials continue to be targeted by scammers attempting to access our accounts at Beyond Bank. Fortunately we are vigilant and have avaerted any attempts. We will further secure our security with the use of “tokens” supplied by Beyond bank
  • Unfortunately John Hawkins has tended his resignation. At the present time John is unable to fit Rotary into his busy work schedule. We will miss John and welcome him back to Wollundry when he is able
  • There is a proposal from Wagga Rotary that we attend Rotary meetings in Tumbarumba and Batlow. We support this move
We need a membership drive to keep membership up.
Food & Wine have regular meetings on Monday afternoon at 5.30pm at the Commercial Club
Secretary's Report
Secretary’s Report for Meeting  No. 28  -  21st January 2020
Next Week’s Meeting  No. 29  -  28th January 2020
  • Food & Wine Committee meetings :  every Monday, 5:30pm Commercial Club
  • PETS :  15th-16th February 2020, Commercial Club
  • Social Event :  Yachting weekend in Sydney,  14th-15th February 2020
  • Rotary Peace Awards :  Thursday 20th February, nominations to Ric Priest
  • National Youth Busking Challenge :  Saturday 21st March, Baylis St. 
  • D9700 Conference :  20th-22nd March, Temora
  • Food & Wine Festival :  Saturday 28th March (all hands on deck please)
Responsibilities:       Please,
×        Find a Replacement if any of your rostered duties cannot be fulfilled.
×        Register an Apology by Monday 4pm if you are going to be absent from the next meeting.
×        Register a Makeup for a meeting absence whenever you can.
Our Meeting
President David welcomed all to our 28th Meeting for the year and then following Rotary Grace he welcomed Guests Steve Anderson and Renae Elrington.
He announced we would be having a surprise guest speaker due to the inability of Burmo to attend due to illness. Burma had a stint in Hospital but is now on the mend.
Next week's meeting will be a ladies day. Guest speaker will be Barbara Ferguson speaking on her work in the Congo. Please let your spouse/partner know and invite her along to hear a wonderful story and a powerful message
Ken Cook, resident of Talbingo, addressed the meeting about his recent attendance at the Batlow Rotary Club. With only twelve members, any support given to them would be a great way to assist with the Bushfire recovery which has devastated their area. Some members had lost homes, farm infrastructure and livestock. He encourage our members to get up to those areas and support them. He stressed that we shouldn't jump in prematurely and donate funds but rather wait and find out, through Batlow and Tumbarumba clubs, the best way for us to contribute funds to help those affected.
David Post, supported Ken's comments and spoke of the large number of farmers who have contacted him who are feeling alone and confused about their situation. He stressed how important it is to support them but said we shouldn't rush in but wait till things settle down and the needs that we can meet become more apparent.

Peter McKinnon was today's sergeant. He posed the question who won World War 11?
It turns out that as a percentage of population military personnel lost were as follows: Australia 0.5%; Britain 0.5%; France 1.4%; USA 0.5%.
The Germans lost 7 million people and Russia 27 million. We all put in for this pieced of non-trivial trivia.

Reminder from Gerry Gerlach about the District Conference in Temora

Don't forget to put in your diaries the District Conference in Temora on the weekend of March 20th through 22nd.  A good showing from our Club would be great as it will be the last of our District prior to the amalgamation.

Peter Crozier announced that the Board had approved a number of projects which needed to be voted on by Club as they were above the $1,000 threshold.
  • Ronald McDonald House $4,000
  • Badambay Ophthalmic Centre Cambodia $7,000
  • Nangus Family Home repairs $1,500
All projects ere approved by a club motion without dissent.
Peter also announced that the Board had approved after discussion by Projects Committee, a commitment of $5,000 at this stage to further an application for a Rotary Global Grant for Dr. Tony McMullen's Malaria project in West Papua.
Phil McIntosh, the initiator and driving force behind the very successful Gears and Beers Festival, was congratulated by the Club for his nomination for Wagga Citizen of the Year. We are all hoping you win the prestigious award on Australia Day Phil. You richly deserve the honour and we all appreciate what you have done for our Club and the Community of Wagga.
Our mystery guest speaker today was none other that our loveable rogue, former Superintendent of Police Wagga, Frank Fuller.
Frank gave an entertaining talk at short notice. He described his talk as an update of a few colourful characters. He said his war stories contained plenty of lies but were mostly true. He went on to talk about a number of corrupt former police and their relationship with organised crime. Frank's humour and vivid memory provided us with a smorgasbord of stories to rival anything you might see on Netflix true crime stories.
John Gray thanked Frank for his talk at short notice and filling in for his good friend Burmo
Wine bottle winner was Peter Crozier

Bulletin Jan 21st 2020


Next Meeting. No. 29

28th January 2020

Fellowship :   
Greeting visitors

Andrew Puckeridge

Helps Treasurer 

Jeremy Reithmuller

Furniture : 
Setup & pack away

Mal Robertson

Rotary Information:


Barbara Ferguson, "Pygmy building in Congo and the Great African War"

Bulletin Editor



Jan   28         Paul Murray

Feb 4, 11    Doug Sutton

Feb 18, 25, Mar 3 M Knight

Mar 10,17, 24       J Egan


28th January  -  Steve McCoy
4th February  -  Phil McIntosh
11th February  -  Tim McMullen
18th February  -  Paul Murray
25th February  -   Rob Nicholson
 Market Rosters
Swapping - Members are reminded that it is the individual's responsibility to organise a swap. One of the best ways to do that is to check whether you are rostered on well ahead of time and contact someone who is on a market further down the track to arrange a swap.
Feb 8th 2020

OIC -  John Ireland

Team -  Greg Conkey, Peter Crozier, John Flynn, John Ferguson, John Hawkins, Tim Hutchings, Pat Ingram (for Doug Conkey), John Mason, Peter MacKinnon,  Paul Milde, Darren Wallace (for Craig Bromley)

Swaps needed  -  John Hawkins, Tim Hutchings

MAR 14TH 2020

OIC - Gerry Gerlach

Team - Richard Baguley, Geoff Breust, Graham Burmeister, Shane Carroll, John Egan, David Foster, John Gray, David Hodge, James Ross, Darren Wallace, David Wishart.

APR 11th 2020

OIC - Colin Duff

Team - Frank Fuller, Peter Green, James Hamilton, Stuart Heriot, Mark Hillis, Pat Ingram, Nick Leywood, Steve McCoy, Paul Murray, Graham Obst, Wal Paton, David Post, 

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Wollundry Photos
Meeting Photo's
James Ross with wife Renae Elrington our visitor for today
Steve Anderson, butcher extraordinaire and supplier of sausages, visited our club as a guest.