Tuesday 08th March 2022
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  Romano's Hotel 

Members Duties
March 15 - Peter Green
March 22 - David Hodge
March 15 - John Gray
March 22 - Mark Hillis
March 15 - James Hamilton
March 22 - Stuart Heriot

Guest Speaker
Andrew Crackanthorp

Rotary Information
March 15 - Peter Green
March 22 - John Mason

Bulletin Editor
Mar 15, 22 P Murray
Mar 29, Apr 5, 12, M. Knight 

 Members Choice 
March 15 - Doug Sutton
March 22 - Darren Wallace

Meeting Tech Setup
David Pyke - Mar 15
John Smith - Mar 22, 29
Doug Sutton - Apr 5, 12
Darren Wallace - Apr 19, 26
Peter Wilesmith - May 3, 10
Paul Murray – May 17, 24

 Saturday Markets

12th March 2022

OIC - James Hamilton
Team: R. Baguley, C. Bromley, D Pyke, P. Clucas, W Paton, P. Green, S. Heriot, D. Hodge, J. Egan, P. Murray,  R. Pearson, D. Post.
Signs - John Flynn
09th April 2022
OIC - Peter Mackinnon
Team: P. Burgess, D. Byfield, P. Crozier, F. Fuller, T. Hutchings, M. Hillis, P. Ingram, S. McCoy, B. Parker, N. Pinto, M. Robertson, D. Sutton, K. Taylor.
Signs: David Pyke
14th May 2022
OIC - Col Duff
Team: G. Burmeister, S. Carroll, Peter Clucas, Gerry Gerlach, David Golland, John Ireland, John Mason, Andrew Puckeridge, Ric Priest, Jonty Shuter, John Smith, Andrew Whiting, David Wishart.
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Burmo Speaks of the Critical Survival Moments in his Life
Graham Burmeister was our guest speaker at Tuesday's meeting and was accompanied by his wife Ma Yan.  Burmo began his talk announcing that this was a very sad day for him in that he had lost a very dear friend Neil Bulger.  Burmo was not only close to Neil but a close friend to all the Bulger Family, so it was hard for him to stand up and give a talk to the club when such tragic news had just arrived.  But being Burmo he carried on to give members a number of his life experiences that were most definitely within the life threatening category and that he was quite fortunate to survive and talk about.
One of the incidents was when he was 13 years old and riding in a log truck with his brother and the truck went out of control.  The chance of the two boys being killed by the logs crashing into the cab was very real and highly likley if the truck collides with any other solid object.  Fortunately Burmo's brother was able to regain control of the runaway truck and prevent any serious damage or loss of life.
When he was 16 he was involved in another incident with a log truck where the truck was out of control and was on the edge of a cliff and Burmo was about to go off the cliff and roll when he had the presence of mind to grab the wheel and pull himself out the drivers side before the truck rolled down the hill.  The crash would certainly have been life threatening.
Another incident was when he was in Papua New Guinea travelling with a driver and was attacked by a group of rascals throwing rocks and threatening the driver.  He exited from the vehicle and found a log to sit on and had a swig of whiskey.
In 1983 he was travelling trough the Peoples Republic of China and continued on to Hong Kong and got on a ship.  Unfortunately there was Cyclone occurring at the time and the ship lost it's power and the  guests on the ship were frightened and sea sick.
Burmo proceeded with his talk by noting that the framed documents on his walls suggest that he is not stupid, nevertheless his actions failed to support the certificates on the wall and it was only pressure from Ma Yan last year that got him to the hospital, where he discovered he was gravely ill and lucky to again have dodged another bullet.  He then gave graphic details of his health issues.
He concluded his talk by thanking everyone for listening.
President Richard
The meeting today went well with a good attendance.
Thee were no visiting Rotarians today but appropriately Ma Yan Burmeister came with Graham. He was our guest speaker, and he picked an unusual topic; namely how he had cheated death on six occasions! Sadly he was notified moments before attending that one of his best friends had died. Despite this he gave a good talk. Please support him as some club members also knew the deceased .
The Gears and beers event is coming soon, and Phil updated how it is progressing. The team is still waiting on some equipment from Melbourne, and people are still needed to man the checkpoints along the rides so please consider volunteering  or recruiting friends and family to help as well if you can. John Gray is after people to pack the bags Thursday week I believe, at the same place as before. It will be a big day so all hands to the pump please.
Tim Hutchings talked about rotary in the years of the pandemic and displayed a chart of various parameters that he had given out last year for us to guess the changes; not remarkably only three people were close to the mark (reassuringly the rest of the world did no better)
John Gray asked if after our Saturday market next that the BBQ and 30 trestles will be needed at the B and G site so could the team leader on the market liasse  about this with Phil?
David Pyke announced our current finances are up to date an all reconciled. 
As you all are aware the district conference is coming up very soon and I would encourage members to consider attending that event. 
There is a new format called philanthropic donations that can be made over several related recipient rather than just one, and RI will support our donations in the usual manner and contribute as well.
A lot was covered in the meeting but there was still time for camaraderie as well.
Graham Burmeister drew out Michael Knight for the lucky door prize
Have a good week fellows and see you next week for meetin thirty seven.
Secretary's Report 08.03.22
Hi all,
Back after a week off, I did not miss at all. I attended President Elect Training at Cooma last weekend. There will be no need for a lobotomy, I do qualify for the job. The theme for my Rotary year as President is "Imagine" - mental images and concepts, the possibilities are endless.
I met up with several of Presidents Elect from Canberra and the South Coast areas as well as Batlow and Leeton.
The upcoming District Conference looks to be an interesting event. There are about a dozen speakers listed and our own David Benn who will giving a presentation of poetry at the dinner on Saturday night.
Good to see Michael Knight back at the meeting today and on the path to recovery.
Thank you to Burmo for standing in at short notice to take the speakers roll today. This fellow has dodged a lot over the years and come through a bit bruised and battered, but he is still in the race.  
I look forward to Andrew Crackanthorp's presentation next week.
Tim Hutchings quiz results were an eye opener, well done to David Byfield on his predictions.
OIC - James Hamilton
Team - Richard Baguley, Craig Bromley, David Pyke, Peter Clucas, Wal Paton, Peter Green, Stuart Heriot, David Hodge, John Egan, Paul Murray, Robert Pearson, Neil Schirmer.
Trailers - Craig Bromley, Neil Schirmer, David Pyke, Paul Murray.
The BBQ returns to us for the Saturday Market on Saturday, Rotaract having handed back the responsibility.
Diary Dates:
Gears and Beers Meeting - Wed 09th March Commins Hendriks 5:30pm +ZOOM.
District Conference - 19th and 20th March - Temora.
Next Board Meeting - 21st March.
Gears and Beers Festival - 26th and 27th March.
Secretary Phil

Our Meeting March 8th 2022

John Gray Reminds Members of Additional Setup at Hammond Avenue

John Gray spoke about the plan to pack up trailers after the markets with tables and legs to go to Hammond Avenue for packing the Gears and Beers rider bags.  After setting up the tables we will have drinks and nibbles at Hammond Avenue. 

Phil McIntosh gives a Briefing on Gears and Beers

Phil McIntosh came to the podium and updated the members on the progress of the Gears and Beers Committee.  A number of subjects were discussed including the participation of Coolamon, the riders hats shipment, the problem with Blackberries and other issues being dealt with by the committee. 
The problem with the Blackberries was quickly addressed by Pykie, calling for a number of members to join him in clearing the path of Blackberries Wednesday morning.  A group of members agreed to help and the problem addressed.   Well done Pykie.

Michael Knight had Keyhole Surgery, is out of Hospital and Attended our Meeting

Towards the end of the afternoon of our Food and Wine Festival, Michael Knight began to feel ill and had numbness in his hand and was taken home by Sandra.  He went to his doctor the next day and was admitted to the hospital diagnosed with a mild stroke.  Michael spent quite some time in the hospital being tested for just about everything.  After 10 days they performed keyhole surgery on his carotid artery to remove the plaque buildup that had caused his stroke.  Michael attended Tuesdays meeting and proudly displayed the entry points for his surgery.  

NOTICE TO ALL MEMBERS.  This bulletin is quite long and because of it's length, you may find that your email program has clipped the message.    If that happens, you can view the clipped parts by clicking on the  "View entire Message" link which appears just before the clip.


Dr Tim Hutchings Reveals How Good we are at Leading the Way into the Future

Dr Tim Hutchings, the clubs acknowledged Agricultural Scientist and Research Accademic, revealed the results of a survey he compiled through submissions by our members forecasting a variety of measurable business factors.  The key business indicators forecast were Rainfall, Wagga ULP, Morrisons Approval, Bidens Approval, the All Ords, Dow Jones, Gold USD, Aust Deaths and Global Deaths.  Being the largest club in the disrtrict and the home of two of the most successful projects in the district, the assumption was high that the forecasting skills of Wollundry Rotarians would easily credit our members with business class seats or more likely first class seats on the flight to the future.
Not so, according to Dr Hutchings.  His research suggests that predicting the future is a bit harder than running the food and Wine festival, and a few of us (David Byfield) might  score a standby discounted economy seat, but the majority of us will be on the ground, walking into the future sharing the road with the rest of the walkers.   The results and individual scores are printed at the right.   To enlarge the chart, click on it.

Gerry Gerlach Makes Multiple Announcements

  1. He promoted the District Conference encouraging members to attend and enjoy the benefits of meeting fellow Rotarians and hearing outstanding speakers.
  2. He also announced theat there will be a projects committee meeting immediately after the meeting 
  3. His third announcement was regarding the Rotary Foundation approving funding for projects in Australia.  This opened significant opportunuities for matching Foundation funding for large projects all over Ausrtralia. 

Doug Conkey Recalls Cricket Match

Doug Conkey recalled a cricket match he had years ago in Coolac where Burmo's friend Neil Bulger was the captain of the opposing cricket team.  He noted that Bulger was by far the best player on the field and it was an experience to play against him.

Michael Knight Wins the Wine

It seemed entirely appropriate that Michael Knight was rewarded for attending todays meeting by winning the door prize of a bottle of Wine.
March 8th Meeting Photos
Wollundry Bulletin Editors: 
Doug Sutton, Michael Knight, John Egan, David Pyke, Peter Wilesmith and Paul Murray