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No.29 30th Jan-2018

Fellowship (greeting visitors, giving out name badges): Kerry Pascoe/back up Wal Paton

Reception (sits with Treasurer):Rob Pearson

Furniture (set up and put away items for the meeting): Neil Pinto

Rotary Information: Fellowship Day

Please Note : Fellows if you can't attend to above duties organise someone else to do it for you please.


Speaker: Hillis Day


Bulletin Editors






Feb 6, 13 Paul Murray

Feb 20, 27,Mar 6 Doug Sutton

Mar 13, 20,27      John Egan

Apr 3, 10, 17        P MacKinnon

Apr 24,May 1, 8   Michael Knight

May 15,22,29      Paul Murray

?? Michael Knight



John Flynn - Feb 06
Mark Hillis - Feb 13
Peter Crozier - Feb 20
Peter Clucas - Feb 27
Laurie Blowes - March 06
David Pyke - Mar 13
Geoff Breust - Mar 20
John Gray - Mar 27
 Market Rosters
Next Sprout and About Market is Saturday 10th February 2018.
OIC Colin Duff - Confirmed
Confirmed - Frank Fuller, Pat Ingram, Tim Macgillycuddy, Peter Mackinnon, Steve McCoy, Jeremy Reithmuller,
Tim McMullen, James McNaughton, Paul Murray, Mark Hillis.
Wal Paton has Swaped and is now replaced by Malcolm Robertson.
Feb 13, 2018
Days For Girls
Feb 20, 2018
North Wagga Shed.
Feb 27, 2018
Wollundry Rotary Club.
Mar 06, 2018
Mar 13, 2018
My Tour of Duty in Afghanistan.
Mar 20, 2018
Food & Wine Festival Up Date.
Mar 27, 2018
Food & Wine Festival Round Up 2018.
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Jeremy Riethmuller
February 3
David Byfield
February 4
Greg Conkey OAM
February 5
David Pyke
February 7
Timothy McMullen
February 18
Richard Rossiter
February 20
Daniel Burns
February 25
Mark Hillis
February 28
John Ireland
March 6
Kerry Pascoe
March 17
Pat Ingram
March 20
Robert Pearson
March 20
Robert Nicholson
March 27
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Chrissie Hillis
February 3
Pam Green
February 8
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February 14
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February 16
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March 17
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March 6
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March 6
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March 14
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March 25
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Doug Sutton
February 1, 1990
28 years
John Egan
February 1, 1985
33 years
Michael Knight
February 1, 1983
35 years
Paul Milde
February 1, 1995
23 years
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February 7, 2012
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Ken Taylor
February 21, 2012
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Michael Georgiou
March 1, 1996
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Phil McIntosh
March 7, 2006
12 years
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March 7, 2006
12 years
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March 8, 2011
7 years
Richard Rossiter
March 17, 2015
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Paul Murray
March 21, 1995
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Robert Pearson
March 23, 2010
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Wagga Clubs

South Wagga
Pres: Milena Dunn
meets:Wagga RSL Club
Mondays at 6:15 PM
Wagga CSU Rotaract
Pres:Clare Lawlor
Meets: CSU  Campus
Every 2nd Wed at 6:15pm
Wagga Wagga
Pres:Elaine Almond
Meets: Wagga Country Club
Thursdays at 6:30 PM
Wagga Kooringal
Pres: Rodney Francis
Meets: Wagga Country Club
Wednesdays at 6:30 PM
Wagga Murrumbidgee
Pres: George Chapman
Meets: The Mantra Pavilion
Tuesdays at 6:15 PM
Wagga Sunrise
Pres: Deidre Tome
Tuesdays at 7:00 AM
Meeting 7.30am
Bulletin Editor
Michael Knight
Music, Music, Music
The programme for today was an opportunity for Rotarians to indulge the misspent time of their youth, recalling the tunes, melodies, lyrics and groups of musicians that helped them escape the realities of growing up during the seventies, eighties and even more recently. The more recent offerings were at the urging of a Mr Clucas, but they were more obscure, because that is where my tastes lie since the era of the nineties.
The quiz has run, the answers provided, and results collated. The data is meaningless, because hardly anybody wrote their names on top of the pages. Most tables wrote the correct answers on the paper as the names were read out. The only meaningful info is to provide data on which questions proved easiest, based on percentage correct.
Every Question had at least one correct answer, and eleven questions had 100% correct answers. The category that proved easiest was Rock Groups, America and the Eagles. The hardest question related to Floral Dance/Grimethorpe Colliery Band and the Movie "Brassed Off".
Everyone got Dave Brubeck - Take Five. The time signature proved harder.
I love music, and enjoy setting up music quizzes, but I am aware that they are not universally popular. I can do a quiz at Rotary but stress that that will only happen if the President or Program Director approaches me and asks for one. Thanks to those members who provide support and encouragement.
Presidents Report Jan 31
Thank you to Michael Knight for conducting today's Music Quiz! It certainly had us all thinking. I know the tune but can't remember who sung it. I sing that song all the time but I never knew the title. Once again we filled the hour to the max.   John Ferguson is on the recovery and we wish him all the best. Geoff Hamilton is progressing with his recovery and could be back home in two to three days. We are all with you Geoff on this journey. Catch up with Dusty on his blog.
Did you know Australian Rotary Health has dedicated $1,598,008 towards Mental Health Research for 2018. Rotary makes a difference every day!
  Don't forget I'm available anytime if you are interested in becoming President Elect 2019-20. Give me a call! I look forward to the calls. Please place the following dates in your 2018 Diary: Sunday 18th February 2018 Gumi Festival Apex, Tuesday 27th February 2018 Club 40th Birthday Dinner, Saturday 24th March 2018 Food & Wine Festival and 5th & 6th May 2018 District Conference in Leeton.
 Thank you for your support. See you on Tuesday at 12.30 pm. Have a great week!
Secretaries Report Feb 1st
It is your responsibility to find a replacement if any of your rostered duties can not be fulfilled.
Next Sprout & About Market Roster: 10th February 2018.  
OIC Colin Duff - Confirmed
Confirmed - Frank Fuller, Pat Ingram, Tim Macgillycuddy, Peter Mackinnon, Steve McCoy, Jeremy Reithmuller,
Tim McMullen, James McNaughton, Paul Murray, Mark Hillis.
Wal Paton has swapped and now replaced by Malcolm Robertson.
Next meeting Food and Wine  held fortnightly. Next meeting will be on Wednesday 14th Feb and every second Wednesday thereafter to 21/03/2018 at 5.30 pm at the Commercial Club.

27/02/18 – 40-year Club Anniversary Dinner is a Tuesday evening function in lieu of our Lunch time meeting. Further details to follow.
Eater or Non-Eater - Fellows we have a new Chef at the club and it is important to get our number right for meals. There have been some changes in eaters and non eaters since we last ran a check on those numbers. Over the next couple of weeks we will be asking you to confirm your preference once again so that we can get an update on the non-eater status. If you are a regular eater and not going to be at the meeting it is most important you register your apology in the normal way.
Please register a makeup whenever you can or after attending committee meetings or some other activity when representing Wollundry.
Our Meeting Jan 30

President Paul opened the meeting, calling on Ken Cook to lead Rotary Grace. The Queen of England, and the People of Australia were the subjects of our toast, guests were welcomed and members returning from vacation were recognised and welcomed back. Tim Barter, Andrew Puckeridge and Graham Obst fell into this category.

John Ferguson is going well, and expects to be at Rotary next week. 

Geoff Hamilton's report has more of a "case history" feel to it, but Geoff expects to be discharged in 2-3 days, and will take his medications orally. This is great news, after months in hospital, to be at home, and back to Jan's cooking - it will be a treat. A "get well" card from the club was circulated at todays meeting.


John Gray's guest, Carl Jung is a member of the Rotary Club of Fording Bridge, in the UK, and was invited to tell us stories about the visit to that town by John and Norma.  We learned that the Grays had behaved impeccably while visiting in an IFCR capacity, and there was an exchange of banners to recognise the disclosure. 


South Wagga Rotary have organised a bus trip to Broken Hill, leaving on April 30, and returning on May 5th. They have around 10 seats still available, at a cost of $750 - thats for 6 days and 5 nights. PDG John Egan went ghostly white when the dates were announced, because they clash with District Conference in Leeton, but the Bus will return through Leeton and if you pull the cord, it will stop at the next bus stop.








New Members Evening

Membership Director Rob Nicholson is asking members to submitt names of candidates for membership in Wollundry Rotary.  He is going to schedule a New Members evening and would like to get a reasonable number or candidates before setting a date.  His email address is

Feb 5th Online Training in Video Conferencing and ClubRunner

Before the holidays there was some discussion of conducting an online training session in ClubRunner using Zoom video conferencing software.  Things are relatively quiet now, so it is a good time to have that training. 
The session will be held on a Monday evening February 5th at 8pm.  You join in session by turning on your computer and clicking a link.
We will review:
  • How to use Zoom Video conferencing software (free)
  • How to best use the Club Directory and District Directory
  • How to login to our Club website and:
    • Update your personal profile information
    • Send an email to all members
    • Print a member’s report
All interested members and especially newer members are invited to attend.  Simply click here to send me an email.  You will receive a reply with all the necessary details.  
Be assured, this will be a relaxed session.
Paul Murray

Old Wollundry Photos Wanted

As a part of the February 27th 40th Anniversary evening dinner we are looking for old photos to display and include in a continuous presentation. If you have some good old photos please forward them to Paul Murray.

The Sergeant
 John Gray was sergeant today. Ken Cook's grandchild, and it turns out to be a grandson, has been overexposed on Facebook, and duly noted by the Sergeant.
Laurie Blowes had suggested that JG was long winded in introducing his Carl, his guest. A denial and a fine ensued.
Peter Green, even before the music quiz was launched, predicted that Paul Kelly sang along to a Shakespearean sonnet. JG set his priorities straight by reminding him that Paul Kelly had played for the Wagga Tigers, before a career with the Swans.
Paul Murray will continue to educate Wollundry Rotarians in aspects of technology. The sergeant was sceptical.
Mal Robertson must have had a nostalgic moment when advised that the South Wagga Rotary bus trip would visit Ivanhoe. JG reminded him of a previous comment stored away in the grey matter - The best road in Ivanhoe is the road out of Town!!!!
The Luftwagga could not miss a fine, with their campaign to avoid charges likened to "the saga of Same sex marriage"
To justify the coinage collected, John told his "B joke", about the relative discomfort of childbirth and a kick in the groin. If you weren't there, ask him.
Attendance Report
Club Guest: Ben Morgan.
(AOPA President)
introduced by Geoff Breust.
Visiting Rotarian.
Carl Jung is a member of the Rotary Club of Fordingbridge in the UK. He hosted John and Norma Gray during a follow up visit associated with Rotary Cricket fellowship.
Carl exchanged banners with President Paul during the meeting today.
Apologies: Craig Bromley, John Ferguson, Frank Fuller, John Hawkins, Pat Ingram, Nick Leywood, John Mason, Stephen McCoy, Phil McIntosh, Tim McMullen, Wal Paton, Robert Pearson, Jeremy Reithmuller, Gerry Gerlach.
Make Ups:
Michael Georgiou - South Wagga. 29 January
Neil Pinto - Cricket Marquee Erection. 20 January.
The photo above depicts the team that erected tents for the WBBL game in Wagga. Each of these fellows qualifies for a make up - only one recorded. Don't tell David Benn.
Defibrillator Training Video
Click on the video below for Defibrillator training.