Presidents Report May 12.   2020
Wollundry Rotary     
Report to meeting 39. 12 May 2020
Hi Wollundry members,
Some lightening of restrictions by the Federal Cabinet and the various States adopting Stages 1 and, in the case of NT stage2, are encouraging for potential business recovery however, we all know how the business world is doing it tough. It is therefore incumbent on us all to get out there when we are able and support the business world, particularly in Wagga. The State of NSW has not yet adopted Stage 1 and our erstwhile Premier “Glad” is slowing things down….pretty hard to argue with Glad as she appears to be doing a good job.
The Black Sorrows agent have been contacted by our Food & Wine committee and requested to refund the balance of the deposit paid. Taking this one slowly and hopefully, we will get the result.
Col Duff has been in contact with Ron’s Removals regarding deliveries of furniture to the fire effected victims up in the hills. Col will get more information and then coordinate the pickup and delivery. If anyone has surplus furniture, here is your chance to help those in need. Phone number for Col Duff is 0418 693 322.
The District matters including voting on the 2020-2021 budget for the new District will be dealt with at the Board meeting on Monday night. A recently introduced By Law into the District says.
"If the District Fund returns a surplus at the end of any particular year, then 50% of such a surplus shown in the accounts presented to the District at its annual meeting shall be taken into account when determining the budget for presentation to the District in the following year. The amount of such levy including insurance shall constitute the District Fund"
The above clause is exactly why we believe that the current situation is unfair to member Clubs where none of the large surplus in our District is being used to reduce District fees in the 2020-2021 year. There are a number of Clubs also now concerned so the “mill is grinding slowly”
All of our Zoom meetings have attracted almost 40 participants so we need to keep the momentum going so as to not lose contact with our fellow members. It is almost certain that we will not be having a formal changeover at the Commercial Club so will get reports done and distributed to members before June 30. The most likely option will be to have a Zoom changeover and function at a later date
Don’t forget to ring other members simply to say hello, a simple communication can mean so much.
12 May  2020
Our Meeting - 12 May 2020
Another meeting  by Zoom, David thinks that this is number 43, and the repartee before the meeting was more worthy of report than much of what followed.
John Smith logged in from Tura beach at Merimbula, with golf course and beach in the background. He gets the award for subtle oneupmanship, and was happy to rub it in with a panoramic scan of the view from the verandah.
John Gray reported that Burmo was in Calvary Hospital with fluid retention within the abdominal space. Due out on Saturday, so get well Mr Burmeister, but no football at Tumut this weekend. We learned that Frank Fuller was 25 years retired - some peoples careers don't last that long.
Paul Milde was welcomed back................from where? Is there a guest speaker slot impending?
We were expecting to have a former exchange student (remotely) at our meeting today, inbound 1992 from USA, Jamie Jarvie, nee Susek. That didn't happen, but we have hopes that next week may be the week.
Grace was short and required no singing. The Toast was even shorter - our Zoom host had muted the entire attendance, and was congratulated by the President.
Col Duff is moving house, and learned that Ron, of "Ron's Removals" is transporting donated furniture, gratis, to fire affected areas around Batlow and Tumbarumba.  Col has proposed that we could help this activity by subsidising the fuel costs for these trips, and called for furniture donations from club members.
This could be expanded to a general call for furniture donations from the community, and President David will investigate, and consider a press release to publicise the project. Information regarding furniture available to Col Duff - 0418 693 322.
Sofi Soneme was invited to update the club on her experiences in Wagga Wagga during the Covid shutdown. She has been doing schoolwork online, but goes back to school on Thursday. She told us that she is doing dance classes online with a Brazilian group, 6.00pm in Brazil, but in Australia, that happens at 7.00am, so early rise.
The Safari that Sofi was to travel around Australia had to be cancelled because of Covid travel restrictions, but the Sloppy Joe that Sofi would have worn arrived in the mail this week. The names of all the exchange students were printed, so that is a souvenir.
Sofi was asked about her family back in Brazil, and how the population there was dealing with the pandemic. Both her parents career jobs have closed down, and her grandmother can't go to the markets, but they are safe - free from coronavirus.
Jonty Schuter asked about family visits, and the most recent relaxations would allow Wollundry Rotarians to host Sofi for a visit and a meal.
The most important requirement would be a phone call to host parents (Monica) to advise them. 
Sofi's phone number is: 0460 676 416
The Sergeant was next - it was Jonty - and failure to download Covidsafe, the app was criminal. If we had a physical meeting, proof may have been possible, but on Zoom, trust was all that we could rely on. Iceberg and toilet paper were mentioned in the same breath, and a little girls interpretation of contagious caused a ripple of mirth. Bring back Michael Georgiou.
A cross fine on David Benn from Doug Sutton. A lost golf tee, and David knew it was one of the colours on the French Flag!!!!
Other crossfines were raised by Geoff Breust and Andrew Puckeridge.
Peter Crozier addressed the meeting, bringing us up to date with Projects, and community involvement. Many of the commitments that we are dealing with were originally made before the cancellation of the Food and Wine Festival, and flow from the bushfire disasters during summer. Our commitment to Tumbarumba Rotary Club of $15000, has been paid, and Peter detailed the process to distribute funds from that club.
Other activities that we continue to support, or are considering are The School Breakfast program in Ashmont, Help Cambodia, and The Vinnies winter appeal.
Pat Ingram reported that we receive many approaches from established and national charities, that do not meet the criteria under which our projects committee operates.
We are just six weeks out from our scheduled Changeover Dinner, but President David advised that it is "unlikely to take place at this stage" but in consultation with James Ross, expects to hold a Zoom changeover. A booklet with Directors reports, list of members and Resume of Donations will still be printed, and all these arrangements are subject to ratification at Mondays Board Meeting. A more formal evening with partners and guests might be held later in the year........."post covid"
Darren Wallace told us that the club has had an interesting contact requesting a refund. He advised the caller to "ring me back" and subsequently collected phone, email and bank account details. This might have been a more effective scam, if the caller masquerading as David Pyke, didn't have an asian accent. Details were passed on to the constabulary.
Geoff Hamilton was to be with us today, but was caught up in preparation for installation of Pivot Irrigation, so rescheduled for next week.
David Byfield asked about Market Ads that he had heard on 2AAA, and John Smith provided an update. Several of the producers that are regulars at our market wanted to keep Saturday Markets going, but WWCC vetoed this - not in their parkland. John has arranged for a small group to set up stalls in Hammond Hall at the show ground.
A few other members contributed to the discussions around the room:
Geoff Breust on Regional Express - announcement pending on expansion of Services.
Ward Gaiter, moonlighting for a coalmine at Boggabri, working remotely.
Rob Nicholson has two stores open, but trading is intermittent.
Phil Macintosh floated the idea of a smaller Cycle ride - sans beer festival.
Doug Conkey provided a comment on Geoff Hamilton's health, and his philosophy on life.
Frank Fuller reminisced on the police career of Tony Madigan - was part of a guard of Honour (Social distancing permitting)
President David provided an update on District Fees, Cash Reserves and District Budgets. This topic is covered adequately in David's Presidents report.
If you see sheep.......
This was the background that your bulletin editor used during the Zoom meeting.
If you see sheep -
See your optometrist.
May 12, 2020
Next Meeting. No. 43
May 12th 2020
Zoom Meeting
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