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Chesley Reynolds Perry, a Spanish-American War veteran and former Chicago Public Library employee, served as Rotary’s first secretary and is known as “the builder of Rotary International.”


With help from a Rotary Foundation global grant, a group of women in rural Costa Rica are using ecotourism to enrich their families' futures.


These clubs keep things fresh with new ideas and new members.


Jennifer Jones, of the Rotary Club of Windsor-Roseland, Ontario, Canada, is the selection of the Nominating Committee for President of Rotary International for 2022-23.

President's Report
The Board met this week and the main points arising were :
-  It is uncertain that the Food & Wine Festival scheduled for March 2021 will be able to be held.  The Committee is to consider and make a recommendation in time for the Club to make a decision by 1st November and in order to give stakeholders sufficient notice either way.
-  A sub-committee is to prioritise potential donations from our significantly more limited Community Budget given we already have some commitments.  The Community Budget is still being reviewed.
-  We will be trialing Subway for lunch at every 4th meeting of the month, for a change from the sandwiches which nevertheless appear to be going down well.  Next week's meeting is one such occasion.
-  Mental health issues could be a side-effect of social isolation.  Be on the lookout for potential new members who may benefit from being invited along to Rotary.
-  The RAWCS Project at the Nangus house is progressing well.  Brick cladding and internal linings are about all that is left to be done by donated labour.  Funding raised to date is expected to go very close to covering the cost of materials.  The President's finger is recovering well from the injury sustained at the last working bee.  It reminded me of "Don't Lose Your head" (1966) which was a Carry-On movie featuring the Black Fingernail (in the style of the Scarlet Pimpernel) where the masked man's thumb had been struck by an errant hammer.
-  We will be providing hot dishes for dinner at Lilier Lodge on Wednesday 16th September.  Details closer to the time.
-  Paul Milde will be conducting a mystery draw at meetings.  These details are shrouded in secrecy.
-  There is one-on-one ClubRunner training available after meetings.  Well done Pykie with your first student this week.
-  Paul Murray will try to fix our audio and video issues associated with Zooming in to meetings.  Thankyou Paul and good luck.  Thanks to Pykie one audio improvement at this week's meeting was the National Anthem.
My wife reckons I speak too much like a newsreader.  More about that later.
Stay well Fellows.
President James

Secretary's  Report
Hi All,
Another great meeting at The Riverine Club. The Zoom was better, Pykie and Paul are looking for improvements each week, well done.
The idea of ClubRunner training after meetings is a good one. 
ClubRunner is a good program, not all that difficult to use, like everything you will not fully understand it, or be able to use it, unless you do it.
If we all become proficient at it, we will be on the same page, and have a great tool for communicating and archiving.
It is a particularly good tool for Committee management, with easy to use capability for communication and document storage, within the confines
of each individual committee.
I am not an expert on it, but am prepared to work with any member , we will learn together. The more you delve , the more you learn. 
I have found that the quickest way to access it, is via the CR app on your smartphone, and a desk top icon on your PC, leaving yourself permanently logged in.
Cheers Phil B.
Our Meeting
President James relaxed his hold on the Rotary Grace - we were allowed to recite in unison, but the Loyal Toast was a shambles. 
The call for visiting Rotarians drew a response acknowledging Richard Pottie, then guests, Sofi, Raoal on Zoom, and finally Geraldine Rurenga, from the Rotary club of Murumbidgee. Geraldine is the DGN, District Governor Nominee. Next Year, she will be DGE, that's District Governor Elect. After a year running the show, as DG, the title becomes PDG, but that does not stand for "Pretty Damn Good"
The August Board Meeting was held on Monday night, and James gave us a run down on the discussions at that meeting. He will no doubt cover these in his Presidents report - so refer to that for more detailed information.
Sofi was asked to tell us what she has been up to, an excursion down to the main street, but the surprise announcement was that her family will host an Australian student in Brazil for a weekend, prior to his return from exchange. Little is known about this guy, but we will know more after the visit is over. 
Burmo was Sergeant, attempting to run his parade from the back of the room, but was overruled. 
Last time he was sergeant, was in the era of President John Gibson, and J Flynn's Jewish jokes, or worse still, The Cypriot's sense of humour would have shut down the meeting. But Burmo, we have relaxed.
The story that Burmo related to earlier times in Coolamon, where Pykie was growing up. He arrived home from his soccer game, excited, "I scored five goals, that's a record, no one has ever scored five goals before." The parents were excited............."what was the game score? Did you win?"
Young David responded "It was very close, but we lost 3 - 2."
David Benn made the Riverine Club magazine, photographed in a dress, with a borrowed cap. If it had not been a Robbie Burns Dinner, David would have needed an explanation.
Apparently, there were three professional men at a dinner at Wantabadgery. There may have been a degree of social imbibing, as the lawyer in the group woke up next morning, missing a front tooth - no sign of it. Complete denial from the Doctor and the Dentist.
A story about a residence in Henwood Avenue became hard to follow, but there were some big names quoted, and some of them were tenuously involved with Wollundry Rotary.
Collingwood in the AFL, and Manly-Warringah in the NRL seem not to be Burmo's favourite teams.
Phil Burgess provided the Secretary's report - the rosters and important information that we would be unwise to ignore.
Geraldine Rurenga was invited to address the club. Having taken on the role of DGN, she is keen to get to know the Rotarians in her home town. Rotary will have its first Rotary International President who is a woman, in the same year, 2022/2023, as Geraldine is our District 9705 Governor.
She is looking forward to the journey over the next couple of years, and contributing to District leadership. The map, attached, shows the size of the new district, but beware - the area coloured orange is not ours yet..................
Guest Speaker
John Ireland introduced our Guest Speaker, Richard Pottie, noting that he was a busy man running the construction company, Ladex, President of the Riverine Club, Immediate Past President of Kooringal Rotary Club, and involved in Apex as a younger man.
It was the Riverine Club that Richard chose to talk on, starting with some history, both of the Club and its formation, and the building that it occupies today. About a dozen men, graziers, doctors and possibly even a lawyer made the decision to form a gentleman's club, and called it the Murrumbidgee Club in 1881. Just six months later, Riverine Club was adopted as the name.
The first building was the original school including the teacher's lodgings, built in 1861. A few floods, and lack of space dictated that the school needed to move, and that was to Gurwood Street. The next occupant was a doctor, and he owned the land south to Johnson Street.
The Riverine Club had attempted to buy the building during the 1880's, and finally succeeded in 1890. Growth was rapid, and extensions were justified in the early 1900's. Membership was for a privileged few, and "strangers" were confined to a small room, a bit like covid quarantine!!!!!!
The major building project was early Twentieth century, where £13 000 was spent on the building that we see today. £5000 was available from reserves, and £8000 borrowed from banks and guaranteed by members. In the 1920's liquor licensing regulations brought on requirements for accomodation and dining facilities.
Recent changes - they don't happen very often - included a squash court in 1973, and women admitted to the club in 1987. Womens toilets will be included in the next tranche of improvements, after just 37 years.
Membership development is important in the survival of the Riverine Club. Richard asked the Wollundry Rotarians to indicate if they were members of the Club, and some hands went up. The others are the ones that Richard needs to work on.
That was 140 years of history, summed up in just twenty minutes, a great effort and thanked by President James.
Rotary Information
The Rotary Information session was provided by John Gray, and John's year as President was in the 1988 / 89 Rotary Year. He remembered all his board personnel, Tony Elphick, Ron Bragg, John Aveyard, Peter Johnson, David Taylor, Peter Kennard and John Ashton.
Donations – $44,160, this included $15,000 to the Calvary building fund which was the second of an instalment to our committed $45,000. Bearing in mind Sunday Markets charge of 20c entry, pensioners free. Stallholders $4.
10th anniversary of Sunday Markets with an official celebration on the Sunday at the Markets. Mayor Alderman Ron Harris spoke and a special presentation was made to our longest and continuous stallholder Mrs Du Plessis, a delightful and elderly South African lady.
Chairman of Projects was David Benn.
Our Exchange Student was Trude Skotterud (Pictured) from Norway.
Our outbound student was Leigh Heywood to Japan, daughter of Club Member Jim. 
The Club retained 49 members with 5 on and 5 off the books. Of the 5 who joined that year only Mark Hillis remains a member.
Peter Crosier was Sergeant and ruled meetings with dental discipline.
In a first and only for the Club our nomination of Heather Carmichael for an RI Scholarship to Aberdeen University in Scotland, to further study animal husbandry, was successful. The late member Geoff Potter worked very hard on that application.
Of the 49 members in 1988/89, 13 or 26.53% remain members.
It was a great privilege to be invited to preside over Wollundry for 12 months.
I urge all those who have yet to experience that honour to consider and let current Board members know of your interest. 
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