President's Report April 28
Wollundry Rotary
28 April 2020
We are in about week 5 or 6 of our isolation and for many of us, not a lot has changed. That cannot be said for those in business or some in employment where the changes are substantial and in many cases devastating. We can only hope that those most badly affected will have a recovery at the end of this period of distress.
Not much is happening on the Rotary scene, however, there is a short Rotary information section in today’s meeting
The ongoing issue with the Black Sorrows continues and it is apparent that they no longer dispute their obligations to us, however, we have not seen a refund of any monies at this stage.
The District matters we have been engaged in look like we will face suspension until our District fees are paid. I have been communicating with RI in the Sydney office. As you probably know, we requested the District Board either refund 2019-2020 fees to all Clubs or have the large estimated surplus in the District bank account deducted from District fees for 2020-2021. All our requests have been rejected. The suspension has not yet been issued and means that we would be unable to vote at District events.
The District DG, John McKenzie has sent out a Presidents letter where an interesting matter has arisen. The Rotary Club of Orange Daybreak, the second largest Club in the District after Wollundry, has also asked the District to have the large surplus deducted from 2020-2021 fees. This has also been rejected by the District Board. There has been no communication between Orange Daybreak and our Club but that is likely to change
We had 36 members at our meeting last week so hopefully we can better that this week and keep in touch with each other Zoom or other techo forms.
Don’t forget to ring other members simply to say hello, a simple communication can mean so much
28 April  2020
April 28th Meeting 

 Rick Priest Introduces his Rotary Guest

.When President Pykie asked if there were any guests at the Zoom meeting, Rick Priest said he had one.  He then proceeded to introduce his dog to the Rotarians.

Printed Paper Bulletins ?????

John Smith told members that he had received a phone call from Graham Hornibrook regarding the 20th Anniversary of the Murrumbidgee-Wollundry Probus Club.  John was President  of Wollundry when they formed that Probus Club and Graham asked if he had any material left with the details of the formation of the Probus Club.
Unfortunately, the electronic data was lost. This provided John with an tremendous opportunity to promote a paper printed bulletin which he smugly held up to everyone to prove his point. After John's  skyting, he told a funny joke about the golfers in Wollundry and as you can see from the next picture got a healthy smile from most of the members.



Rick Priest was our Sergeant.  Margaret mentioned to the members that she had read the book written by John Ferguson's sister Barbara Ferguson entitled "Don't Look Away". Barbara was a guest speaker at our club several months ago and Margaret purchased and read her book.  Margaret said it was a very good book and recommended for everyone to read.  She asked John Ferguson to pass on her compliments  to Barbara.
Rick proceeded then to carry out his Sergeant duties and told two jokes.  The second joke got members smiling again.


Gears & Beers Update

Phil McIntosh gave the members an update on the Gears'n'Beers.  He said essentially that they were in a holding pattern regarding the festival.  They are working protecting the Gears'n'Beers brand. He also noted that they are holding money in their account which already has come in for pre-registration.
He went on to mention that he had "done a deal" with MAAP Cycling/Gear Clothing Company in Melbourne and that the Rapha people were not in the position financially to support the festival this year.
He indicated he was not pushing sponsorships for the festival due to the fact that business people in Wagga were doing it tough. His gut instinct is that we are not going to get approval for the number of riders and festival attendees to hold the event. He said the upside to all of this is that the bicycle shops are doing a lot of business and next year, there should be a well attended Gears'n'Beers. 
He responded to a question from Gerry Gerlach  regarding an application to Destination NSW for $20,000.  Phil said he was optimistic that if the event were to proceed, they would get that funding.  He also said that he was in contact with Fiona Hamilton from WWCC .

Rotary Information

Doug Conkey spoke to the members about Rotary Information.  He provided details that as of January 1, 2020 there were 35,945 Rotary Clubs in the world.  There are 1, 208, 611 Rotarians...that is 4,000 less than last year. 
He said that because DOB is not filled in for a sizeable numbers for Rotarians, the true average age is unknown.  He did say that female membership is up to 23%, however, females were largely unrepresented in Rotary Leadership roles. The exception in our District where Geraldine Rurenga will be the 2022/2023 District Governor.


Raoul Mascarenhas  Joined the Meeting 

A late entrance to the meeting was Raoul who is back in Wagga temporarily due to the closure of R and D training at Melbourne University.
Neil Pinto noted that even though Raoul is not attending University, he is gaining real live field experience in Neil's Dental Practice, where questions have to be answered in fifteen minutes ... not two weeks.

April 28, 2020
Next Meeting. No. 42
May 5th 2020
Zoom Meeting
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Peter Thompson - WWCC General Manager
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May 5   P Murray



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