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10th Oct 2020
OIC: Ken Taylor
Team: Phil Burgess, Greg Conkey, Colin Duff, John Ferguson, Stuart Heriot, David Hodge, John Mason, David Post, Andrew Puckeridge, James Ross, Doug Sutton, Bob Willis, Frank Fuller (for David Wishart)
Signs: John Flynn
14th Nov 2020
OIC: Darren Wallace
Team: Craig Bromley, David Byfield, Doug Conkey, John Egan, John Gray, James Hamilton, Pat Ingram, Paul Milde, Rob Nicholson, Kerry Pascoe, Rick Priest, Mal Robertson
Signs: James Hamilton
12th Dec 2020
OIC: John Ireland
Team: Ken Cook, John Ferguson, David Foster, Ward Gaiter, Peter Green, David Hodge, Steve McCoy, Graeme Obst, Wal Paton, John Smith, Darren Wallace, Adrian Whiting
Signs:  John Flynn
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Jennifer Jones, of the Rotary Club of Windsor-Roseland, Ontario, Canada, is the selection of the Nominating Committee for President of Rotary International for 2022-23.


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TIME 100 recognized Funsho for his instrumental leadership and work with Rotary members and partners to achieve the eradication of wild polio in the African region.


Nigerian physician Dr. Tunji Funsho named one of TIME’s Most Influential People in the world

President's Report
The Board held its monthly meeting this week and the main matters arising were :
Venues -  It was decided not to make decisions on a permanent home for our meetings and on the Christmas Party until the pandemic restrictions stabilise and ease.  This might seem like a case of the square knights having met at the round table where many indecisions are launched.  Nevertheless we can only have 20 guests at a private residence at the moment.  Mark has offered to host 20 people and I have asked if he could do that each night for a whole week.  He hasn't got back to me. 
-  It was decided to hold a Club Assembly soon and at the last moment the opportunity was taken to encroach on the Hillis Day.  It turned out that we set a new Club record for the shortest Club Assembly ever.  There were no questions, which leaves me wondering if everything really is going along smoothly or not.  At least we know where we stand when someone expresses dissatisfaction about something.
-  The AGM has been set down for 24th November.  President Elect Richard Baguley is looking to fill Board positions for the next Rotary year, including a President Elect Nominee for the year after that.  Serving on the Board is a most enjoyable experience, so much so that about 5 or 6 of the existing Board have indicated a willingness to back up which makes for another potentially excellent blend of new and old.  That looks like a succession plan.  If you are at all interested then please see Richard.
A few more mundane house-keeping items :
Subs -  A number of members still haven't paid part or all of their Membership Fee for the new year.  If you are experiencing difficulty then please see me so that I can at least understand and see what can be done.
Attendance -  A number of members take pride in their Attendance record.  If you are worried that your Zoom attendances may not have been properly accounted for then please see Secretary Phil.  Remember also that we now have all of the Rotary year to do a make-up (instead of the old rule that the make-up had to be done 2 weeks either side of the missed meeting).
New members and guests of members  -  please introduce yourself and make them feel welcome so that someone doesn't feel that we are ignoring them at our meetings.  Most of us know how a little confronting it can be when we are among a crowd of mostly strangers.  It takes time to get into the swing of things.
Dress standards  -  Most licensed Clubs including the old Commercial Club and our current host venue have standards of attire that we should try to meet.  Because our old host venue enforced standards we didn't have to enforce them ourselves.  Suffice to say, shorts, shirts without collars, joggers and thongs are out, dress jeans are ok, a tie is optional.  In other words, aim for smart casual, not casual casual, as the (dare I say it) bare minimum.
Stay well Fellows.
President James
Secretary's Report
Hi All,
Another well attended meeting at the Riverine Club. There were 7 on Zoom. All Zoom attendees are recorded on Treasurer Ken's attendance sheets and forwarded to James Hamilton for input into ClubRunner.
The new room layout was excellent. Thank you to Jenny and staff for all the preparation.
Thank you once again to Paul Murray for his assistance with the electronics. Paul considers me to be fully trained now, so I will be on my own next meeting.
Sat Markets - See the rosters down the left hand side of the page,
For the 10th of October - Frank Fuller is standing in for David Wishart.
Swaps are also required for Stuart Heriot and Doug Sutton. 
Diary Dates
6th October - Hat Day - A fund raising day for Mental Health research, wear your hat of choice, within reason.
10th October -  Sat Markets.
24th November - The Club AGM.
Cheers Phil Burgess
Our Meeting
Meeting Tuesday Sept 22nd at The Riverine Club
Today is a Hillis Day, so very little business was conducted and no guest speaker was welcomed.
We met today in the new enlarged meeting room. The room is long and bright, and served us well.
The decision on a final meeting venue is still in abeyance, but will be resolved soon.
Any ideas? Get them to President James.
Today's Rotary Information was presented by Michael Knight who was President 95/96.
Some of the highlights he discussed included the first nomination of a lady to Wollundry who lost interest due to a ditherling Board's delayed decision making.
It also saw Penny The Pig raise some $23000 from 1and 2 cent initiative of Mark Hillis, firmly supported byRick Priest.
The Sunday Markets were relocated from Woolworths Car Park, pending the development of Big W, to the Showgrounds. Eventually they came to Myer Carpark.
A fine English gentleman, Grenadier Eric Morton had 100% attendance that year, although he was not a member. His attendance record at his own club was similarly 100% Candida Fisher was an inbound student, as was Fernada from Brazil. Our outbound was Ben Howard, who also went to Brazil.
Last week our Guest Speaker was our own Richard Rossiter, a real estate agent in Wagga. I'm repeating the report of his address this week, and including a link to the movie he had hoped to use . Unfortunately WiFi at the club was not sufficient for it to be played at the time. 
He spoke very positively of the picture in Wagga, even with the Covid effect
 Among the  things he highlighted was that while rents remained stable, rental properties were well subscribed, and that rents remained very bouyant.Returns of 5 to 10% are achievable.
Property values were a mixed bag as some suburbs had gone through growth stages and were now showing a slow down. However, there were few properties for sale in Wagga . Currently there are around 400 on the market, and usually there are somewhere between 1000 and 1500. This must see a rise in prices. 
He spoke of the Donebus complex and how he perceived this to be an excellent project and a strong indicator of the way property could be expected to go in the future
This was an excellent talk and raised some interesting thoughts among the members.
David Post outlined a proposal to employ a student counsellor for the Batlow Technology Central School which would reach children from  Tumbarumba, Bartlow Tumut and down to Yaven Creek. He has sourced funds from Bushfir eAppeal and Drought Appeal, and has jumped through the Red Tape involved with Department of Education. He has asked that Wollundry be the sponsoring club, although he is aware of our financial position.
Mayor Greg Conkey could not help himself as he took the role of Seargent.  As the bucket went around, he stated that those paid the "very cheap rates" were extremely lucky as they got magnificently maintained roads, 93 children playgrounds, 110 parks, 65 sporting venues, 1 free zoo, 2 magnificent cycle tracks, 1brand new and uncontroversial levee banks (soon to be fitted with passing lanes), 43 km of walking track, 42 km of cycleways around the city, 2 free cricket nets, 2 skate parks, 1golf range, 1art gallery, 1 art glass gallery, and1  library. (and a partridge in a pear tree!) Add to that free entertainment every two weeks at the council meetings and you can see just how lucky we are to pay for all these free things!
Andrew Puckeridge was asked to explain the source and meaning of Subway's BMT.
So it all began when the founder, Fred de Luca introduced his highly popular Boston Manhattan Transfer, with Pepperoni, Salami and Ham. Something to eat on the three hour train journey.
The name is too long and has no significance in Australia, so it was called The Big Meaty Taste. QED.
David Wishart with his daughter Maggie and Tanya Reid
Sophie told us of her impending trip to Sydney and the Blue Mountains. She is very excited. She also introduced her Australian flag which she hope all Rotarians will sign for her to keep as a souvenir.
Paul Milde announced that we would be holding our HAT DAY early next month.
Hat Day or" Lift the Lid Day" is a social event run in Rotary Clubs and other organisations where we pay for the privilege of wearing a silly hat. There are prizes for the worst, best and in between.
Every dollar raised goes to Australian Rotary Health for research into Mental Health issues.
This audio track is an explanation of the Day, and what it really means to hundreds of sufferers.
Guests and Apologies
Guests: Tanya Reid and Maggie Wishart, were guests of David Wishart
Apologies were received from
Craig Bromley, Shane Carroll,Ken Cook,Colin Duff, John Ferguson,Gerry Gerlach,David Hodge, John Mason, Rob Pearson, Malcolm Robertson, Richard Rossiter,John Smith, Pat Ingram and Doug Conkey.
Tanya Reid and John Ireland share a moment.                  
 Peter Green and Wal Paton at ease in the new surroundings
Greg Conkey shares a coffee with Doug Sutton  
Phil Macintosh deep in conversation with Mark Hillis.
President James would like any member to identify this object. A prize for the correct answer James?