Next Meeting. No. 22

27th Nov. 2018

Fellowship :  Richard Rossiter
(greeting visitors)
Reception Jonty Shuter
(helps Treasurer)  
Furniture :  John Smith
(setup & pack away)

Rotary Information:
Rick Priest (tbc)

Speaker:  Ken Taylor 

  The latest in
  Drone Technology 


Bulletin Editor






Nov 20, 27, Dec 4   P Murray

Dec 11,18, Jan 8,  M Knight

Jan 15, 22,29        D Sutton


27th November  -  David Benn (tbc)
4th December  -  Peter Clucas
 Market Rosters
Next Saturday Market is Saturday 8th December 2018.  Roster :
OIC -  Michael Knight
Team  -  Tim Barter, David Benn, Phil Burgess, David Byfield, Ken Cook, John Ferguson, Ward Gaiter, Stuart Heriot, Phil McIntosh, Graham Obst, Andrew Puckeridge, Rick Priest, Ken Taylor
Trailers  - 4 needed 
Barbeque  -
Swapping - Members are reminded that it is the individual's responsibility to organise a swap. One of the best ways to do that is to check whether you are rostered on well ahead of time and contact someone who is on a market further down the track to arrange a swap
Sat 9th Feb 2019 :
OIC Craig Bromley
Team - Doug Conkey, Greg Conkey, Peter Crozier, John Egan, John Flynn, John Hawkins, Tim Hutchings, John Ireland, Peter MacKinnon, John Mason, Paul Milde.
Club Visitors and Guests
 Peter Swan and Irene Chung
Phil Burgess, Lillier Lodge, Stuart Heriot, MHERV19/11, Richard Baguley, MHERV19/11, David Byfield, Coolamon, 29/10, Wagga Rotary, 1/11, Board meeting. Bob Willis, MHERV9/11, Think tank meeting 15/10: Laurie Blowes, Phil McIntosh, John Smith, Paul Milde, James Hamilton, Peter MacKinnon, Tim Mc Mullen,Geoff Breust. Adrian Whiting, Board Meeting, 19/11.  Board Meeting 19/11: Peter Green, Neil Pinto, Paul Milde, James Hamilton.  Mark Hillis, RYPEN and Craig Bromley, RYPEN.
John Hawkins, LOA, Jeremy  Riethmuller,LOA. Laurie Blowes, Doug Conkey, Greg Conkey, Ken Cook, John Ferguson, Gerry Gerlach,John Ireland, Michael Knight, Rob Nicholson, Robert Pearson, David Pyke, Malcolm Robertson, John Smith, Doug Sutton, Richard Baguley, John Egan
Birthdays & Anniversaries
Member Birthdays
Ken Cook
November 9
James Hamilton
November 20
Paul Murray
November 22
Neil Pinto
November 23
Bob Willis
December 1
Graham Burmeister
December 1
John Mason
December 8
Jonty Shuter
December 29
Spouse Birthdays
Jenni Riethmuller
November 15
Helen Paton
November 22
Cassandra Nicholson
November 23
Robyn Rossiter
November 24
Renae Elrington
November 30
December 6
December 9
December 18
December 27
Malcolm Robertson
November 5
David Pyke
Cathy Pyke
November 11
Richard Rossiter
Robyn Rossiter
November 14
Wal Paton
Helen Paton
November 14
Ken Taylor
Jacqui Stumpel
November 15
Kerry Pascoe
November 15
Craig Bromley
November 25
Daniel Burns
Danielle Goss
November 28
Robert Pearson
November 28
Peter Mackinnon
December 7
John Ireland
December 27
Gerry Gerlach
December 30
Join Date
James Hamilton
November 1, 1990
28 years
John Flynn
November 1, 1993
25 years
Pat Ingram
November 1, 1985
33 years
Jeremy Riethmuller
November 5, 2013
5 years
Tim Barter
November 9, 2010
8 years
Daniel Burns
November 19, 2015
3 years
John Ireland
November 20, 1984
34 years
Tim Hutchings
December 12, 2017
1 year
Greg Conkey OAM
December 13, 1993
25 years
Peter Clucas
December 14, 1999
19 years
Peter Green
December 16, 2014
4 years
David Pyke
December 18, 2012
6 years
Graeme Obst
December 19, 2017
1 year
Bulletin Editor
Paul Murray
President's Report 

President’s Report 20th November 2018

Thanks to Paul Milde and John Egan for attending the Mental Health First Aid Training Course on the 17th & 18th November 2018.

Thanks to David Byfield for coordinating the Men’s Health Van operation and to volunteers who assisted on the 19th & 20th November at Bunning’s.

Thanks to members and volunteers who assisted with the preparation and serving of the community dinner for guests at Lilier lodge on Wednesday 14th November.

Report from the Board meeting:

  • Neil Pinto is seeking a monthly report from CSU Rotaract club to include in the Youth Director’s report.

  • Fireside meeting will be organised for late January 2019.

  • Attendance and make ups – members are encouraged to submit make up’s when they attend club committee meetings for a period greater than 30 minutes, attending meetings of district committees, attending other rotary club meetings, club Saturday markets, club festivals, E club make ups, and any other rotary community function.

  • Paul Milde is investigating cost of hats with club & rotary logos.

  • Club member’s protection – it is strongly recommended that club members use single person toilet facilities when assisting with Saturday markets and festivals. Recently, a club member felt very vulnerable when he was in the public toilets within the civic theatre when he was using the urinal a child came out of one of the cubicles who was not supervised by an adult. If the child complained about the member the club member would not have any defence.

Enjoy your day serving the community

Mark Hillis Gives a History of Kampuchea (Cambodia)
Mark spoke about Cambodia or Kampuchea as the Khmers prefer.  Quite a few members of the club or other from Wagga have been on trips with him.
He said that half the population is under 17 years old.  How did that happen...and that was the essence of his talk.
China used to have a saying..."As rich as Combodia".  Cambodia was a wealthy country.  They could feed all their people, however they were uneducated.
During the Viet Nam war the Americans began bombing Cambodia.  By 1973 more bombs had been dropped on Cambodia than had been dropped on Japan in WWII. 
Between the war in Viet Nam and a civil war in Cambodia and the bombings,  the Khmer Rouge came to power and ordered people to flee to the country because the Americans are coming.
The agrarian society that was their goal did not need urban educated westernized people.  The answer was to execute anyone who wore glasses or was in any way related to city life.
The result was that over the period of the Khmer Rouge 1975-78 2 million people were executed, the food production went down by two thirds and 50% of the women stopped menstrating and the country was in shambles.  
When aid finally came from the UN it did not make it to where it was needed.  Corruption was one of the main factors preventing aid getting through.  So this is why Cambodia is so poor and full of children. 
The funds that Mark and Chris and all the rest of the group have raised and contributed, has built a school /community center that is used practically all the time.   They have set about educating students one by one throught sponsors in Wagga.
Mark thanked all Wollundry Rotarians and said every dollar contributed goes to the kids.  There is no administration costs.  He welcomed members to join him on their next trip.
Club Speakers Announcements   Nov 20, 2018

Irene Talks about her Week

Irene came to the podium and greeted everyone, and proceeded to relay her activities for the week.  She travelled to Jervis Bay with host family Ken Taylor and Jackie and Andrew. 
She enjoyed the beach on Sunday and Andrew was a lucky boy because he found $10 on the beach. 
She concluded by wishing Paul Murray a Happy Birthday on Thursday.

Christmas Party Announcements

Peter Clucas spoke about the Christmas party at Michael Knights on December 9th at 2 Kauri Place...and the need to establish numbers.  He said an email was going out and he asked everyone who is attending to reply to that email ASAP .   


He then updated members on Geoff Hamilton who he spoke with this morning.  He said Geoff sounded great and that he was back in Tasmania on the farm.  He returns to Melbourne for monthly checkups.  He bought a motorbike and in a few months, a couple fellows are going down to go with Geoff on a ride around  Tasmania .


John Flynn was the Sergeant

He started by complaining about how hard it is to find fines.....nevertheless he fined the following:

  • Rick Priest for causing a melt down of social media by saying on the ABC, "We're not talking about that" when asked about the Women's shed.
  • He fined those who went to Bunnings where the Mens Health Van was setup
  • He said hearing of all the bypasses (heart), that we should get them down here and have them fix up our roads.
  • He finished up with a joke, which drew applause from his audience.  It wasn't clear whether the applause was for the joke or because John was finishing up.
  • Michaek Knight cross-fined James Hamilton for missing welcoming him back from an overseas trip



Winner - 

David Benn

Norma and Frank have a Heart to Heart
Norma Gray and Frank Fuller are pictured above just a few days out from major heart surgery in Sydney.  Both are doing well recuperating back in Wagga. 
Kevin Watts, former long time Wollundry Rotarian was also in the same hospital in Sydney having heart surgery.  He is also doing well. 
Wollundry Photos
Our Meeting Nov 20, 2018

Australian Rotary Health Seminar

Our club members Paul Milde and John Egan along with 10 other Rotarians, attended a weekend seminar on helping people exhibiting mental issues. 
We also had Stuart Heriot and David Post sitting in as observers for a great deal of the time.
The course ran for 12 hours and covered several issues. It explained just how to approach people in the situation and how to help them. Depression is a major factor in society today, as is anxiety.  They can be confronting both for the person affected, and the responder.
The course was extremely detailed and gave the participants a “toolbox” which could well save lives.
Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the experience even though it was confronting at times.
The Course itself was written by two psychologists and funded by Australian Rotary Health.