Next Meeting. No. 40

16th April 2019

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Greeting visitors

Andrew Puckeridge

Helps Treasurer 

David Pyke

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Setup & pack away

Malcolm Robertson

Rotary Information:
Ric Priest


Hillis Day

Bulletin Editor





Apr 16        D. Sutton

Apr 23        P. Murray      

Apr 30        P. Murray

May 7, 14   D. Sutton 


16th April  -  Peter Clucas
23rd April  -  John Flynn
30th April  -  Frank Fuller
 Market Rosters
Swapping - Members are reminded that it is the individual's responsibility to organise a swap. One of the best ways to do that is to check whether you are rostered on well ahead of time and contact someone who is on a market further down the track to arrange a swap
April 13th 2019

OIC Col Duff. David Benn (for David Post), Geoff Breust (for Pat Ingram), Phil Burgess (for Paul Murray), Shane Carroll (for Steve McKoy), Frank Fuller, Stuart Herriot, James McNaughton, Graham Obst, Wall Paton, Jeremy Reithmuller, Malcolm Robertson (for Nick Leywood), Darren Wallace (for Mark Hillis).


May 11th 2019

OIC Doug Sutton. David Benn, Phil Burgess, David Byfield, Peter Mackinnon, Tim McMullen, Kerry Pascoe, Rob Pearson, Neil Pinto, Mal Robertson, Jonty Shuter, Adrian Whiting, Bob Willis


June 8th 2019

OIC John Flynn. Craig Bromley, Shane Carroll, Ken Cook, John Ferguson, John Hawkins, John Ireland, Michael Knight, John Mason, Paul Milde, Rob Nicholson, Rick Priest, Jeremy Reithmuller, Ken Taylor

Birthdays & Anniversaries
Member Birthdays
John Egan
April 3
Peter Mackinnon
April 5
Ward Gaiter
April 5
Graeme Obst
April 6
Rick Priest
April 17
Gerry Gerlach
April 20
Darren Wallace
May 2
James Ross
May 9
David Foster
May 13
Adrian Whiting
May 15
Richard Baguley
May 15
David Benn
May 19
John Smith
May 26
David Hodge
May 27
Geoff Breust
May 30
Spouse Birthdays
Cherie Benn
April 1
Sally Puckeridge
April 7
April 17
Annita Booth
April 19
April 19
Danielle Goss
April 20
Sandra Legg
April 30
Dannyelle Gaiter
May 23
Nola Pinto
May 26
Jeremy Riethmuller
Jenni Riethmuller
April 4
Peter Crozier
April 4
Doug Conkey
April 7
Nicholas Leywood
April 18
Tim Hutchings
Di Hutchings
April 19
David Hodge
April 20
Graeme Obst
Carol Obst
May 6
Paul Milde
May 7
Shane Carroll
Mary Carroll
May 14
Doug Sutton
Kay Sutton
May 16
Neil Pinto
Nola Pinto
May 24
Join Date
Col Duff
April 1, 1992
27 years
Neil Pinto
April 1, 2000
19 years
Peter Crozier
April 1, 1980
39 years
Rick Priest
April 1, 1988
31 years
David Hodge
April 2, 2002
17 years
David Foster
April 3, 2007
12 years
Wal Paton
April 3, 2012
7 years
Malcolm Robertson
April 12, 2011
8 years
James McNaughton
May 2, 2017
2 years
John Hawkins
May 11, 2010
9 years
Graham Burmeister
May 13, 1978
41 years
Ken Cook
May 13, 1978
41 years
Laurie Blowes
May 13, 2008
11 years
James Ross
May 20, 2003
16 years
Stuart Heriot
May 22, 2018
1 year
Geoff Breust
May 27, 2008
11 years
Frank Fuller
May 29, 2001
18 years
Bulletin Editor
Michael Knight
Club Guests:
Irene Chung - Exch Student
Tracy Ochieng - Conf Spkr.
Jane Mberia - Conf Spkr
Our Partners:
Sandra Legg
Cherie Benn
Visiting Rotarians.
John Glassford
Susan Glassford
None this Week.
Laurie Blowes - LOA
Robert Nicholson - LOA
Greg Conkey
Colin Duff
John Ferguson
David Hodge
John Ireland
Nick Leywood.
John Mason
Stephen McCoy
Tim McMullem
Rick Priest
David Pyke.
Make Ups:
Phil Burgess - Conference
Richard Rossiter - Conference
David Benn - Conference
David Benn - Coolamon
Michael Knight - Conference
David Pyke - Conference
President's Report
President’s Report for 9th April 2019
District Coordinator for Youth Exchange programme (Sue Gordon) has advised that there will be four inbound exchange students for the district for the 2019/20 period. Our club policy is that prior to any commitment to host an exchange student we need four host parents in place. Neil and Darren are looking for host parents.
Distec 19 information seminar at Young on the 28th April has vacancies. If you are interested please apply online.
A reminder that members who pay their subscriptions quarterly that the last Quarterly payment is now due.
President Elect David will be representing our club at the Group 7 meeting conducted by Area Governor Elaine Almond to be held Tuesday 9th April at 7.30pm. Elaine is asking about red shirts “End Polio Now” whether our club had collected additional shirts.
Enjoy your day serving the community
President's Report
President’s Report for 2nd April 2019
Congratulations to Paul Murray for being awarded at the District Conference the highest honour in Rotary the “Service above Self” award for his extraordinary service at all levels of Rotary and general community.
Congratulations to David Benn for being awarded at the District Conference a Sapphire Pin for his high level of service to Rotary and general community.
Congratulations to David Post for being awarded at the District Conference a Paul Harris Fellow award due to his high level of service especially in relation to District Drought Relief committee.
Congratulations to all Wollundrians for being awarded at the District Conference an award the Community Service in recognition for our club contribution to the general community mainly due to our club’s two major festivals the Food & Wine and Gears & Beers.
 Special meeting of club delegates met at the District conference to discuss and vote on the proposed motion to merge districts 9705 and 9670. Details and Outcome stated in another section of the bulletin for your information.
Rotary District conference at Griffith was attended by 300+. There were a number of keynote speakers conveying the objectives and ideals of Rotary. Thank you to DG John and committee for all your time and energy in organising the conference. Fellowship was enjoyed by all.
APRIL IS ROTARY MATERNAL & CHILD HEALTH MONTH: - Rotary makes high-quality health care available to vulnerable mothers and children so they can live longer and grow stronger. Rotary expands access to quality care, so mothers and children everywhere can have the same opportunities for a healthy future. An estimated 5.9 million children under the age of five die each year because of malnutrition, inadequate health care, contaminated drinking water, and poor sanitation — all of which can be prevented.
Enjoy your day building relationships with your neighbours
Secretary's report
Secretary’s Report for Meeting  No. 39  -  9th April 2019
Next Week’s Meeting  No. 40  -  16thApril 2019
Members Birthdays :                        None this week
Spouse/Partners Birthdays :           None this week
Wedding Anniversaries :                  None this week
Club Anniversaries :                          Malcolm Robertson (8 years on 12/04)
Club membership quarterly payments due now
Exchange Student Activity Roster :  Ric Priest from Sunday  14thApril
                                                                  David Pyke                       21stApril
Next Rotaract meeting :                Monday 22ndApril, Victoria Hotel, 6:30pm
Rotaract Movie Night :                  Wednesday 24th April, "Avengers : Endgame",
                                                            tickets online or contact Georgie Spora 0459-422786
DisTech19 :                                       Sunday 28thApril, Young Shire Council, 10am-4pm
                                                            register on DisTec19 website before 22nd April
Rotary International Convention :  1st to 5thJune in Hamburg, Germany
Rotary Emergency Services Community Awards : nominate someone at
Rotary Foundation Centurion program seeking $100 donations
Responsibilities:        Please,
  • Find a Replacement if any of your rostered duties cannot be fulfilled.
  • Register an Apology by Monday 4pm if you are going to be absent from the next meeting.
  • Register a Makeup for a meeting absence whenever you can
Todays Meeting
President James acknowledged that we had a big programme to get through today, so grace, toasts and introductions were pushed through with urgency, and munching into the spare ribs and the lamb sausages could be heard in the background as speakers addressed the faithful.
Recognition for our members at District Conference was acknowledged. As a club, we won the Community Service Award for the success of our festivals, which feeds back to support others in our community.
Paul Murray was awarded a "Service above Self" award, and joins an exclusive group to be recognised this way within Rotary. David Benn received a Sapphire Pin, elevating his PHF to a higher level. David Post has made a significant impression on the DG, that he receives a PHF after less than a year in Rotary. His work is on Mental Health and Drought Support.
Phil McIntosh called for a meeting of the Gears and Beers committee on Wednesday evening, at 5.30pm.
This is to be held at the Commercial Club. Not much notice, but the sergeant worked it out - Phil is off to Italy for four weeks, and needs to delegate!!!!!
A report on RYDA was presented by Paul Milde. We had a full team turn up, even after a retirement due to ill health. Six groups of up to 48 students were guided through the programme, and Paul commented that "we learned something about our driving"
The Shape of Districts.
At the District Conference at Griffith, there was a Special General Meeting of the District to discuss and Resolve the issue of Merging Districts.
The History of this issue is that District 9700 has fallen below the minimum number of Rotarians required to maintain District status. This has been 1100 Rotarians, and we are presently around 1050.
We have undergone a planning process over several years to merge with District 9710, based in Canberra and including the NSW south coast. This will occur in July 2020, and has taken extensive planning, consultation and development. 
Now, and at this late stage, we have been notified that another district, 9670, which is in North Western NSW is to join as well.
The meeting of club delegates of district 9700 voted, and indicated that around 85% of those voting were against the "Mega District" due to lack of consultation and distances involved. The outcome of the special meeting is required to be forwarded to RI by the 5th April. District 9710 were in the process of voting on the same proposal due to our merger with District 9710 on the 1st July 2020. This outcome may not sway the result in any way, as Rotary International will have the final say but according to RI constitution they need to seek consensus of the clubs for mergers. There are reports that RI seeks much larger districts, involving up to 120 clubs, and 4000 Rotarians, with around 10 districts in Australia.
Indian Pitches
Michael Knight and Partner, Sandra, had a month in India late last year. A tour of Gujarat, a few days in Varanasi, and then two weeks doing the "golden Triangle" was on the agenda.
Todays program looked at some of the photos that were taken. There were signs, buildings, culture, people, electrical infrastructure  and animals, all chosen to demonstrate the quirky things that make India so fascinating. The presentation was based on photos, so here are a few.
John Glassfords Guests
DG John Glassford brought two of the international keynote speakers from the District Conference in Griffith to our meeting today.
These two women from Kenya were inspirational at the conference, and in the shorter timeframe at our meeting, they were more relaxed, and entertaining.
Jane Mberia is a successful CPA in Kenya, works for Continental reinsurance Limited as Head of Finance, and also is responsible for Strategic planning. 
Jane travels extensively, climbing mountains, making friends and is heavily involved in Rotary. She had ten years involvement in Rotaract, followed by ten years in Rotary. Her district covers four countries, and she has been Country chair for Kenya.
Jane has two children - two sons aged 6 and 8.
Tracy Ochieng met Fred Loneragan and John Glassford when she was about 12 yo, in 2011 when the Rotarians visited a school in the Mathare slum in Nairobi. She made an immediate impression when she welcomed the Rotary guests from Australia, and earned the support of the Australian visitors to get through high school.
Now at university in Nairobi studying Journalism, Tracy has hopes to start a Foundation to help children from slums, that she will call "Tracy's 200"
A Major Sergeant
John Gray conducted the fine session this week.
At District Conference, several speakers were disparaging in comments about Sergeants at Arms. They indicated that members were "put down" by sergeants, that feelings were hurt, and members left Rotary as a result.
What have I missed. I look forward to this segment of our meetings, and if I don't slot into one of the target groups, I haven't been involved.
The meeting at Griffith dealing with District mergers was highlighted - and comparisons made with Brexit.
David Benn was so vigorous in his Charleston, that his shoes disintegrated, but he still won, along with Cherie. What a talent.
Phil McIntosh was called out for his G and B meeting, the urgency explained by a month away in Italy.
Big W is downsizing, but will it impact our Big W's. Thats Wallace, Wishart, Whiting and Willis?
Promenading with the bride at the weekend took J Gray out to Estella, or nearby regions. Three caravans at one house raised eyebrows, and John asks if Craig Bromley is in the doghouse?
Smithy paid for having the flu. Best not to share.
Wal Paton, invited to stand and be examined for passionate foreplay.
John Glassford was reminded of his imminent relapse into irrelevance - he will achieve PDG status.
Burmo was the name chosen to slot into a story about a con woman. Love the story.
Then in the crossfines, Bob Willis noted that May will be finished before April.  That's Theresa.
Inner Wheel Invitation
Wollundry Photos
District Conference Griffith