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Secretary's Report
Hi All,
Congratulations to Burmo and Mayan on their marriage. Best wishes to both of you.
Thank you again to Paul Murray for his assistance with the electronics.
Well done to Shane Carroll for his Sargeant's session.
Well done to Richard Rossiter for his presentation on Real Estate.
Fellows, please read the rosters listed down the left side of the page. They will indicate your committments if any.
Please carry out your rostered duties or find a replacement.
Upcoming  Dates
21st Sept - The next Wollundry Rotary Club Board Meeting.
23rd Sept - Celeste Mergens - Zoom appearance for "Days for Girls" See detail in circularised email from Darren Wallace.
6th Oct - Hat Day
Nov - Date to be confirmed - The Wollundry Rotary Club AGM.
13th Dec - The Wollundry Rotary Club Xmas Party.
Cheers Phil Burgess
President's Report
Well, Burmo is full of surprises and keeps us on our toes.  This time Sofi stole his thunder and announced that he and MaYan have very recently tied the knot at our current meeting venue.  Congratulations to the happy couple and thankyou for sharing your wedding pics with us.  It seems that once bitten, not twice shy.  Welcome to the club Burmo.
Thankyou to Richard Rossiter for his insight into what is happening with local residential property during these interesting times.  It is not all doom and gloom so it seems.
The RSL Club has confirmed the permanent closure of the Commercial Club which is a sad event particularly for those of us who have frequented the establishment for our weekly meetings on and off for 42 years.  That is certainly the end of an era and a new one dawns.  While we are growing a little accustomed to our current temporary digs there is some further disruption in the wind.  Renovations are to be undertaken that includes the dining room and accordingly the Club is exploring the possibility of accommodating us upstairs if there is sufficient room, otherwise we may have to go elsewhere. The light at the end of the tunnel is that the dining room will be renovated and a little birdie tells me the kitchen may also be in operation when the time comes.  In the meantime it's Subway for lunch next Tuesday 22nd just for a change.  It seems that the only constant in life is change.  Even the table cloths have changed colour (interestingly spell check wants me to type color here).
We have had to dispense with the National Anthem at the conclusion of our meetings for the time being.  It must be a great anthem because some of us cannot resist the temptation to sing it instead of recite, and clearly it is a little more difficult to remember the words when we cannot sing in the safety of numbers.  In lieu of giving our vocal chords a workout at a time when singing is a more dangerous exercise, I can tell the following little story which may have relevance to grey nomads and newlyweds alike ... An older man is stopped by the police around 2am and asked where he is going at this time of night.  The man replies, "I am on my way to a lecture about alcohol abuse and the effects that it has on the human body, as well as smoking and staying out late."  The officer asks, "Really? Who is giving a lecture on that at this time of night?"  The man replies, "That would be my wife."
For the information of those of us who may develop a little sniffle as the hay fever season kicks in, the Covid-19 Testing has relocated to the Beach Carpark just down from our meeting venue.  I usually dread November when the rye grass pollen blows in from the west.
Stay well Fellows.
President James
Burmo and MaYan Got Married
Burmo and MaYan were married last Wednesday Sept 9th at the  Riverine Club.  Sofie, our Brazilian exchange student attended the wedding as the representative of Rotary. 
I received a call from Burmo on Thursday telling me about the wedding and asking if I would put together a slide show of some photos he would send me, for the members on the following  Tuesday.  I said of course, as I was honoured to be of service to my friend Burmo.  I assembled the photos and checked everything out before the meeting and the photos and background music went perfect.  The plan was for Sofie to give her weekly activities and then casually say that on Wednesday she went to Burmo's wedding....which would immediately be followed by my photos and music.
As it is with computers, things often don't go to plan.  When 
I started the video it had video but no audio, that is no sound within the room.  It had sound going out to the Zoom watchers,  but unfortunately nothing to the members within the meeting room.
So that members can view the video as intended, with photos and music, I have loaded the video to a server and invite everyong to  CLICK HERE   to see and hear the pictures.
If it doesn't work, then I suggest you go to the top of the bulletin  and click ... Having trouble viewing this email...... It will bring you into ClubRunners own reader and allow you to view the video.
Our Meeting
Meeting Tuesday Sept 22nd at The Riverine Club
Today is a Hillis Day, so very little business was conducted and no guest speaker was welcomed.
We met today in the new enlarged meeting room. The room is long and bright, and served us well.
The decision on a final meeting venue is still in abeyance, but will be resolved soon.
Any ideas? Get them to President James.
Today's Rotary Information was presented by Michael Knight who was President 95/96.
Some of the highlights he discussed included the first nomination of a lady to Wollundry who lost interest due to a ditherling Board's delayed decision making.
It also saw Penny The Pig raise some $23000 from 1and 2 cent initiative of Mark Hillis, firmly supported byRick Priest.
The Sunday Markets were relocated from Woolworths Car Park, pending the development of Big W, to the Showgrounds. Eventually they came to Myer Carpark.
A fine English gentleman, Grenadier Eric Morton had 100% attendance that year, although he was not a member. His attendance record at his own club was similarly 100% Candida Fisher was an inbound student, as was Fernada from Brazil. Our outbound was Ben Howard, who also went to Brazil.
Last week our Guest Speaker was our own Richard Rossiter, a real estate agent in Wagga. Im repeating his address this week, and including a link to the movie he had hoped to use . Unfortunately WiFi at the club was not sufficient for it to be played at the time. 
He spoke very positively of the picture in Wagga, even with the Covid effect
 Among the  things he highlighted was that while rents remained stable, rental properties were well subscribed, and that rents remained very bouyant.Returns of 5 to 10% are achievable.
Property values were a mixed bag as some suburbs had gone through growth stages and were now showing a slow down. However, there were few properties for sale in Wagga . Currently there are around 400 on the market, and usually there are somewhere between 1000 and 1500. This must see a rise in prices. 
He spoke of the Donebus complex and how he perceived this to be an excellent project and a strong indicator of the way property could be expected to go in the future
This was an excellent talk and raised some interesting thoughts among the members.
David Post outlined a proposal to employ a student counsellor for the Batlow Technology Central School which would reach children from  Tumbarumba, Bartlow Tumut and down to Yaven Creek. He has sourced funds from Bushfir eAppeal and Drought Appeal, and has jumped through the Red Tape involved with Department of Education. He has asked that Wollundry be the sponsoring club, although he is aware of our financial position.
Mayor Greg Conkey could not help himself as he took the role of Seargent.  As the bucket went around, he stated that those paid the "very cheap rates" were extremely lucky as they got magnificently maintained roads,93 children playgrounds, 110 parks, 65 sporting venues, a free zoo, magnificent cycle tracks, brand new and uncontroversial levee banks (soon to be fitted with passing lanes), 43 km of walking track, 42 km of cycleways around the city, free cricket nets, skate parks, a golf range, art gallery, art glass gallery, and library. Add to that free entertainment every two weeks at the council meetings and you can see just how lucky we are to pay for all these free things!
Andrew Puckeridge was asked to explain the source and meaning of Subway's BMT.
So it all began when the founder, Fred de Luca introduced his highly popular Boston Manhattan Transfer, with pepperoni, Salami and Ham. Something to eat on the three hour train journey.
The name is too long and has no significance in Australia, so it was called The Big Meaty Taste. QED.
David Wishart with his daughter Maggie and Tanya Reid
Sophie told us of her impending trip to Sydney and the Blue Mountains. She is very excited. She also introduced her Australian flag which she hope all Rotarians will sign for her to keep as a souvenir.
Guests and Apologies
David Golland, Sophisticating Seneme, Andrew Crackanthorp were guests.

Robert Nicholson David Post Malcolm Robinson, Jonty Shuter Craig Bromley Peter Clucas, Greg Conkey, Ken Cook David Hodge John Mason were apologies.


G. Burmeister Best Dressed
Three wise men: President James Ross, Phil Burgess and Paul Murray