Our Meeting
Our President, David Pyke opened the meeting. He hesitated before grace, took a breath, and called for grace to be sung. His comment..........."we need more practise"
News that Lori was at the meeting had drawn a few extra guests, and we wound our way through the introductions. Notable among the guests was Charter President Graham Hornibrook, and Lori's first host mother, Norma Gray. It was the first trip back to Australia for Lori, and her husband Steve.
Pykie had done his homework on Brazil, and trotted out all the yearbook facts and figures on Sofi's home country. It's a good thing that Sofi wasn't relying on this material for her address to the club.
Neil Pinto is driving the efforts to keep Sofi involved with Wollundry - her host club. There are no Wollundry members hosting, and this means that to provide immersion into our club and our culture, we need intense and ongoing contact with her.
Her host family is the Jessups, phone Monica - 0413 954 782.
There will be new host family from May.
Sofi on Safari from 27 March until April 18.
See Neils email for volunteer Declaration form requirements.

Gerry Gerlach reminded us that the conference is on 20th - 22nd March in Temora. Attendees are required to register and this can be done via the District web site. The web site is The website also has a printable document of the Conference Program including the excellent speakers.


David Post provided an update on relief efforts for Drought and Fire affected communities. Batlow and Tumbarumba are discovering the "new normal" with the army and the press moving on after high profile support.

The community of Batlow has found partners with Rotary in Coolamon and Belconnen named. Tumbarumba has had less recognition, and David is keen for Wollundry to fill the gap, especially support for the club's activities. David received an offer of a B-double load of Hay from Blayney, and could not accept until he had identified a need. It went to Tumbarumba, to a very grateful group.


Guest Speaker - Lori
Lori Steiner was our inbound Exchange Student in 1986 - 87. She arrived as a 16 year old from Kamloops, in the Rocky Mountains of Western Canada, in the province of British Columbia. Lori had photos to illustrate her life in the intervening years, but technology let her down. Our filing system was better, and we have this black and white image to look back at.
John Gray introduced Lori as our speaker, but once he got to flanellete pyjamas, he let Lori take over. Her host parents were the Grays, Glennie-Holmes, Aveyards and the Ashtons.
Kamloops is the overnight stop on the Rocky Mountaineer rail trip through the mountains in British Columbia, and has had visits from many in Wollundry Rotary the Benns, Ken Cook, The Hornibrooks, The Davies, Ingrams and Ashtons. She issued an invitation for even more to come.
Rotary exchange continues in the family, Steve and Lori's son Blake went to Brazil in 2011 as a student. He has returned to Brazil twice since, and host parents have visited Kamloops. - Why did we have to wait 33 years????
Steve operates a "hot tub" business, and Lori is a teacher, although her hours are not too strenuous. Her parents live nearby, having downsized from the family farm.
The timing of this trip to Australia was serendipitous, as Lori and Steve were able to sail on Sydney Harbour with the club members, and travelled to Canberra for a look around. The drive into Wagga Wagga was nostalgic, almost teary.
Ken Cook moved the vote of thanks, and remembered specific incidents on the Safari that Lori had managed to forget. Steve's ears pricked up!!!! Our members expressed their appreciation of this visit with generous applause. 
Three generations of Lori's family.
Steve and Lori's wedding.
Family Group.
Warmer Weather.
Secretary's Report
Secretary’s Report for Meeting  No. 32  -  18th February 2020
  • next week's meeting :  No. 33  -  25th February
  • Food & Wine Committee meetings :   every Monday, 5:30pm Commercial Club
  • Rotary Peace Awards :  Sunday 23rd February, Riverina Playhouse, 11am
  • National Youth Busking Challenge :  Saturday 21st March, Baylis St. 
  • D9700 Conference :  20th-22nd March, Temora
  • Food & Wine Festival :  Saturday 28th March (all hands on deck please  -  save the date)
  • Tumba Rail Trail opening :  April
Responsibilities:       Please,
×        Find a Replacement if any of your rostered duties cannot be fulfilled.
×        Register an Apology by Monday 4pm if you are going to be absent from the next meeting.
×        Register a Makeup for a meeting absence whenever you can.

Bulletin Feb. 18th 2020


Next Meeting. No. 33

25th February 2020

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Swapping - Members are reminded that it is the individual's responsibility to organise a swap. One of the best ways to do that is to check whether you are rostered on well ahead of time and contact someone who is on a market further down the track to arrange a swap.
March 14th 2020

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APR 11th 2020

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