Tuesday 22nd March 2022
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  Romano's Hotel 

Members Duties
March 29 - Peter Mackinnon
April 05 - John Ireland
April 12 - Tim McMullen
April - Ric Priest
March 29 - Pat Ingram
April 05 - John Mason
April 12 - Phil McIntosh
April 19 - David Post
March 29 - Tim Hutchings
April 05 - Chris Kelly
April 12 - Steve McCoy
April 19 - Neil Pinto

Guest Speaker

Rotary Information
March 29 - Steve McCoy
April 05 - Gerry Gerlach
April 12 - David Golland
April 19 - John Gray

Bulletin Editor
Mar 29, Apr 5, 12, M. Knight
Apr 19, 26, May 3 P Wilesmith
May 10, 17, 24 D Sutton
May 31 Jun 7 14 J Egan
Jun 21 28 Jul 5 P Murray
Jul 12, 19, 26 M Knight
Aug 2, 9, 16 P Wilesmith
Aug 23, 30 Sep 6 D Sutton  

 Members Choice 
March 29 - Peter Wilesmith
April 05 - David Benn
April 12 - Geoff Breust
April 19 - Craig Bromley

Meeting Tech Setup
John Smith - Mar 29,
Doug Sutton - Apr 5, 12
Darren Wallace - Apr 19, 26
Peter Wilesmith - May 3, 10
Paul Murray – May 17, 24

 Saturday Markets

09th April 2022
OIC - David Foster
Team: P. Burgess, D. Byfield, J. Ross, David Benn, T. Hutchings, John Mason, P. Ingram, S. McCoy, B. Parker, N. Pinto, M. Robertson, Ric Priest, S. Heriot
Signs: David Pyke
14th May 2022
OIC - Col Duff
Team: G. Burmeister, S. Carroll, Peter Clucas, Gerry Gerlach, Bill Parker, John Ireland, John Mason, Andrew Puckeridge, Ric Priest, Jonty Shuter, John Smith, Andrew Whiting, David Wishart.
11th June 2022
OIC - J. Ross
Team: G. Breust, G. Conkey, K. Cook, J. Ferguson, J. Flynn, D. Foster, P. McIntosh, G. Obst, W. Paton, D.Post, D. Wallace, P. Wilesmith, R. Willis
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March 1, 1995
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Our Meeting March 22 -2022

Phil McIntosh gives Members a  Summary of the Gears & Beers Schedule

Phil McIntosh came to the podium.  He announced that the last meeting for Gears’n’Beers will be Wednesday night. 
Phil focused on the Festival site and that Mate’s Gully will be used as an office for the festival and you can get a coffee and they will keep the tab that the club will settle after the event. Thank you to Pykie for arranging this.  
Phil and Gerry went for a ride on Saturday morning on the trail of the Dirty 130 and Phil found it spectacular. He noted that you cannot drive and navigate it by yourself.  The navigators job is very important.
The Festival plan will be sent out electronically. Details of set up were briefly discussed. Mini festival will run from 1 to 5pm. Sunday details were discussed.  Remember it starts at 5:30 am and it will be pitch black. The last race will be run at 10:00 am and riders will start returning at 11:00am.  Phil discussed the Mystery ride on Saturday … it has 400 entries and will start at 10:30 am. Check in was discussed. Traffic management details were discussed and spare emergency equipment will be available.
There was discussion of the position of the couch on Dead Camel lane.
Richard thanked Phil for the presentation.

David Pyke Discussed the Fusion Festival

David Pyke came to the podium and discussed how the Fusion Festival is renting the marquees and tables from the Club for $50 each and that will bring in $1750. The Fusion Festival and the Saturday Markets on the 9th of April so the tables and marquees will be moved to the Fusion Festival site and then at 9:30 pm there will be a team to break down the festival. 
We will need 11 members for the team and we will ask for volunteers at the next meeting.  We are committed to helping the Multi-cultural Council Fusion 22.

New Hats for Members

Stuart Heriot came to the podium to talk about Rotary hats. The board will pay for the hats … got about 15 responses and Stuart will order 50 and new members will get a hat when they join.

John Gray says Thanks for the Help

The following 2 emails were sent out by the organiser of the bag packing, John Gray
Fellows, Thank you so much for your support with rider bag packing yesterday.
This huge task of packing 3,000 bags was completed in under 4 hours, with great fellowship.
Special thanks to Mary Hennessy-Hawks, Maria Egan and Norma Gray for keeping “ducks on the pond” protocols, whilst being valuable team members.
Well done!
Paul,  I copied you in to an email I sent to volunteers yesterday. Could you include this email in the Bulletin next week, and mention names of those involved?
They are Byfield, Duff, Hennessy-Hawks (Robert and Mary), Egan (John and Maria), Heriot, Benn, Burgess, Doug Conkey, Ferguson, Golland, Green, Hamilton, Hillis, Ingram, Knight, Parker, Pyke, Schuter, and Norma Gray
J Gray

Rotary Information  - John Mason

John Mason gave a talk about his history and involvement with Wollundry Rotary. He is a chartered Accountant and a Wagga boy. 
He has his own accounting practice and loves it and his clients. 
He has always tried to be involved in community work.

Members Draw  -  Mark Hillis 

Presidents Report 22 March
A busy but productive meeting today. It was good to see Robert Hennessy-Hawke at todays meeting. He is slowly recovering from his stroke and hopefully he will recover further.
Garry Gurloch's guest today was Tim; did not get a surname. David Pyke discussed helping Fusion hire our Marquees for Fusion. It happens to be our monthly market once everything i  picked up they can be taken to Bayli treet for ue (bloody  letter dropped out again) !! Another team will be needed to pack them away at the end of the night and back to north Wagga.   
John Maon wa caught unaware for rotary information and he talked about hi own peronal involvement in rotary.
We need a new projector and the board approved the purchae at our meeting. We need to order badge for our partner for the changeover. The magnet one are likely to be the choice and let tuart Herriot know for thoe member that need them
Alo congratulation to the Navigate 9 golfer who won their diviion
Phil McIntoh gave a comprehenive report on preparation for the G and B event. There are till a lot of poition needing filling o plea ee what you can do to help. Mate Gully will be open for refrehment for the duration of the event.
It i meticulouly planned a uual
The net board meeting will be on the 18th of April
 Have a good week all and ee you at G and B                                                                                          
Secretary's Report 22.03.22
Hi all,
Firstly, well done to those rostered on today for Meeting duties. All available in a timely manner, it makes for a smoother running of meetings.
A busy time. The District Conference last weekend, Meetings this week and Gears and Beers all weekend.
The District Conference was attended by about 300 at Temora last weekend. the Temora Club can be proud of the logistical support that they provided for the organisers.
A good range of speakers presentations and projects by a Club from each area in the District. Tumbarumba represented Area 3 with an excellent project presentation which provides tricycles with a passenger carrying capability to give access to the Tumbarumba to Rosewood Rail Trail for those unable to walk or ride the trail. Tumba Rotarians provide the pedal power on a rostered based system.
Evening dinners were provided at the two Temora Museums on Friday and Saturday nights, and the conference meeting was held at the Temora Town Hall. David Benn entertained the guests on Saturday with excellent presentations of bush poetry.
One of the keynote speakers was Dr. Chadden Hunter who is the Producer/Director of the David Attenborough documentaries produced by the BBC. He is an Australian born biologist - he has had an amazing life. He showed some before unseen film of how things operate behind the scenes during filming. It takes 400 minutes of shoot to create 1 minutes worth of final film. 
The next District Conference will be in Wagga in October this year.
The March Board meeting was held last night, with a fairly crowded agenda. Items of interest -
  • The Carevan Matching Grant has been finalised, the acquittal process finalised with final funds deposited into our Community Account.
  • A motion was passed in favour providing flood relief funding and support for Ukraine being made via the RAWCS process.
  • The technology group has been given the OK to purchase a new projector for meeting presentations.
  • Ladies badges will be updated in time for the Changeover Dinner.
  • We will support the FUSION festival by providing tents/trestles/tables on the 9th April.
  • Preparation for the Changeover Dinner is under way.
Phil Mac has the Gears and Beers Festival under control. A concerted effort will be required to by all this weekend to pull the logistics together. A repeat of the effort at Food and Wine will see us through successfully. Please make an effort to help carry it off.
The next Saturday Market team appears to be finalised, well done to all who have deputised for others.
Diary Dates:
Gears and Beers meeting - Wed 23rd at Commins Hendriks with ZOOM.
Gears and Beers Festival - Sat and Sun 26/27 this weekend
Next Sat Market - Sat 9th April
Next Board Meeting - Mon 18th April
Secretary Phil
Photos from Conference and  March 22 Meeting
David Benn was the entertainment at the Conference Dinner in the Aviation Museum Hanger
The Rotary International Presidents Representative (RIPR) at the District Conference was Kathy Fahy.  She is pictured with Paul and Carolyn Murray.  Kathy is a PDG from Iowa USA and was DG over Pauls district in Iowa.
Members of the District Comms & IT Committee celebrate with RIPR Kathy Fahy.  From left, John Egan, RIPR Kathy, Comms Chair Emma Bell, Paul Murray and Rob Shore (Parkes)
The adult band at last weeks Saturday Markets
The childrens band at last weeks Saturday Markets
We had good attendance at the last G&B Meeting, including Croz from London....interested but dozing.  See upper right and enlarged photo below
Wollundry Bulletin Editors: 
Doug Sutton, Michael Knight, John Egan, David Pyke, Peter Wilesmith and Paul Murray