Next Meeting. No. 35

12th March 2019

Fellowship :  Nick Leywood
(greeting visitors)
Reception Peter Mackinnon
(helps Treasurer)  
Furniture :  John Mason
(setup & pack away)

Rotary Information:
Rick Priest

Speaker:  tba


Bulletin Editor






Mar 12                    P. McKinnon

Mar 19, 26, Apr 2   M Knight

Apr 9, 16,23,          P. Murray      

Apr 30, May7, 14   D. Sutton 


12th March  -  Peter Crozier
19th March  -  John Gray
 Market Rosters
Swapping - Members are reminded that it is the individual's responsibility to organise a swap. One of the best ways to do that is to check whether you are rostered on well ahead of time and contact someone who is on a market further down the track to arrange a swap
Sat 9th March 2019 :
OIC John Gray
Team -  Richard Baguley, Shane Carroll (for Peter Mackinnon for David Hodge), Ken Cook (for David Wishart), John Flynn (for Gerry Gerlach), Peter Green, Pat Ingram (for Geoff Breust), Andrew Puckeridge (for Laurie Blowes), David Pyke, James Ross, Jonty Shuter (for David Foster), Darren Wallace.
Trailers  -  Ken Cook, John Flynn, David Pyke, Jonty Shuter..
BBQ  -  Ken Cook, James Ross, one more needed.
April 13th 2019

OIC Col Duff. Tim Barter , Frank Fuller, Stuart Herriot, Mark Hillis, Pat Ingram, Steve McCoy, James McNaughton, Paul Murray, Graham Obst, Wall Paton, Jeremy Riethmuller.


May11th 2019

OIC Doug Sutton. David Benn, David Byfield, Peter MacKinnon, Tim McMullen, Kerry Pascoe, Rob Pearson, Neil Pinto, Mal Robertson, Jonty Shuter, Adrian Whiting, Bob Willis

Birthdays & Anniversaries
Member Birthdays
John Ireland
March 6
Kerry Pascoe
March 17
Pat Ingram
March 20
Robert Pearson
March 20
Raoul Mascarenhas
March 23
Robert Nicholson
March 27
John Egan
April 3
Peter Mackinnon
April 5
Ward Gaiter
April 5
Graeme Obst
April 6
Rick Priest
April 17
Gerry Gerlach
April 20
Spouse Birthdays
March 1
March 2
March 3
Kerry Mason
March 17
March 31
Cherie Benn
April 1
Sally Puckeridge
April 7
April 17
Annita Booth
April 19
April 19
Danielle Goss
April 20
Sandra Legg
April 30
Mark Hillis
Chrissie Hillis
March 1
James Hamilton
March 3
Bob Willis
Cathy Willis
March 4
John Gray
March 6
John Hawkins
March 14
Col Duff
Jenni Duff
March 25
Jeremy Riethmuller
Jenni Riethmuller
April 4
Peter Crozier
April 4
Doug Conkey
April 7
Nicholas Leywood
April 18
Tim Hutchings
Di Hutchings
April 19
David Hodge
April 20
Join Date
Paul Murray
March 1, 1995
24 years
Phil McIntosh
March 7, 2006
13 years
Stephen McCoy
March 7, 2006
13 years
Nicholas Leywood
March 8, 2011
8 years
Richard Rossiter
March 17, 2015
4 years
Robert Pearson
March 23, 2010
9 years
Col Duff
April 1, 1992
27 years
Neil Pinto
April 1, 2000
19 years
Peter Crozier
April 1, 1980
39 years
Rick Priest
April 1, 1988
31 years
David Hodge
April 2, 2002
17 years
David Foster
April 3, 2007
12 years
Wal Paton
April 3, 2012
7 years
Malcolm Robertson
April 12, 2011
8 years
Bulletin Editor
Peter Mackinnon
Club Guests:
None this Week.
Our Partners:
None this Week
None this Week
Make Ups:
None this week
Jeremy Reithmuller
Greg Conkey
Craig Bromley
Peter Crozier
John Ferguson
Ward Gaiter
Tim Hutchings
Peter Mackinnon
John Mason
Phil McIntosh
Tim McMullen
Graeme Obst.
Robert Pearson
Neil Pinto
Malcolm Robertson
Steve McCoy
Jonty Schuter
Graham Burmeister
Secretary's Report 
Dates for the Diary :
Thursday 7th March  -  Science Challenge at Mater Dei (drivers Wed. setup 3:30pm, volunteers needed Thurs. 7:30am, pulldown 1:30pm)
Sunday 10th March -  Exchange Student Activities Roster  -  Phil McIntosh
Monday 11th March  -  next Rotaract meeting, CSU 14.101, 6:30pm
Tuesday 12th March  -  Food & Wine Committee meeting, Commercial Club, 5:30pm
Sunday 19th March  -  Exchange Student Activities Roster  -  Tim McMullen
Saturday 23rd March  -  Food & Wine Festival  (volunteers needed)
Wednesday 27th March  -  RYDA at Showgrounds (volunteers needed)
Friday 29th to Sunday 31st March  -  Dist. Conference, Griffith (register on-line)
1st to 5th June 2019  -  Rotary International Convention, Hamburg, Germany (make-up opportunity)
Responsibilities :  please,  
-  find a replacement if you cannot fulfil a rostered duty,
register an Apology by 4pm on Monday if you are going to be absent from the next meeting, and
register a Make-up for a meeting absence whenever you can
Our Meeting 5th march 2018
Past President Paul Milde welcomed us all with Rotary Grace, and thanked all volunteers this week
involved in  the Gumi Race Day, Polio PLus Film night and the Honour Guard for Michael Georgiou.
Paul wished a speedy recovery to Laurie Blowes with a back operation, Helen Fuller is recovering well
and Rick Priest has seen the light with his cataract removal!
President Paul fixing our Rotary Banner....again.
Frank Fuller 
Science Challenge
Frank organised the volunteers to help with day at Mater Dei High School, set up Wednesday and
pack up Thursday.
David Pyke Food and Wine Festival
David reminded us the Festival is coming up soon on the 23rd Of March 2019 - Save the Date!
We have appointed Katie Oneil as our Admin and marketing assistant for the festival.
Sergeant Peter Clucas
            Peter inflicted twice the pain with fines and unkind comments about how Fat our shirts were looking!
Exchange Student Irene
         Irene attended a dressage competition at the CSU ewquestrian complex and is off to Melbourne next week.
Phil Mcintosh and Paul Murray - Gears and Beers
          Phil and Paul gave a big thankyou to the Lake Albert, Yathella and Junee Rural Fire Services
for their help on the day with the gears and beers festival. A much appreciated water display greeted the riders at the top of Yathella road climb. The Wollundry Rotary club donated $1500.00
to the three services for their effort.
Wollundry Photos
Irene and Alea at the Canberra Zoo