Next Meeting. No. 11

10th September 2019

Fellowship :   
Greeting visitors

Jonty Shuter

Helps Treasurer 

John Smith

Furniture : 
Setup & pack away

Doug Sutton

Rotary Information:


Patricia Wilkinson, Office of PM&C and Aboriginal Affairs

Bulletin Editor


Sep 10, 17                D. Sutton

Sep 24, Oct 1, 8        M. Knight

Oct 15, 22, 29           J. Egan

Nov 5, 12, 19            P. Murray

Nov 26, Dec 3, 10      D. Sutton

Dec 17, Jan 14, 21   D. Sutton


10th September  -  Doug Conkey
17th September  -  James Ross (for Greg Conkey)
24th September  -  Ken Cook
 Market Rosters
Swapping - Members are reminded that it is the individual's responsibility to organise a swap. One of the best ways to do that is to check whether you are rostered on well ahead of time and contact someone who is on a market further down the track to arrange a swap.


Sept 14th

OIC -  John Flynn

Team -  Richard Baguley, Graham Burmeister, Jerry Gerlach, John Hawkins, Stuart Heriot (for Phil Burgess), David Foster (for Mark Hillis), David Hodge, Pat Ingram, Raoul Mascharenas (for Ken Taylor for John Gray), Paul Murray, James Ross (for John Egan), Adrian Whiting

Oct -14th

OIC -  James Hamilton

Team -  David Byfield, Shane Carroll, David Wishart (for Ken Cook), Colin Duff, John Ferguson, Phil Burgess (for Stuart Heriot), Tim Hutchins , Steve McCoy, Robert Pearson, David Post, John Egan (for James Ross), Jonty Shuter


Nov 9th

OIC -  Neil Pinto

Team - Geoff Breust, Greg Conkey, Frank Fuller, Peter Green , Nick Leywood, James McNaughton, Kerry Pascoe, Wal Paton, Malcolm Robertson, Doug Sutton, Darren Wallace, Bob Willis


Dec 14th

OIC -  Phil McIntosh.

Team -  David Benn, Phil Burgess, Ken Cook, Ward Gaitor, Michael Knight,  Paul Murray, Graeme Obst, Andrew Puckeridge, Rick Priest, Jeremy Reithmuller, Ken Taylor, David Wishart


Feb 18th 2020

OIC -  John Ireland

Team -  Craig Bromley, Doug Conkey, Greg Conkey, Peter Crozier, John Flynn, John Ferguson, Tim Hutchins, John Hawkins, John Mason, Peter MacKinnon,  Paul Milde

Birthdays & Anniversaries
Member Birthdays
Doug Sutton
September 12
Ken Taylor
September 12
Craig Bromley
September 26
Spouse Birthdays
Helen Fuller
September 11
Barb Heriot
September 17
Carolyn Murray
September 23
Rachel Whiting
September 28
Phil McIntosh
Lynette McIntosh
September 9
Frank Fuller
Helen Fuller
September 21
Join Date
David Post
September 4, 2018
1 year
Richard Baguley
September 19, 2017
2 years
Robert Nicholson
September 23, 2014
5 years

Attendance Aug 6th 

Visitors: Nicole Panning, Mayan,  Lt Col Andrew Behan, Michael Rourke
Bulletin Editor
Paul Murray
President's Report Sep 3rd
Presidents Report .
Thank you to all members who helped unstack and restack the gates at the show ground last Friday. The mens shed have picked up gates requiring repair.
Each Wagga Club said they would provide volunteers for the Gears and Beers Festival.
A combined Rotary Cinema will be held on September 24. The movie is Ride Like A Girl. Tickets are $20. We have been allocated 50 tickets and they can be collected from Bob Willis or Raol Mascarenhas.
Lillier Lodge cooking is Wednesday Night. The cooks are Phil Burgess, Richard Rossiter, Rob Nicholson, David Benn, Frank Fuller, Michael Knight and Paul Milde.
A number of Wollundry members attended the BBEL on Friday at the RSL Club. Very generous sponsors helped the lunch raise over $30k for the Prostate Cancer Foundation. The proceeds go to a local health care worker assisting those men needing treatment or having treatment. The organisers made special mention of the generosity of the RSL Club.
The Gears and Beers is coming up quickly so please fill in the roster and get partners to fill gaps as well
Meetings are weekly at Commins Hendriks at 5.30 pm.
We need an additional Bulletin Editor. We have four and would like an additional person to share the work.
Secretary's Report Sept 3rd
WOLLUNDRY ROTARY CLUB  -  Secretary’s Report for Meeting  No. 10  -  3rd September 2019
Next Week’s Meeting  No. 11  -  10rd September 2019
next Rotaract meeting :   Monday 9th September, venue tba, 6:30pm
next Gears & Beers Committee Meeting :  Wednesday 11th September, Commins Hendriks, 5:30pm
next Board meeting :   Monday 16th September, 5:30pm
Royce Abbey Peace Oration :   Saturday 21st September, Commercial Club
Rotaract v Rotary Bowls Night :   Saturday 21st September, Wagga Bowl, Trail St., 7:00pm
Combined Rotary Movie Night :  Tuesday 24th September, "Ride Like a Girl", see Bob Willis or Raoul Mascharenas for tickets ($20)
Responsibilities:       Please,
×          Find a Replacement if any of your rostered duties cannot be fulfilled.
×          Register an Apology by Monday 4pm if you are going to be absent from the next meeting.
×          Register a Makeup for a meeting absence whenever you can.
Our Meeting Sep 3rd

Our Meeting August 27

Our Meeting

President David opened our meeting with Rotary Grace. He then welcomed back al the travellers who have been wintering up North or Overseas.
After delivering his report he asked Doug Conkey to give us some Rotary Information
Rotary Information

Doug Conkey reminded us of the Four Way Test: Is it the truth?  Is it fair to all concerned? Will it build Good Will and Better Friendships? Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

Doug then gave a run down on the number of clubs and members both in Australia and world wide. There are 30,000 Rotarians in 1100 clubs in Australia.A new President is installed each year. Clubs operate independently, but often come together to work on joint projects and celebrate big events.
Each Cub belongs to one of the 21 Rotary Districts headed by a District Governor. There are 6 Worldwide Zones.
There are 1.2 million Rotarians in the world and 33,000 clubs.

A Tribute

Rick Priest presented Burmo with  Plant to remember Graham's Mum Flo who passed away some time ago. Apparently many of the Club were unaware of Flo's passing and Rick apologised to Burmo for the delay in formally offering our sympathy. We know how important family is for Burmo and so we appreciate that his Mum is sorely missed.

Sergeant Session

John Flynn was sergeant and he fined Frank Fuller reflecting on the brutality of Hong Kong police, a fairly tenuous connection as I can't imagine kind hearted Frank being associated with such behaviour athough he was heard to exclaim "Give them bigger batons"!

Burmo was fined for his black eye, the result of surgery and not, as was implied by the Sergeant, some nefarious action on Burmo's part. The Luftwagga table game in for some fining especially Nick Leywood who is training for his pilot's licence. There was much scepticism from this table about the news report of the trainee pilot who landed a plane with the assistance of the tower after his instructor passed out.

David Benn was fined for his cooking at Lillier Lodge and the rest of us for being Broncos supporters, bar one exception.


David Byfield, Phil McIntosh, David Benn, David Foster


Craig Bromley, John Hawkins, Peter Clucas, Ken Cook, Peter Cozier, Peter Green, David Hodge, Pat Ingram, John Mason, Paul Murray, Robert Pearson, David Post, Malcolm Robertson.

Lucky Door Prize Winner  -

Our lucky draw winner this week was Michael Knight