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OIC: Ken Taylor
Team: Phil Burgess, Greg Conkey, Mal Robertson (for Colin Duff), John Ferguson, Paul Milde,(for Bill Parker) David Hodge, John Mason, David Post, Andrew Puckeridge, James Ross, John Egan (for Doug Sutton), Bob Willis, Frank Fuller (for David Wishart)
Signs: John Flynn
14th Nov 2020
OIC: Darren Wallace
Team: Craig Bromley, David Byfield, Doug Conkey, Doug Sutton (for John Egan), John Gray, James Hamilton, Pat Ingram, Bill Parker (for Paul Milde), Rob Nicholson, Kerry Pascoe, Rick Priest, Colin Duff (for Mal Robertson)
Signs: James Hamilton
12th Dec 2020
OIC: John Ireland
Team: Ken Cook, John Ferguson, David Foster, Ward Gaiter, Peter Green, David Hodge, Steve McCoy, Graeme Obst, Wal Paton, John Smith, Darren Wallace, Adrian Whiting
Signs:  John Flynn
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Jennifer Jones, of the Rotary Club of Windsor-Roseland, Ontario, Canada, is the selection of the Nominating Committee for President of Rotary International for 2022-23.


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President's Report
Those of us who take the time to actually read our weekly Bulletin recently may have seen the photo of a mystery item which we wish to identify.  Thanks to our Charter member Ken Cook currently in Dubai the mystery has been solved.  The item is "The Sergeant's Baton" which was presented to the Club at our Charter night in 1978 from our sponsor club South Wagga Rotary.
This and other historical records are in safe keeping for the benefit of ourselves and future generations to study in the RC Wollundry Collection at CSU Riverina Archives, a branch of the NSW State Archives on South Campus.  If you have something that may suit the Collection then please see me. I have a list of what is missing. The Archivist has advised that there is not quite a full set of weekly Bulletins (in hardcopy) going all the way back to 1978, fewer Annual Reports from Changeover Dinners, and even fewer Board meeting Minutes.  Together with photographs (dated and with names) these would tell an impressive story of the Club's history and the people who have made it great (that sounds a bit like the Donald).
Daylight Savings in NSW begins at 2am on the first Sunday in October.  That is this Sunday 4th October so wind your clock forward an hour before you go to bed.  Monday 5th is the Labour Day public holiday in NSW so we will get an opportunity to use that extra hour. I used to have to remind myself not to go to work on the Monday.  Now that's someone else's problem.
We live in interesting times and as we continue to do the right thing as a nation there is the possibility of further easing of restrictions as they apply to groups like ourselves.  We just have to wait and see.  In the meantime, next week we will be back in the dining room which has now been painted, but the adjacent room will not be available as it is being renovated.  The limit on numbers will be lower than what we have been used to recently because the dining room can only take so many.  Some members continue to turn up unannounced despite earlier requests for us all to RSVP even if we are non-eaters. Old habits die hard. The system is necessarily a little different now.  To avoid disappointment and being refused entry, please RSVP to our Apologies Officer John Mason on Monday (not before) and by 4pm (before COB).  Repondez S'il Vous Plait as soon as you get John's email on Monday morning.
Our next meeting on 6th October is also Hat Day in aid of Australian Rotary Health, a most worthy cause.  There is the possibility that the group photo will continue to haunt us for the next year on the front page of our website.  Gawd!
Stay well Fellows.
President James
Our Meeting
Meeting Tuesday Sept 29 th at The Riverine Club
Technology is letting us down a little despite the best efforts of Secretary Phil and the advice of PP Pykie. We still got off to a good start, albeit 5mins or so late.
President James called on Doug Conkey to present the Sergeants Round up.
He proceded to tell us that this was his first ever Fine Session, and he intended to get us all.
He did.
If we had a beard, we were fined.
If we shaved and looked after ourselves, then that too counted! Mission complete!
Today's Rotary Information was presented by David Benn who was President 97/98
He spoke of the great support he had as President from his Board and the club
He was fortunate enough to go to The World Conference in Glasgow and Peter Davies stepped in while he was away.
We recorded our first million dollar milestone in his year, and he conferred five Paul Harris Fellows, two of whom were women, one being to Kaye Hull for her service to the city both as a city councillor and local member. He also noted the passing of four people intimately associated with the club during his year.
It was also the year that Paul Milde began his ongoing commitment to the Club. Summing up, David urged anyone who was offered the position not to miss the opportunity!
DON'T FORGET HAT DAY this coming week!
This week our Guest Speaker Alan Johnston, was introduced by  Richard Rossiter, who by way of introduction highlighted the School Leaders Programme, which Alan introduced. From personal family experience he feels this is a magnificent project. Here are more of the things Alan spoke on.
Alan Johnston is the Chairman of The Committee for Wagga Wagga and was
born in Scotland, on the border, in a town that actually had a beach, He grew up in Albury before undertaking an Accountancy Degree at the then Riverina College of Advanced Education ( a wonderful Alma Mater that now is Charles Sturt University.) 
Following that he took up a position with Coopers and Lybrand here in Wagga, along with our former club member, John Ashton.
Subsequently he managed Buchmann labourites, an international company based in the US, but decentralised to Wagga Wagga. As he said, his whole life has been centred around managing change.
He joined the board of Committee for Wagga Wagga after an unsuccessful attempt to retire.
The City Council and the Committee are often at cross purposes he thinks, but feels sure that the healthy disagreements  are leading us all in the right direction.
Some of the highlights he mentioned include bicycle track provisions, the lights around the Lake, The New Years Eve functions, and the successful completion of the major works on the Levee banks. Naturally there are still things to come, but time and tide will bring these to fruition.
He mentioned specifically the Bomen Special Activation Precinct which both he and Mayor Greg agree has high importance to the city.
Again he stressed the value and necessity of keeping Wagga Wagga and its development at the forefront of people's mind. We will grow to 100.000 by 2040. But how we do it is up to us to decide. Digital connectivity is at the cutting edge right now. It will be even more vital in convincing corporations to move our way.
Keep telling good stories!
After fielding questions on high rise development, and location of the spur line at Bomen, Alan was thanked by President James with the traditional bottle of wine. He then drew his own number from the pan, but graciously dipped again to reward John Ferguson!
Makeups, Apologies and Guests:
Apologies.Craig Bromley, Shane Carroll, Ken Cook, Pat Ingram, Paul Murray, Graeme Obst, David Wishart, Sophie Seneme.
Makeup. David Byfield
Guest. Alan Johnston
Joining on Zoom: Doug Sutton, Adrian Whiting, James Hamilton.
Jonty Shuter announced the gathering of Sophi's host families. It will be early next month and he is hoping to have a good representation of Rotarians. 
Andrew Puckeridge called a meeting for The Food and Wine Committee. There is still covid doubt hanging around, but as it was pointed out to the Editor, we can have 40000 at a football match, so who really knows?
DON'T FORGET HAT DAY this coming week!! Wear your silliest hat and be prepared to pay for the privilege. The funds go to research into Mental Health issues. 
Paul Milde announced that we would be holding our HAT DAYnext week.
Hat Day or" Lift the Lid Day" is a social event run in Rotary Clubs and other organisations where we pay for the privilege of wearing a silly hat. There are prizes for the worst, best and in between.
Every dollar raised goes to Australian Rotary Health for research into Mental Health issues.
This audio track is an explanation of the Day, and what it really means to hundreds of sufferers.
Secretary's Report
Hi all, 
Please note all the roster information for next week's meeting and the next Sat Market is listed down the left hand side of the page.
Also note that our next meeting on the 6th October is HAT DAY.
Cheers Phil Burgess
Now listen here...!  
John Mason who takes the apologies each weekend and Greg Conkey our Mayor.
Rob Nicholson, Ken Taylor, and Burmo  
                              A fine body of men!! Tempus fugit.