Next Meeting. No. 6

6th August 2019

Fellowship :   
Greeting visitors

Tim McMullen

Helps Treasurer 

James McNaughton

Furniture : 
Setup & pack away

Paul Milde

Rotary Information:


DG John Mckenzie

Bulletin Editor


Aug 6                     P. Murray

Aug 13, 20, 27        D. Sutton



6th August  -  Phil Burgess
13th August  -  David Byfield
20th August  -  Shane Carroll
27th August  -  Peter Clucas
 Market Rosters
Swapping - Members are reminded that it is the individual's responsibility to organise a swap. One of the best ways to do that is to check whether you are rostered on well ahead of time and contact someone who is on a market further down the track to arrange a swap.
Aug 10th
OIC  - Mark Hillis (for David Foster)

Team (7:30am) David Post (for David Benn), Geoff Breust, Doug Conkey, Ward Gaiter (for Craig Bromley), John Ireland, Ken Taylor (for Raoul Mascarenhas), Phil McIntosh, James McNaughton, Graham Obst, Nick Leywood (for Andrew Puckeridge), Malcolm Robertson

Swap needed  -  Doug Conkey, John Hawkins


Sept 14th

OIC -  John Flynn

Team -  Richard Baguley, Phil Burgess (needs a swap), Graham Burmeister, John Egan, Jerry Gerlach ,John Gray, John Hawkins, Mark Hillis, David Hodge, Pat Ingram, Paul Murray, Adrian Whiting


Oct -14th

OIC -  James Hamilton

Team -  David Byfield, Shane Carroll, David Wishart (for Ken Cook), Colin Duff, John Ferguson,  Stuart Heriot, Tim Hutchins , Steve McCoy, Robert Pearson, David Post, James Ross, Jonty Shuter


Nov 9th

OIC -  Neil Pinto

Team - Geoff Breust, Greg Conkey, Frank Fuller, Peter Green , Nick Leywood, James McNaughton, Kerry Pascoe, Wal Paton, Malcolm Robertson, Doug Sutton, Darren Wallace, Bob Willis


Dec 14th

OIC -  Phil McIntosh.

Team -  David Benn, Phil Burgess, Ken Cook, Ward Gaitor, Michael Knight,  Paul Murray, Graeme Obst, Andrew Puckeridge, Rick Priest, Jeremy Reithmuller, Ken Taylor, David Wishart


Feb 18th 2020

OIC -  John Ireland

Team -  Craig Bromley, Doug Conkey, Greg Conkey, Peter Crozier, John Flynn, John Ferguson, Tim Hutchins, John Hawkins, John Mason, Peter MacKinnon,  Paul Milde

Birthdays & Anniversaries
Member Birthdays
Puck Puckeridge
August 8
Frank Fuller
August 9
Malcolm Robertson
August 14
Doug Conkey
August 17
John Flynn
August 31
Spouse Birthdays
August 8
Di Hutchings
August 10
John Mason
Kerry Mason
August 7
John Ferguson
August 25
Pat Ingram
August 28
David Foster
August 30
Join Date
David Benn
August 1, 1984
35 years
Doug Conkey
August 1, 1996
23 years
John Mason
August 11, 2009
10 years
John Gray
August 23, 1982
37 years

July 23, 2019
Simon Paton,
Charlie Shadwell
Make ups:
David Byfield, Phil McIntosh, Peter Mackinnon, Tim McMulllen, , Michael Knight G And B 17/07 Neil Pinto Board Meeting. 
Craig Bromley, John Ferguson, John Hawkins
Shane Carroll, Col Duff, Gerry Gerlach, David Hodge, Pat Ingram, John Ireland, Nick Leywood, John Mason, James Mac Naughton, Rob Nicholson, Rob Pearson, David Pyke Jonty Shuter, John Smith and Doug Sutton

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Bulletin Editor
Paul Murray
Our CSU Scholarship Winner Charlie Shadwell
Charlie Shadwell, CSU Science Scholarship winner, is pictured with Peter Green, Charlie, Bob Willis and Greg Conkey.
Charlie thanked all the members of the club and specifically Peter Green and Bob Willis because he had gotten to know them well.
He is from Dubbo and a property on the Macquarie River. He went to an Agricultural Boys High School and is enrolled in CSU Veterinarian College which is a six year program. It takes in 60 students each year and this year there are 8 male students and 52 females. There was a big chuckle from the Audience when Charlie announced the male female disparity.  Charlie admitted to blushing.
He has thoroughly enjoyed his time at CSU and got passes on all of his courses.  He expressed his sincere gratitude to the members and due to health issues with his family … the financial support is very timely.  Bob Willis noted Charlie’s principal identified Charlie as being the best student he has ever had.
President's Report
President Pykies latest email - July 22, 2019
 Hi fellow Rotarians
Finished the Irish golfing experience yesterday with the local Irishman winning The Open. Wet and cold so local knowledge was a help. A Japanese golfing tourist asked the question “ I wonder if they have ever thought of having it in the summer”
Doug and Wendy Conkey went off to Scotland yesterday. Doug with crushed fingers and Wendy with cut of requiring stitches. Dangerous game this golf. Pyke’s are in England with friends before heading to the island of Guernsey for about a week before turning east for Oz. 
Have not found a Rotary Club for a make up but have looked....well had a cursory glance. 
Will only miss one more meeting after this one and will be Home for next Saturday market as well.  
Hope Paul Milde and James Hamilton are running the ship. Does not seem that difficult leading from afar. With that in mind we need a President Elect for next year. 
I think I am still missing you all
Secretary's report
WOLLUNDRY ROTARY CLUB  -  Secretary’s Report for Meeting  No. 5  -  30th July 2019
Next Week’s Meeting  No. 6  -  6th August 2019
DG's Visit :  Tuesday 6th August
Wagga High Schools Performing Arts Extravaganza :  Saturday 10th August, Civic Theatre, 2:00 and 7:30pm, in aid of Wagga Carevan
next Board meeting :  Monday 12th August, Commercial Club, 5:30pm
next Rotaract Meeting :  Monday 12th August, venue in town tba, 6:30pm
National Lefthander Day :  Tuesday 13th August
next Gears & Beers Committee meeting :  Wednesday 14th August, Commins Hendriks, 5:30pm, every fortnight
Rotaract Changeover :  postponed to August, venue tba
Catering:  Eater or Non-Eater, please advise John Mason.
Responsibilities:       Please,
×          Find a Replacement if any of your rostered duties cannot be fulfilled.
×          Register an Apology by Monday 4pm if you are going to be absent from the next meeting.
×          Register a Makeup for a meeting absence whenever you can.
Our Meeting July 23, 2019

Speakers Wanted

John Gray came to the podium and announced that he is going to be doing Programs this year which involves scheduling meetings and guest speakers.  We will be having once a month a club assembly/Hillis Day where we have members discuss club issues.  He also wishes to reintroduce “This is my life” by members …. both newer and older.  He is asking members to keep a lookout for good guest speakers.


Sergeant Session Geoff Breust

Geoff Breust was this weeks Sergeant and immediately fined John Gray for picking on him.  He fined Greg Conkey, John Egan, Neil Pinto for being late.  Phil McIntosh and Paul Milde for various infringements.  Richard Baguley for giving up thinking. Raoul was congratulated by Geoff and asked to pay for the next three years of fines in advance. He asked members if they know what happened on the 14th of July (Bastille Day) and then proceeded to read off a list of unnoteworthy events that happened on that day. Geoff then proceeded to run a slide presentation of rather humorous signs a few of which are displayed below.

Raoul Taking New Position

Raoul Mascharenas announced to members that he was taking a position in Melbourne. He has accepted a position at the University of Melbourne to study orthodontics and he will be, unfortunately, leaving Wollundry  at the end of the year.  He plans to return to Wagga Wagga after he finishes his course. After Raoul made his announcement, Neil Pinto added that Raoul failed to inform the members that he had won the positions over several hundred candidates.

James Hamilton Updates Members on Fraud Attempts

James Hamilton announced that Wollundry Club Accounts have been frozen due to the attempts to fraudulently withdraw money from Club Accounts and PP James  and President David Pyke’s accounts.
No money was lost from any Wollundry account, however we cannot do internet transactions yet.   Beyond Bank is investigating.  Strange as it may seem, the fraudster paid a $3,000 Origin Electrical bill with one of the hacked accounts.  It does not effect Gears’n’Beers Account.

Are You an Eater

At Tuesdays meeting Treasurer Adrian informed members that we had ordered 9 meals more than we needed.  This means that people are not sending in their apologies or are not correctly recorded as Eaters or Non Eaters.  
Everyone...Please review the Eaters/Non Eaters list below and if your status is not correct..send an email to John Mason correcting it. 
Wollundry Photos
July 23 2019 Meeting Photos