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President's Report
Concern has been expressed by some members about social distancing at our weekly face-to-face meetings.  We are trying to make the meetings work in less than ideal circumstances.  I would like to share the following thoughts on the matter :
-  We are able to be accommodated at the current venue as a not-for-profit corporate entity (as opposed to simply a social gathering at a Pub). The venue may also have fewer customers than other public houses.
-  The total size of the venue determines the maximum number of customers in the venue and tables must be 1.5m apart.
-  We sit at tables, possibly closer to each other than 1.5m, with the consent of each other at each table.  This seems somewhat incongruous.  I have arranged for the seating to be reduced from 4 to 3 chairs on each side of all tables.  If we have too many attendees then we will have to use the room off the front of the dining room as well.
-  We should be seated rather than standing as much as possible to limit close interaction.  As Robin Williams (playing Adrian Cronauer in 'Good Morning Vietnam') said, "back off, you're in my aura".  Hopefully we can still hear the person we are conversing with. 
-  Hand sanitizer is available at reception and we provide the venue with a list of all attendees' (including guests') phone numbers for the purpose of contact tracing if necessary. Rubber gloves are not much help. Just don't touch.
-  You may wear a face mask, although this may make eating difficult for a time.  I am told that I eat like a "kangaroo dog" so my mask, if I choose to wear one, would be off for only a short time.  Some people can talk under water so wearing a mask should not be a problem for them.
-  Don't sing.  Leave that for the privacy of your own home.  It's amazing how we can forget the words to the National Anthem when we can't sing it.
-  Shaking hands is not compulsory and don't be offended if someone declines to shake your hand when greeting them.  Just smile as if you are happy to see them.
-  Avoid taking risks such as travelling to hot spots. We are all in this together.
-  If you are feeling at all unwell then get tested and stay at home until the results are known.
-  If you feel that you can't risk coming to meetings then that is perfectly fine.  You probably shouldn't go to the supermarket either.
-  As far as we know we are conducting the meetings legally although the onus is on the venue.
-  These are unchartered waters and the future is uncertain.  Current restrictions could change.  We may all have to wear face masks eventually when out and about, or have to stay at home again.  Feedback on a way forward is welcome.  I am inclined to think that wearing a face mask should be much more common place than it is at the present time.  At least the capital city numbers are coming down now.
Having said all that I don't know if I am feeling better or not.  I think I will go and lie down.  Apparently my grandfather used to say, "Some of us suffer from good health.  We never get a chance to lie down".
Kaitlin Jeffries, President of the CSU Rotaract Club, was a guest to see how we run a meeting.  We sponsored the establishment of their Club a few years ago and they are struggling to maintain a sense of relevance at the moment despite it having been decided that Rotaract Clubs are no longer in a parent-child relationship.  Kaitlin is having to do much of it herself in the absence of a proper handover.  Thankyou Adrian Whiting for offering some mentoring over cups of coffee on campus.
We inducted new member Bill Parker, formerly of RC Holbrook and sponsored by Stuart Heriot (who will be Bill's mentor).  Bill has the Classification of  "Farming-Fat lambs" and has been appointed to the Saturday Markets Committee.  A very big welcome Bill.  You join us in interesting times.
Stay well Fellows.
President James
Secretary's Report 25th Aug
Congratulations to Bill Parker on his new membership, welcome Bill.
Some dates for your diaries.
12th September - The next Saturday Markets, OIC Neil Pinto.
16th September 2020 - Lillier Lodge Dinner. More from Paul Milde later.
6th October 2020 - Club Hat Day.
13th December 2020 - The Club Christmas party at Chrissie and Mark Hillis's home.
The next board meeting will be held on 21st September 2020.
Our Meeting
 President James welcomed all Rotarians and guests. We had 30 attendees and the visiting Rotarian was President of Rotaract Kaitlin Jeffries, who was attending to see how to run (or maybe not) a meeting. Well that's an interesting reason. Good thing she did not attend last year and get tips from Pykie as they were a dogs breakfast. Did not catch up with Kaitlin after the meeting so not sure about the benefit. The important thing is that Kaitlin was welcomed and any Rotaract member is welcome to any meeting either face to face or by Zoom.
This meeting was also Zoomed and 4 or 5 attended.
James reminded us that we would be cooking for Lillier Lodge on September 16. It will be remote cooking and delivery. More information will be provided as we get closer.
NEW MEMBER Bill Parker (centre), pictured with Stuart Heriot (sponsor), and President James.
This was an important meeting as we had an induction of a new member. Stuart Heriot was called to introduce Bill Parker. Stuart let us know that he and Bill had been friends for about 40 years in Holbrook .Stuart had told him we were desperate for members, filled him up with good food and wine and he said Yes. Bill Parker had previously been a Rotarian in Holbrook. He was formally inducted by President James and was welcomed into the Club, taking our membership numbers to 63.
Sofi gave us an update on her week, apart from school Sofi went to the movies and found it different to Brazil
where the movie theatres are in Shopping Malls. Sofia spent Sunday with Michael Knight and Sandra Legg. Michael introduced Sofi to 2AAA FM where he is a Sunday DJ and played some Brazilian music. Sofi tried her hand. Great photo of Sofi at work

Starting on August31, Peter and Angie Mackinnon are looking after Sofi.
Paul Milde ran a raffle 1st prize Andrew Puckeridge, 2nd Rick Priest, 3rd John Smith and 4th Stuart Heriot, all winning a block of chocolate.
Rotary Information
John Ireland gave us a summary of his year as President in 1990-1991.They distributed $70k that year and raised over $100K for the first time. John referred to the annual project report by David Benn and that report was a book in itself. Nothing changed with Benny. They had a GSE trip from the Florida with each Club Rotarian hosting one or more of the US guests. In the middle of the interesting delivery Johns mobile rang. He was then reminded that it was his alarm and his time was up. Good tactic from James Ross.
One for the lawyers ( Not our John I or Burmo of course)
Lawyers believe a person is innocent until proven broke.
Our guest speaker today was Mathieu Nolte. Mat is a retired AFP Officer. He warned us early in his speech that he was controversial. Mat joined the AFP and became a training officer. He trained and worked in the Solomon and Christmas Islands. Apart from training he was responsible for providing security to politicians and visiting dignitaries.
In Christmas Island he encountered a "Rob" crab. They are as big as a dog, very slow and protected, so much so that the penalty for killing or endangering a crab is $5000. Mat was asked if they were edible? He did not answer the question so we can presume they are a delicacy.
Mat is concerned about crime in wagga and believes that the crime rate can be reduced if a more consultative approach was adopted. He gave an example of illegal motor bike riding. He suggested to Joe McGirr that police should also be on "dirt bikes" and be amongst the illegal activity. Apparently that has now taken place and is having a better outcome. Mat also wants more public engagement including the people or organisations who service the problem areas, including Postal services, Medical services, Telstra type services as all of these are in these areas on a regular basis. Getting these type of organisations to report on things of concern allows the authorities to target the problems and have early intervention. He also said the victims meeting the accused  has worked. Mat believes the shameing system is effective.
Mat is now studying work, health and safety and hopes to be back in the workforce before too long.
Mat was thanked by President James.
and one for teachers
TEACHER: Glenn , how do you spell 'crocodile'?
TEACHER: No, that's wrong.
GLENN: Maybe it is wrong, but you asked me how I spell it.
Don't you love kids. That is what we did many years ago
John Gray and Burmo enjoying a post meeting coffee
Croz and Tim relaxing in the new lounges at the Riverina Club
David Benn, John Ireland and Geoff Breust enjoying some fellowship after Tues meeting.
Doug Sutton playing for the Wollundry team in the Curlew Cup last Sunday. Photo courtesy of David Benn.