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No.28 23rd Jan-2018

Fellowship (greeting visitors, giving out name badges): Tim McMullen

Reception (sits with Treasurer):James McNaughton

Furniture (set up and put away items for the meeting): Paul Murray

Rotary Information: Rick Priest

Speaker: Steve Barker - I am Enough Coaching


Club Rosters

Bulletin Editors





Jan 23, Feb 6, 13 Paul Murray

Feb 20, 27,Mar 6 Doug Sutton

? Michael Knight

? John Egan

? Peter MacKinnon

? Paul Murray



Geoff Breust - Jan 23 & Mar 20
John Gray - Jan 30 & Mar 27
John Flynn - Feb 06
Mark Hillis - Feb 13
Peter Crozier - Feb 20
Peter Clucas - Feb 27
Laurie Blowes - March 06
David Pyke - Mar 13
 Market Rosters
Next Sprout and About Market is Saturday 10th February 2018.
OIC Colin Duff - Confirmed
Confirmed - Frank Fuller, Pat Ingram, Tim Macgillycuddy, Peter Mackinnon, Steve McCoy, Jeremy Reithmuller.
To be Confirmed - Mark Hillis, Tim McMullen, James McNaughton, Paul Murray.
Looking for Swap - Wal Paton.
Jan 30, 2018
Music Quiz 2018
Feb 06, 2018
Feb 13, 2018
Days For Girls
Feb 20, 2018
North Wagga Shed.
Feb 27, 2018
Wollundry Rotary Club.
Mar 06, 2018
Mar 13, 2018
Mar 20, 2018
Food & Wine Festival Up Date.
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Birthdays & Anniversaries
Member Birthdays
Laurie Blowes
January 22
David Wishart
January 24
Nicholas Leywood
January 27
Stephen McCoy
January 28
Jeremy Riethmuller
February 3
David Byfield
February 4
Greg Conkey OAM
February 5
David Pyke
February 7
Timothy McMullen
February 18
Richard Rossiter
February 20
Daniel Burns
February 25
Mark Hillis
February 28
Spouse Birthdays
January 4
Diane Wishart
January 5
January 15
January 23
January 27
February 1
Chrissie Hillis
February 3
Pam Green
February 8
Kay Sutton
February 14
Jacqui Stumpel
February 16
Timothy Macgillycuddy
Susan Macgillycuddy
January 2
David Benn
Cherie Benn
January 4
Jonty Shuter
Lou Shuter
January 5
Rick Priest
January 5
Geoff Breust
Ros Breust
January 12
Puck Puckeridge
Sally Puckeridge
January 21
Greg Conkey OAM
Jenny Conkey
January 24
John Egan
January 26
Peter Green
Pam Green
February 4
Paul Murray
Carolyn Murray
February 27
Join Date
Adrian Whiting
January 17, 2017
1 year
Doug Sutton
February 1, 1990
28 years
John Egan
February 1, 1985
33 years
Michael Knight
February 1, 1983
35 years
Paul Milde
February 1, 1995
23 years
Craig Bromley
February 7, 2012
6 years
Ken Taylor
February 21, 2012
6 years

Wagga Clubs

South Wagga
Pres: Milena Dunn
meets:Wagga RSL Club
Mondays at 6:15 PM
Wagga CSU Rotaract
Pres:Clare Lawlor
Meets: CSU  Campus
Every 2nd Wed at 6:15pm
Wagga Wagga
Pres:Elaine Almond
Meets: Wagga Country Club
Thursdays at 6:30 PM
Wagga Kooringal
Pres: Rodney Francis
Meets: Wagga Country Club
Wednesdays at 6:30 PM
Wagga Murrumbidgee
Pres: George Chapman
Meets: The Mantra Pavilion
Tuesdays at 6:15 PM
Wagga Sunrise
Pres: Deidre Tome
Tuesdays at 7:00 AM
Meeting 7.30am



Stewart Smith, guest of David Benn.

Stuart Heriot, guest of Tim Hutchins

APOLOGIES:  Richard Baguley, Craig Bromley, Ken Cook, Michael Georgia,

Jim Gibson, John Gray, John Mason, Tim McMullen, Paul Murray, Robert Pearson, Jonty Schuter, Daniel Burns


MAKE UPS: Neil Pinto, Board Meeting. 15 Jan.

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Cheers,    Paul
Bulletin Editor
Michael Knight
Presidents Report Jan 16th 
Our first "Hillis Day" for 2018 certainly had everyone talking. Good to see everyone catching up on news from the Christmas break. A great time for fellowship.
The discussion on Youth Exchange was good with many members contributing to the topic. Thank you to Darren Wallace for his informative address. As a club we will need to make a decision on whether we continue our involvement in Youth Exchange for 2018 - 2019. We must have four host families before the club can commit to hosting an Exchange Student. There will be some more discussion before a decision is made. Please place the following dates in your 2018 Diary: Tuesday 27th February 2018 Club 40th Birthday Dinner, Saturday 24th March 2018 Food & Wine Festival and 5th & 6th May 2018 District Conference in Leeton.
 Thank you for your support. Have a great week!
Secretaries Report Jan 16th Jan
It is your responsibility to find a replacement if any of your rostered duties can not be fulfilled.
Next Sprout & About Market Roster: 10th February 2018.  
OIC Colin Duff - Confirmed
Confirmed - Frank Fuller, Pat Ingram, Tim Macgillycuddy, Peter Mackinnon, Steve McCoy, Jeremy Reithmuller.
To be confirmed - Mark Hillis, Tim McMullen, James McNaughton, Paul Murray.
Looking for a swap - Wal Paton.
Next meeting Food and Wine following the Christmas New Year break will be held on Wednesday 31/1 and every second Wednesday thereafter to 21/3 2018 at 5.30 pm at the Commercial Club.

27/02/18 – 40-year Club Anniversary Dinner. Keep an eye and ear out for further details of arrangements.
Please register a makeup whenever you can or after attending committee meetings or some other activity when representing Wollundry.
Our Meeting Jan 16th
President Paul opened the meeting with Rotary Grace, led by an ex butcher, and then we dispensed the customary toast. Guests were acknowledged, visiting Rotarians were invited to make themselves known, but the response was underwhelming.
We had an extended fellowship break before Paul cranked up proceedings with news from last nights board meeting.
*Gumi volunteers to work in with Apex as payback for their Food and Wine Festival involvement. 
*A membership evening to seek new members, with District support.
*Science and Engineering school in March, with $500 from each Wagga based Rotary club.
*Vocational Visit on Feb 20, at North Wagga Shed. Not a working bee!!!!
*Club Finances are "good". The President says so.
*Paul is reviewing performance against the Yearly Plan. Reports to follow.
*Youth Exchange is continuing as a hot topic at Board level.
*40th Birthday celebrations. Save the Date: 27 February.
*John Hawkins will be Foundation Director in 2018 / 19
*the club is seeking nominations for President Elect for next year. 18/19


Our Bereavements Recognised
Within our Rotary Club, we will inevitably have deaths of Members, our families, our friends and former members. It is important that these losses are recognised, and support provided for those who remain to readjust to living without a loved one. Rick Priest has undertaken to provide this support with a plant that lives on and grows into an object of beauty in the ground.
Today, three plants were handed out to members that have recently had family bereavements, and this has allowed the club to show support to some of our senior members.
Plants given to the Conkey Bro's Callistemon Clear White   [derived from the Greek Kallos ]  beauty
Plant given to Col Duff   Callistermon Roena  Hot Pink 
Sergeant Pyke
David Pyke was the rostered Sergeant, and opened his session with a reference to Rick Priest, and women in leather. We're not sure if Margaret should be consulted for more information.
A first grandchild is a major life event, and a highly visible $10 note disappearing into the fine box set the par score for each grandchild. Laurie Blowes, who boasts 22 descendants, turned visibly white.
Tim Hutchins is at his second meeting as a member. He had a guest along today, and Pykie was impressed.
The Luftwagga protesteth loudly at the notion of parking charges for visiting aircraft, and David has analysed their logic. Visitors, he argues, will spread the word to councils elsewhere, and the worm will turn. The process is called "precedent"
A child on the front porch, eating a mars bar is no longer an innocent accident. We have been conditioned.
The last word concerned three women of varying hair colour, an island, a genie and three wishes. If you missed it - ask David.
We don't want to encourage competition between sergeants, but Pykie was muttering something about $106 at the conclusion of the meeting.
Some old Farmers.
What are the odds!!!!!
Two guests at todays meeting are both retired farmers, and they share, phonetically, the same name. Stuart Heriot and Stewart Smith.
Stuart Heriot has retired from Cookardinia, and was the guest of Tim Hutchins.
Stewart Smith was invited to our meeting by David Benn, and was originally from Adelong.
Youth Exchange Session
Today was a Hillis Day - no guest speaker, but time allowed for fellowship and discussion of club issues. 
Darren Wallace is our Youth Exchange Committee chairman, and briefed us on our long term involvement in this activity. We have had almost continuous exposure to student exchange and established a proud tradition.
Among the issues that we spoke about were hosting, and the need to have a full program in place before committing. The number of host parents to be involved is flexible, but shorter host terms means more hosts required.
Darren advised that hosts do not have to be Wollundry Rotarians, but a rigorous vetting process would be required.
The Exchange is a reciprocal, with an obligation to host a student if we sponsor an outgoing candidate.
There were questions about selection of students, role of club and district committees, the timeline for sponsorship, selection and departure for outgoing and incoming students.
Comments from the meeting advised that there is an allowance paid by the Rotary Club to assist host parents with expenses. Darren emphasised that you treat your guests like a member of the family - they are experiencing family life in Australia, and should expect to be told "NO",  just as your own kids expect to hear that.
Update on Geoff Hamilton
Geoff continues to add to the blog, with incredible strength, courage and medical detail. No summary can do justice to this story, so click on the link and check out Geoff's story.
From the blog, no surprises for the theme of this wall treatment.


Defibrillator Training Video
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