Tuesday 05th March 2022
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Members Duties
April 12 - Tim McMullen
April 19 - Ric Priest
April 12 - Phil McIntosh
April 19 - David Post
April 12 - Steve McCoy
April 19 - Neil Pinto

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Christine Williams 

Rotary Information
April 12 - David Golland
April 19 - John Gray

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Apr 12, M. Knight
Apr 19, 26, May 3 P Wilesmith
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Aug 2, 9, 16 P Wilesmith
Aug 23, 30 Sep 6 D Sutton  

 Members Choice 
April 12 - Geoff Breust
April 19 - Craig Bromley

Meeting Tech Setup
Darren Wallace - Apr 12
Peter Wilesmith - May 3, 10
Paul Murray – May 17, 24

 Saturday Markets

09th April 2022
OIC - David Foster
Team: P. Burgess, D. Byfield, J. Ross, David Benn, T. Hutchings, John Mason, P. Ingram, J. McCoy, B. Parker, N. Pinto, M. Robertson, Ric Priest, S. Heriot
Signs: David Pyke
14th May 2022
OIC - Col Duff
Team: G. Burmeister, S. Carroll, Peter Clucas, Gerry Gerlach, Bill Parker, John Ireland, John Mason, Andrew Puckeridge, Ric Priest, Jonty Shuter, John Smith, Andrew Whiting, David Wishart.
11th June 2022
OIC - J. Ross
Team: G. Breust, G. Conkey, K. Cook, J. Ferguson, J. Flynn, D. Foster, P. McIntosh, G. Obst, W. Paton, D.Post, D. Wallace, P. Wilesmith, R. Willis
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April 1, 1992
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 Rotary responds to the humanitarian crisis caused by the war in UkraineEVANSTON, ILL,. April 5, 2022 – Rotary announced today that it has raised more than $7 million to support locally-led relief efforts

Our Meeting.
We welcomed back our President, Richard, no doubt happy to have ended isolation.
Grace, Toast and then a call for visitors was more fruitful than many recent meetings. We had a visiting Rotarian from the UK, who had a German accent, and a German name. Karl Jung was from the Rotary club of Fordingbridge.
We had a good long session of fellowship, and then David Benn was summonsed to deal with "Members Choice".
David has rubbed shoulders with the Australian author and bush poet, Sandy Thorne, who will launch her latest book and sign copies at Collins bookshop in Wagga Wagga on April 14th. David read one of her poems - "Learning Australian", all about the lingo of the outback, and dedicated the performance to our visiting British Rotarian. 
Not to be outdone, Karl had a story too. He advised that the James Bond film franchise had been under pressure to conform to social correctness, and gave us a preview of the next film name.
Rotary Information was provided by David Pyke. He dealt with Rotary Foundation, and reported that we had benefitted from a District grant, ultimately funded by the foundation, to support our Carevan project. Another aspect that we heard about related to the reserves that the Foundation had accumulated, and that prompted discussion regarding the level of funds needed - to spend now, or to build an empire.
Our visiting Rotarian, Karl Jung, sat with the Luftwagga, and we don't know what he made of this name, with his teutonic background. He was excited to win the Wine bottle, and to his delight, he discovered that the winemaker was on hand to congratulate him.
Secretary's Report 29.03.22
Hi all,
President Richard in lockdown. John Egan also in lockdown and Bob Willis on LOA due to health issues. Hope all are well soon.
A sensational result for Phil McIntosh, the Gears and Beers Festival Committee and the Rotary Club of Wollundry Wagga Wagga over the weekend. A lot of planning, preparation and dedication culminated in an a very professional result with accolades from all quarters. As Phil says it is a great brand and we have to protect and foster it. 
A tenacious effort by Peter Wilesmith, to recover so positively from a very serious cycle accident. Peter's dedication to the work required to come back is admirable. As he says he is as fit as he has ever been in his life and eager to participate in life. That dedication and tenacity will serve the Club well as he takes on the role of Treasurer next year. Well done.
Peter Mackinnon and Mark Hillis are literally throwing caution to wind this week as they intend to sail north from Sydney up the coast into some forecast wild weather. Sail safely boys.
The combined Rotary Clubs of Wagga are keen to have the Service Club's Website established. Paul Murray has agreed to reinvigorate the Website after receiving commitment 
from all concerned. If used correctly it will provide a great billboard for all Clubs to use. A knowledge of what others are doing around us is beneficial.
I will be taking a week off next week, to travel with "The Grange" caravanners. A trip to the Central West region of NSW, organised by our fellow Rotarian Doug Sutton and his wife Kay. Our tribal name is the Village People Travellers. Looking forward to it. See you in a couple of weeks.
Secretary Phil
Gears and Beers Wrap.
Phil McIntosh provided the members with his report on the Gears and Beers rides and festival. Thirty minutes of information, appreciation and relaxation on achieving the massive result we hoped for. 
David Hodge was the treasurer for the festival, and gave us a run down on sources of funds. These are subject to audit, of course, but on the figures reported, Rider Registration accounted for around 70% of funds, sponsorship came in around 17.5%, with Gate takings and Stall receipts each contributing about 5%.
Phil spoke on the feedback that he has received, where the consensus was "best event ever". The topics included that it was not a long weekend, so many visitors had taken time off work, we had a casualty - broken collar bone - but looked after the patient so he had a positive experience, photographers with cycle event experience were impressed with the degree of organisation, marketing by social media, and the tougher we make the rides, the more they love it.
Rider Safety, Traffic management on the rides, Rider experience, signage and registration were all elements that we need to run smoothly, and we achieved all our targets, through the efforts of volunteers. Phil thanked a massive list of contributors, some were Rotarians but many others helped out.
Phil noted that three lady riders came back from the dirty 130 ride at about 4.00pm, they had been on the course for nine hours!!!!
One important position was that of "incident controller", and John Ferguson was ready and willing to play his part.
Positioned inside the control tower, in Mates Gully, coffee and cake at hand, John and Judy await a call to duty.
One of the improvements at the festival this year was the Secure Bike Storage compound. South Wagga Apex manned the gate, and with matching wristbands it ran smoothly. One valuation of the bikes was six million dollars.
To get your bike out of the compound, you had to match your green bike wristband to your orange band on your wrist. The Ulster constabulary have expressed interest in the process.
One of the jobs that hung over our heads all day Sunday was the pack up of the festival equipment. There was furniture, tents, fencing, bunting, bins, trestles, bikeracks, signage.....all our members could add more to this list.
There was a beer for the workers who helped pack up the festival, and the most extraordinary fact was that we were into those drinks at 7.30pm.
Wollundry Bulletin Editors: 
Doug Sutton, Michael Knight, John Egan, David Pyke, Peter Wilesmith and Paul Murray