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The Rotary Foundation Trustees and RI Board of Directors have added a new area of focus: supporting the environment.


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COVID-19 forces lockdown on public transportation in Manila. Members bring vans, accommodations for hospital and lab workers.


A need to connect with different age groups is woven into our genes.

Charter Member Ken Cook Reflects on his Presidency
As a new club, fellowship was very important and under the directorship of David Byfield, we held three social functions, a weekend in the snow at Falls Creek and two evening meetings:
* Miss Australia 1982 Jenny Coupland whom we hosted for two days
*A joint meeting with Wagga Wagga, South Wagga & Kooringal clubs to welcome a group of 46 Rotarians and their wives from D561 USA
A notable speaker at one of our meetings was the “King of the Mountain” motor racing legend Peter Brock.  Fireside meetings commenced at members homes with the view to providing information on the workings of Rotary.  Our Sunday Markets continued to be a great success with community support each week of approximately 2,000 attendees and more than 70 stall holders, paying 20c admission and $4 a stall,  With only four members rostered each week, setting up the market at the Woolworths car park in Berry Street, including erecting the heavy plastic fencing would remain a memorable task to our older members.
We were able to donated over $17,500 to local and international projects.  This included $8,000 for the purchase of a catering van for the Wagga Wagga Police Citizens Boys Club.  $10,000 was transferred to an Investment Account for future club project.  The support of Rotary Youth exchange continued as we welcomed our second inbound exchange student, Sandra Bell from Boksburg, South Africa and also welcomed home Joanne Nash, who had spent her year in Japan
Following the passing of Rotarian Noel Barnes a member of South Wagga rotary who was known as the founding father of Wollundry, we instigated the Noel Barnes Memorial Rotary Scholarship.  The scholarship was for students at Wagga’s four senior high schools, Mt Austin, Kooringal, Wagga Wagga and Trinity to provide financial assistance of $125 a year for each successful nominee during years 11 & 12.   This project was proposed by charter member Gordon Braid whose family business Wagga Motors, employed Noel Barnes.
The club was successful with their first Rotary Foundation Matching Grant with our contribution of $853, for a project of equipment at the College of Applied Health Science in Madang, PNG

We commenced the year with 33 members and concluded with 38.  Our annual membership fee was $60.   It was a privilege to serve as president of Wollundry, however the highlight of my year was the birth of our 3rd son, Stewart
President's Report
This week's meeting was held for the first time at the Riverine Club, and everything seemed to work thanks to Pykie's knowledge of electronic devices, his dash home to set up hosting of the Zoom meeting which the President didn't realise was necessary, and to Jenny at the Riverine Club for being the perfect host.  The sandwiches appeared to go down well and after a close vote next week's will be on a mix of white and wholemeal bread.  This perhaps highlights how close to a man's heart lunch issues can be. The only hiccup was that the President forgot to RSVP by 4pm on Monday and had to go without lunch.  Clearly this is a case of do as I say and not as I do.  Thankyou to Pykie for offering up his leftover egg sandwich which was then consumed.
The highlight of the meeting was Ken Cook's presentation of Rotary Information reflecting on his time as President in 1981-82.  Next week will be Burmo's turn while Ken heads to Dubai to help bring family home if they can get back in and then go into quarantine.  It continues to be uncanny that Ken won the lucky members' draw for a couple of well-aged bottles of plonk that Michael Knight found while moving house  -  a Tawny Port and an Italian Liqueur.
Market Chairman Steve Anderson had a nasty burn injury to his right hand and had to be treated at the Hospital, missed the Club meeting but was back on deck by evening. The photos of the injury are not pleasant viewing. Thankyou to Secretary Phil for filling in as the Sergeant at short notice.  
We look forward to Sofi's presentation at next week's meeting which unfortunately will not be a Lady's Day due to restrictions on space.  Parking is available at the Beach carpark.
The next Saturday Market is looming on 8th August under the OIC-ship of Pykie.  Members who are not rostered on are very much encouraged to drop in for fellowship around morning tea time (let's say 10am).  The Covid Safety Plan will be in operation again.  Find a seat (or bring your own) rather than stand around for an extended period of time unless shopping. 
ABC's Landline program reported on the RC Stawell in Victoria which has a 19-year-old lady as its new President taking over from her father.  With declining membership it appears that it's almost never too young.  Our own local Rotaract Club is virtually in recess at the present time due to restrictions on activities at CSU.
I sent a txt msg to my beloved as follows ... "I'm at the Club having a quiet drink with the Rotary lads.  Unfortunately someone just coughed everywhere so we have been quarantined.  See you in 14 days."
Stay well Fellows.
President James

Secretaries Report July 28, 2020
A great first meeting at he Riverine Club, a good attendance and participation by all present.
All this year's Standing Committees as compiled by President James, have been entered into ClubRunner.
The relevant Chairs are indicated. The two large committees also have an assistant to the Chair indicated.
Each member's Club commitments, at a Committee level are now reflected in the My Clubrunner area/My Commitments.
  • Please find a replacement if any of your rostered duties cannot be filled
  • Please register an apology with John Mason by 4 pm on Monday if you cannot attend the next days meeting.
  • Please respond to John Mason by 4 pm Monday and advise if you are going to eat.
  • Please register a makeup for a meeting absence whenever you can.
Phil Burgess steps in as Sergant
Secretary Phil Burgess did an excellent Seargents job with a quiz that had members guessing which board member he was referring to.  The object of the quiz was for Phil to say a clue word, letter or number, that in some strange way was linked to a board member. 
He read out the first clue word and looked around the crowd expecting a flurry of answers.  I think it is fair to say that Phil anticipated a much brighter group than was present on the day.  As the questions flowed the crowd came alive, they did correctly link some of the clues with appropriate board member.    It was good fun.  Thanks Phil.
For those that weren’t at the meeting or didn’t have their hearing aids turned on, hear is a copy of the clue words or numbers, with the names of the board members (in alphabetical order)  The answers are below.
Answers to Phil’s Board Members Quiz
Clue questions are in Bold, followed by explanations, followed by equals sign = and the correct board members initials
Salt and Pepper A surname of Spanish origin used in widespread areas of the world, including western India where it was taken by Portuguese colonists. Often used to describe people with Salt and Pepper hair, including the moustache.=NP   Jersey Je is the internet domain name for Jersey.=JE   Inductance MH = Millihenry, Megahenry units if inductance as per the international system of measurement, also Mark has a dog named Henry =MH   Thursday An abbreviation for the 5th day of the week, Thursday =TH   Stitch Self  explanatory. =KT   43The 43rd President of Wollundry Rotary Club= JR   Spear The Pyke was a medieval spear like weapon used by foot soldiers.= DP   3.14 This number is a mathematical constant, representing the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. It is an irrational number and cannot be expressed as a common fraction, but can be approximated by 22/7. =PI   Next President Elect = RB   Late Never seen before Noon= PM   Lead Pb represents the element lead, with an atomic number of 82.= PB