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Members Duties
March 01 - David Foster
March 08 - Gerry Gerlach
March 15 - Peter Green
March 22 - David Hodge
March 01 - John Flynn
March 08 - Ward Gaiter
March 15 - John Gray
March 22 - Mark Hillis
March 01 - Peter Mackinnon
March 08 - David Golland
March 15 - James Hamilton
March 22 - Stuart Heriot

Guest Speaker

Rotary Information
March 01 - Peter Green
March 08 - Tim Hutchings
March 15 - Chris Kelly
March 22 - John Mason

Bulletin Editor
Mar 1 J Egan
Mar 8, 15, 22 P Murray
Mar 29, Apr 5, 12, M. Knight 

 Members Choice 
March 01 - Jonty Shuter
March 08 - John Smith
March 15 - Doug Sutton
March 22 - Darren Wallace

Meeting Tech Setup
Michael Knight - Mar 1
David Pyke - Mar 8,15
John Smith - Mar 22, 29
Doug Sutton - Apr 5, 12
Darren Wallace - Apr 19, 26
Peter Wilesmith - May 3, 10
Paul Murray – May 17, 24

 Saturday Markets

12th March 2022

OIC - James Hamilton
Team: R. Baguley, C. Bromley, D Pyke, P. Clucas, W Paton, P. Green, S. Heriot, D. Hodge, M. Knight, P. Murray,  R. Pearson, D. Post.
Signs - John Flynn
09th April 2022
OIC - Peter Mackinnon
Team: P. Burgess, D. Byfield, P. Crozier, F. Fuller, T. Hutchings, M. Hillis, P. Ingram, S. McCoy, B. Parker, N. Pinto, M. Robertson, D. Sutton, K. Taylor.
Signs: David Pyke
14th May 2022
OIC - Col Duff
Team: G. Burmeister, S. Carroll, Peter Clucas, Gerry Gerlach, David Golland, John Ireland, John Mason, Andrew Puckeridge, Ric Priest, Jonty Shuter, John Smith, Andrew Whiting, David Wishart.
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February 2
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February 4
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February 5
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February 7
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February 17
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February 18
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February 28
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February 1
Chrissie Hillis
February 3
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February 8
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February 14
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February 16
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Pam Green
February 4
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February 27
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Doug Sutton
February 1, 1990
32 years
John Egan
February 1, 1985
37 years
Michael Knight
February 1, 1983
39 years
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February 1, 1995
27 years
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February 7, 2012
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February 21, 2012
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John Egan
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Presidents Report 
Today was a ladies day and several partners were there, including Paul Milde and his wife. Paul was presented with his framed certificate of honory membership for all his service to the club. Rick Priest  did the honors at the meeting. He also helped at the food and wine festival.
The festival was a success and raised a decent profit after costs. Many thanks to all our members who worked tirelessly to set it up, run, and take down the following day; well done everyone. The crowds were happy and many thanked us, as they enjoyed a social event after the gloom of Covid had stopped so many outlets for fun and a good time. It all ran smoothly so a big thanks to all who worked to make it a great night. Employing the Mangoplah footy club to do the perimeter  fencing was a great help.
Neil Schirmer talked about his year in Canada to study and play; He had a great time 
The gears and Beers event is coming up fast and it will be all helping again fairly soon.
It is great to see what we can achieve with determination and hard work. I feel quite proud to be the president of such a vibrant club.
The annual change over dinner is booked for the 28th of June at last years venue at the RSL club. They did a great job last time, and it is big enough to take all who wish to come. Please put his date in your diaries and more details later.
Have a great week (and a rest!) until next week
Our Meeting 22nd Feb 2022
President Richard opened our meeting with Rotary Grace and the loyal toast. He then proceeded to award a Paul Harris Fellow to Gerry Gerlach for his contribution of $1000US to the Foundation. This is a worthy recognition. Gerry not only contributed
financially but he works hard for the Club. Well done.
Pres. Richard also congratulated Ken Cook who has 5 Sapphire Pins, and John Gray who has 2.
Next came the awarding of Honorary Membership to a long standing and hard working member, Paul Milde. This was carried out by his proposer and mentor Rick Priest, who gave a great outline of Paul's service to the club before he reluctantly resigned and moved to Canberra to be closer to family. Paul is a highly regarded member and the club was very sorry to see him leave. Four ladies also attended the meeting to support Margo, (and quite a few were unable to be there but would have been if possible.) They were Margaret Priest, Angie Gerlach, Cherie Benn, and Cathy Pyke.
President Richard also welcomed them and Steve Barker, who was guest of David Benn.
Neil Schirmer told us of his exchange visit to Canada during his college years. He was hosted in a small town north of Regina,  Saskatchewan known as Battleford. His host family ran a 3,500 acre mixed farming property on the Saskatchewan River. The conditions are a bit different than here. They plant in May and have the harvest well over by August. After that the cold sets in and the place "looks like the Hay plain, covered in snow".
While he was there he and friends travelled extensively in Canda and the US, and has fond memories of the warmth and friendliness of the Canadians and the Indians .
(During the last ice age this area was covered by up to 3km of sheet ice..hence the flatness of the land)
Oh What a Night!!
A hugely successful Food and Wine Festival.
Phil and Pykie gave a brief report on the Food and Wine. Enough to say it was better than expectation!!!
From stacks of hard work by members and Volunteers! 
Congratulations everyone on a wonderful event 
Congratulations Phil on your first effort. Well done to you and the team behind you. And a huge thanks to the volunteers who got in behind us and gave their time. 
Gerry Gerlach asked us to consider coming to Temora for the District Conference from the 18th to 20th March 2022. The venue is at Temora so it will be easy to go over, even for the one day. Its a great way to get together with old friends and hopefully meet some new people.
The Air Museum is well worth the visit alone!
You can register online at Pictured are some of the displays at the Temora Aviation Museum. Most of the aircraft are flown on Warbirds display days and are a sight to behold. With exceptional speakers, entertainment and Rotary Fellowship this should be a fantastic conference. If you would like to know more before deciding check out the website and/or talk to Gerry.
There were apologies listed from David Golland, Stuart Heriot, Tim Hutchings, John Ireland,Tim McMullen, Jonty Shuter and Bob Willis.
Makeups were made by everyone on roster for the Food and Wine. (There isn't enough space to list them all!!)
No draw today as Margo Milde and Paul won all the chocolates!!
The Rotary Foundation is Rotary's official charity.
Our club members donate $1 per week to this in our dues...$50 per annum.
But what does this money do? Where does it go?
It is returned to the Clubs in the form of Grants.  
District Grants are decided by the Foundation Committee of the District and are used by clubs to bolster their donations to the community. One example of this is our recent assistance given to CareVan. We asked for some $2500 to increase our help from $3000 to $5500. This allowed the CareVan operation to continue its amazing work in a modified manner due to Covid. Similarly we applied and were granted help with Help Cambodia
Global Grants are for major overseas projects where we partner with a foreign club and carry forward a project. We recently took part in one such project in the Congo
The Foundation matches our contribution in many such cases and so doubles the effect of the Clubs' donations.
These funds are available to all and any club which can put forward a good case.
Our individual donations are tax exempt and recognised by the Foundation.
A club's donations are similarly recognised and once the total reaches $1000US, we can grant a Paul Harris Fellow to worthy community members.
It is also worth noting that Paul Harris Recognition is automatically given to individuals who reach total donations of $US1000.
Foundedmore than 100 years ago, with an initial contribution of US$26.50, the Foundation has spent more than US$4 billion on life changing sustainable projects including eliminating polio, providing access to clean water in developing countries, educational and humanitarian grants. 
Since it w
Today the Club approved a donation to Help Cambodia of $1000. This will go to help two university students in Cambodia finish their university studies.
This a project we have supported for a few years and the Club had accessed Foundation funds for this along the way.
Secretary's Report 22.02.22
Hi all,
Good to see Margot and Paul Milde back in town for the Food and Wine Festival and today's meeting. The presentation today of an Honorary membership
award is a fitting display of appreciation for the years of good work Paul put in for the Wollundry Club. Ric Priest, the president when Paul joined Wollundry, carried out the presentation with aplomb, with a couple of impromptu membership draws.
Neil Schirmer gave an interesting Members Choice presentation outlining his gap year on a mixed farm in Canada.
A PHF to Gerry Gerlach was presented by President Richard.
As mentioned today, congratulations to The Food and Wine Festival Committee for all their hard work over recent months and over the weekend.
I will be standing down as Chairman during the year of my Presidency, but will remain on the committee. I would also recommend that Peter Mackinnon, who will be my Secretary should step down from the role of Operations manager. The job of Secretary, particularly as a first time exercise is very time consuming and can be demanding. There is plenty of depth within the Club membership to provide replacements. A very comprehensive Committee Job Manual will be compiled now that the festival is over, which will provide excellent support for future Lead House Role participants.
Diary Dates:
Gears and Beers Meeting - Wed Feb 23 2022 5:30pm  - Commins Hendriks +ZOOM
Board Meeting - 28th Feb 2022 - Romano's 5:30pm
Next Sat Market - Sat 12th March 2022
District Conference - 19th 20th March 2022 - Temora
High Tea Fundraiser - 20th March 2022 - Venue Borambola Wines  - $50 on Eventbrite
Gears and Beers Festival - 26th 27th March 2022  
Secretary Phil
Wollundry Bulletin Editors: 
Doug Sutton, Michael Knight, John Egan, David Pyke, Peter Wilesmith and Paul Murray