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No.43 8th  May

Fellowship (greeting visitors) John Gray
Reception (helps Treasurer)  : Peter Green
Furniture (setup & pack away): John Hawkins

Rotary Information: Rick Priest

Speaker: Sharon & Peter Crean - Beyond Water


Bulletin Editor







May 8   Michael Knight

May 15,22,29      Paul Murray

Jun 5, 12, 19     Doug Sutton

Jun 26 Jul 3, 10 John Egan

Peter Mackinnon

Paul Murray 






David Pyke -   May 8.
Geoff Breust -   May 15
John Gray -      May 22
John Flynn -     May 29
Mark Hillis -      June 05.
Peter Crozier June 12.
Peter Clucas -   June 19.
Laurie Blowes - May 1.
Changeover - June 26.
 Market Rosters
Next Sprout and About Market is May 12th 2018.
OIC - David Hodge has swapped with Pat Ingram
Team - Tim Barter, Laurie Blowes, Graham Burmeister, Doug Conkey, Peter Crozier,
David Foster, Phil McIntosh, David Pyke.
Wal Paton has swapped with Frank Fuller.
Looking for a swap - James Ross.
May 15, 2018
May 22, 2018
May 29, 2018
Outreach Program. Ashmont Public School.
Jun 05, 2018
Employment Opprotunitiesin Agriculture
Jun 12, 2018
Jun 19, 2018
One Day in the Life of a Paramedic.
Jun 26, 2018
Induction of New President James Hamilton.
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May 2
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May 2
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May 9
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May 13
Tim Barter
May 13
Adrian Whiting
May 15
Richard Baguley
May 15
David Benn
May 19
John Smith
May 26
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May 27
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May 30
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June 3
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June 6
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June 6
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June 10
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June 19
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June 20
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May 26
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May 24
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May 2, 2017
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May 11, 2010
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May 13, 1978
40 years
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May 13, 1978
40 years
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May 13, 2008
10 years
James Ross
May 20, 2003
15 years
Geoff Breust
May 27, 2008
10 years
Frank Fuller
May 29, 2001
17 years
Darren Wallace
June 1, 2010
8 years
David Byfield
June 2, 1979
39 years
Peter Mackinnon
June 18, 2002
16 years
Timothy Macgillycuddy
June 19, 2012
6 years
Timothy McMullen
June 21, 2016
2 years
Bulletin Editor
Paul Murray
Guest Speaker John Egan
Our guest speaker today was our own club member and professional photographer John Egan.  John gave the members an update on whats new in the world of digital photography. 
Unfortunately the projector was not working and John had to give his talk without the aid of graphic examples.  He did a great job.
John's first subject was Pixels.  He began by explaining a bit about pixels, and said pixels are really just photovoltaic diodes.  He said that more pixels do not necessarily guarantee you better photos.  Smart phones have high pixels but very small sensors. 
To get the best photos you need a large sensor with larger pixels.  The sensor size is the key.  He mentioned the red, green and blue filters (see slide) and how they combine to build colours.
John 's secong point was the growth of mirrorless cameras.  He and Maria had just returned from a Wedding Photographers conference in Las Vegas and mirrorless cameras were the main new product.  The standard DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) has a mechancial mirror that shows you what the lens sees and when you take tyhe picture it moves out of the way.  Mirrorless cameras use a video screen like a smartphone.  The advantage is they are lighter and all electronic. (see photos at right)
His third point in his presentation was a new photo editing program called Skylam.  It was for sale at the convention and John bought a copy and was very impressed.  It is an easier software to use than Photoshop, and allows the user to improve a photo in less than two minutes.  See the two light house photos below.  This first one is rather dull while the second was improved with Skylam in about 90 seconds.
                      Before photo
                       After photo
John answered a number of questions and was thanked by President Paul.
Presidents Report May 01st 
What a top vocational visit to Erin Earth. A wonderful community project.The weather was great and the lunch area first class. Thank you to Kaz, Carmel, Kaye & Tina for their hospitality. Also thank you to Wal & Craig for cooking up a very enjoyable lunch. We must also thank Kathy Wallace for the banana cake and slice which went down well with the tea & coffee.
Darren Wallace has informed me that we have four families for hosting our Exchange student. A big thank you to the members who volunteered to host. Darren will have more information regarding our student soon.  
Events coming up: District Conference Leeton 4th, 5th & 6th May. See you there!
Jindabyne Trip 18/5 to 21/5. Tree Planting Project Sunday 24th June. Change Over 26th June.
Next week's Guest Speakers are Sharon & Peter Crean from BeyondWater. Will be a very interesting topic.
Once again thank you for your support. See you next Tuesday at the Commercial Club 12.30 pm.
Secretary's Report 02nd May
Rosters are printed in the left hand column of this Bulletin.
Please find a Replacement if any of your rostered duties cannot be fulfilled.
Please register an Apology by Monday pm if you are going to be absent from the next meeting.
Makeups do matter and there are plenty of opportunities to register a Makeup for a meeting absence, so please do so whenever you can.
Next Sprout and About Market:  Saturday. 12th May.
OIC :             David Hodge has swapped with Pat Ingram 
The Team : Tim Barter, Laurie Blowes, Graham Burmeister, Doug Conkey, Peter Crozier, David Foster, Phil McIntosh,
David Pyke.
Wal Paton has swapped with Frank Fuller
Looking for a swap : James Ross.
Dates for your Diary:
Rotaract Club:  Next meet on Monday 07th May at CSU. We need a volunteer to represent our club.
District Conference: 4th - 6th May in Leeton
Jindabyne Trip:  18th - 21st May 2018
Fernanda De Barba visit:  25th May, 10.00am at Infuso.
Rotary Tree Planting:  Postponed until May, awaiting rainfall. Kurrajong Reserve, Oura Road.
Rotary information April 17th 


John Hawkins provided Rotary Information, confessing that he was scheduled earlier in the year the week behind Ric Priest.  Not wanting to follow Ric's outstanding and extensive performance, held off until today.  Today he spoke of Starving Children.


Did you know that recent statistics show that every minute approximately five children, under the age of five, dies from malnutrition?

Every time I read this, I find it hard to comprehend. As Chair of the Food Plant Solutions Rotarian Action Group, we have taken an Every Child Matters approach to address this alarming fact.

The first 1000 days from conception are critical in a child’s development. If children do not receive adequate quantities of key micronutrients during this period, they can be irreparably impaired for life. Malnutrition and other serious health problems, such as blindness, cognitive disabilities, anemia and impaired growth can be due to nutritional imbalances in the diet.

Our April 17th  Meeting


Peter Crozier was the sergeant and to start off most of his victums were absent.  Nevertheless he charged on collecting from those in attendance.
  • Geoff Breust for being in the paper and running against Deputy Prime Misister Michael McCormick
  • David Foster for something about standing on a table
  • Peter said the paper says council has a donkey for sale.  Croz says " he would have thought there was many donkeys on council for sale...." which drew a significant amount of laughter from most of the members.  Mayor Conkey was diplomatically unruffled.
  • Croz then relayed that a $10 bet  for each of Wicks 25 Races would yield over $1600.
  • He grumbled something about womens rugby and womens netball
  • He then told us about his nightmare.  He said he dreamt that he was beaten in the gymnastics floor exercises by Burmo.
  • He then went on to relay some very clever golfing jokes.
Neil Pinto crossfined Michael Knight for alluding to a "common misconception" within the club that he was a stirrer.  Neil says he was horribly hurt by that accusation...but not hurt as much as having "sandpaper in his jock".  
That cunning cricketing crossfine by our clever member Dr Pinto, deserves a reward in the reprinting of his suggested team jersey photo.  Well done Neil, but there are members that might just get the impression that you're stirring again.


Geoff Breust came to the podium and announced that Dick Smith was going to speak at Wollundry next week. 
After the meeting he sent an email announcing that Dick Smith has revised his itinerary for his guest speaker talk next week and is now doing a public presentation at the RSL Club on Thursday 26 April 11.00 am to 1.00 pm.  All are welcome to attend.
John Smith and President Paul are arranging a guest speaker and potential new member from Kapooka to give the Anzac Day address next Tuesday.
Those with an interest in aviation, regional development and population would find Dick's presentation interesting.


Darren Wallace came to the podium and announced that the club is going to try to get together four families to carry on with our Youth exchanfge program.  He said we already had two families and encouraged members to consider it as it was simply providing a home and Aussie experience to the students.  Contact Darren if your interested.

Sprout & About Market Report April 14
OIC: John Flynn
Team: Neil Pinto, John Gray, Michael Knight, John Ferguson, Ric Priest, John Hawkins, Paul Milde, Gerry Gerlach, Laurie Blowes
The weather forecast predicted rain but it was a beautiful day.
Total Stalls:                 $1425
Gate Collection:           $242
BBQ Profit                     $378
Music & Other costs     $210
Banked                    $ 1835
Defibrillator Training Video
Click on the video below for Defibrillator training.
Photos from the April 17th Meeting