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Throughout the pandemic, members are discovering ways to connect, cope, and care for each other and people in the communities they serve.


Rotary HistoryRotary becomes intercontinentalOn 1 August 1912, the Rotary Club of London, Greater London, England, became the first Rotary club in Europe. Although

Dr Phil Eberbach talks on GSR (Growing Season Rainfall)

Our speaker on Tuesday October 20th was Dr Phil Eberbach, CSU Associate Professor, School of Agricultural and Wine Sciences.  The title of his presentation was Regional trends in rainfall: climate change or normal variability.  Some of the main points of Dr Eberbach's presentation were:

Three major climate drivers affecting the climate of SE Australia

  1. El Nino Southern Oscillation
  2. Indian Ocean Dipole
  3. Southern Annular Mode (SAM)
Is this shift in GSR (Growing Season Rainfall) climate change?
  1. There is a change in winter rainfall patterns to the south of Central NSW 
  2. Is the change part of a cycle?
  3. Possibly but not according to the models
Summer rainfall appears un-affected?
He included in his presentation a summary of projections from the Victoria Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning 2019 (DELWP).  Victoria's Climate Science Report 2019 brings together the latest climate change science knowledge gained from the Victorian Government's ongoing investment in climate science, the Victorian Climate Projections 2019.
There were a number of questions throughout Dr Eberbach's talk as the subject is of concern to all.  
President James presented Dr Eberbach with a gift from the club and gave a vote of thanks on behalf of all the members.


President's Report Oct 20
Burmo has advised that the Guest Speaker almost set a record for the longest presentation in the Club's history.  There has only ever been one longer apparently, but that's another story. Nevertheless it was an interesting and pertinent talk, and sobering to think what the future of our rainfall may be.  Perhaps we should all follow the climate down to Tasmania.  It seems to be heading that way.
The Board held its monthly meeting on Monday evening.  As a demonstration of great commitment Mark H drove all the way back from Jindabyne for it in the afternoon.  The main matters arising were :
*  $300 has been added to the amount raised at last week's meeting for ARH Hat Day.
*  The Food & Wine Committee is pressing on with a Covid-Safe event in March 2021.
*  Our next Changeover is set down for Tuesday 29th June 2021 (save the date).
*  4 members are still to pay their annual Subs.
*  We will soon have the opportunity to become Centurions in aid of the Rotary Foundation.
The Club ratified the Board's approval of a $5,000 donation for a school counsellor based at Batlow as fire relief.
David W very kindly shouted the house following his win in the Everest.  Beer can taste a little better when it is someone else's.
Stay well Fellows.
President James
Our Meeting Oct 20th 
Sofi's Week
Sofie reported on her week and she was quite busy with her various school, sporting and theatre activities.
Sofi's host family (Dave and Helen Mundy and daughters Meg and Emma)  took her to the civic theatre for a musical performance.  It was very enjoyable but what was especially pleased with was that one of the musicians was Brazilian.  Sofi wanted to have a talk with the fellow  but unfortunately because of COVID 19 restrictions, that was not possible.
Thursday she attended the big Thank you gathering of three of her host families and President James , Youth Chair Neil and a number of other Rotarians at the Thirsty Crow.   It was a dinner and thank you to the host families.  Sofi gave flowers to each family and expressed her thanks.
Friday night she stayed at a friend's house and watched the footy.  She also attended a friend's birthday party and dinner at a restaurant down town.
She also, for the first time ever, played water polo.  She didn't know anything about the sport and was lost...but enjoyed it.  She is now on a team and plays her first match on Monday.


Colin Duff was Sergeant and he announdced that  "winners are grinners"  in reference to the Aussie Rules and Rugby matches held over the weekend.  Then, in the best tradition of a sergeant, he fined everyone in the room based upon the powers bestowed upon the sergeant to pick an ocassion or a weekend event or anything and determine that that provides solid grounds for a group fine.
He did an individual fine on Mal Robertson due to the fact that Mal had a property at Ivanhoe and Daryl McGuire also has a property at Ivanhoe, so there certainly had to be something questionable to that remarkable coincidence.  Maybe we'll be seeing Mal on the ICAC hearings.

David Wishart had a Memorable day at the Kosciuszko

David Wishart came to the podium and related to members a fascinating story of how he and his daughter Megan and the rest of the family had a very successful and memorable day at the recent 2020 Kosciuszko run at Randwick.

Once a year the TAB runs the Kosciuszko where punters purchase tickets in a drawing to have the chance to win 50% ownership  of a race horse, for one big race day at Randwick race course. Tickets to enter the drawing are $5 and 250,000 tickets are issued with 14 lucky ticket holders picked to be 50% owners of one of the 14 horses running in the big race. David and his daughter Megan purchased a number of tickets together for the drawing.  Their ticket was one of the 14 winners and they drew the horse "Redouble".

They attended the race and were guests in a special VIP area with all food and drinks free. David got 7 tickets to the race day event and took the whole family, including Di, daughter Megan and partner Albert, daughter Kim and partner Mark and son Bryce.  Together they watched the race knowing that they were going to win anywhere from $2,600 to $260,000 depending on where their horse came in.

David and Megan's horse (Redouble) came in second  just 30 cm short of winning.   David and Megans ticket returned $130,000.  IF YOU CLICK ON THE LINK, JUST ABOVE THIS NEWSLETTER BANNER, "Having trouble viewing this email?  Click here to view it online"...  you will be able to see a video of the race in the space below.


 Wollundry Photo Archives
I forgot to take meeting photos last Tuesday, so here's a few old group photos of members over the years.  Note: to zoom in or out on the photos, hold down Ctrl (Cmd on Apple) and hit the plus(+) or minus(-) key.
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