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No.45 22nd May

Fellowship :  Nick Leywood
(greeting visitors)
Reception John Ireland
(helps Treasurer)  
Furniture : Michael Knight
(setup & pack away)

Rotary Information: Greg Conkey


Speaker:  Nick Georgiou


Bulletin Editor






May 22       Peter McKinnon

May 29       Paul Murray

Jun 5,12,19  Doug Sutton

Jun 26 Jul 3, 10 John Egan

Peter Mackinnon

Paul Murray 

Michael Knight





Geoff Breust -   May 22
John Flynn -     May 29
Mark Hillis -      June 05.
Peter Crozier June 12.
Peter Clucas -   June 19.
Laurie Blowes -
John Gray -      
Changeover - June 26.
 Market Rosters
Next Sprout and About Market is June 9th 2018.
Market Roster for Saturday June 9th
OIC - Pat Ingram has swapped with David Hodge
Team - Geoff Breust, David Byfield, John Egan, Gerry Gerlach, Peter Green, Tim Macgillycuddy, Peter MacKinnon, Robert Pearson,
Jeremy Riethmuller, Doug Sutton, Darren Wallace.
May 22, 2018
Family Support
May 29, 2018
Outreach Program. Ashmont Public School.
Jun 05, 2018
Employment Opprotunitiesin Agriculture
Jun 12, 2018
Jun 19, 2018
One Day in the Life of a Paramedic.
Jun 26, 2018
Induction of New President James Hamilton.
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Darren Wallace
May 2
Timothy Macgillycuddy
May 2
James Ross
May 9
David Foster
May 13
Tim Barter
May 13
Adrian Whiting
May 15
Richard Baguley
May 15
David Benn
May 19
John Smith
May 26
David Hodge
May 27
Geoff Breust
May 30
Peter Green
June 3
J Gray Gray
June 6
John Hawkins
June 6
Paul Murray
June 10
James McNaughton
June 19
Paul Milde
June 20
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Nola Pinto
May 26
Susan Macgillycuddy
May 26
Lynette McIntosh
June 2
Jenni Duff
June 7
June 13
June 17
June 19
Dawn Georgiou
June 22
Lou Shuter
June 22
Graeme Obst
Carol Obst
May 6
Paul Milde
May 7
Doug Sutton
Kay Sutton
May 16
Michael Georgiou
Dawn Georgiou
May 22
Neil Pinto
Nola Pinto
May 24
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James McNaughton
May 2, 2017
1 year
John Hawkins
May 11, 2010
8 years
Graham Burmeister
May 13, 1978
40 years
Ken Cook
May 13, 1978
40 years
Laurie Blowes
May 13, 2008
10 years
James Ross
May 20, 2003
15 years
Geoff Breust
May 27, 2008
10 years
Frank Fuller
May 29, 2001
17 years
Darren Wallace
June 1, 2010
8 years
David Byfield
June 2, 1979
39 years
Peter Mackinnon
June 18, 2002
16 years
Timothy Macgillycuddy
June 19, 2012
6 years
Timothy McMullen
June 21, 2016
2 years
Bulletin Editor
Paul Murray
Our Guest Speaker:  RI Director Noel Trevaskis OAM
Past District Governor John Egan introduced our guest speaker RI Director Noel Trevaskis.  He gave a brief history of Noel’s participation in Rotary.  Noel has an OAM and has worked in Mental Health.
Noel began his speech by thanking Wollundry for asking him to speak.  Noel said Wollundry is well known for not having any women members and he said, “so what”.  There are "all women" and "all men" and "mixed" clubs … it is important that it is the club’s decision and what is important is the service that is done. Noel complimented Wollundry for their work they do in the community.
Noel said his wife is good friends with Sarah Brown of the Purple House who was a guest speaker at the recent Rotary District Conference .  Noel and his wife will be working with Sarah in July and August to raise money for an aged care centre in Northern Territory.
Noel noted that the Rotary Foundation is responsible for the good works that are being done... but that is not exactly correct.  It is not the Foundation … it is the Rotarians that support and do the work.  The Foundation would be nothing without the Rotarians.
He also noted that it was the first time that there was an Australian RI board member and an Australian RI President at the same time.   He said that there are challenges ahead for Rotary. The average age of Rotarians is 71. The average age in the UK is 74. In America and Europe the membership numbers are declining.  Yet in Asia and Africa the Rotary Clubs are experiencing incredible growth.  He thinks Rotary will experience a loss of membership until 2032 and then level off. He thinks the millennials will be the generation that will take up the cause of doing good in the world, only with specific objectives in mind, like poverty, homelessness. They are not interested in coming along to a weekly meeting.
He believes the number of clubs in cities should be reduced with larger number of members per club. He said that Rotary brings in new members, but we don’t look after them … we lose them.  He said that a survey showed that people join for two reasons: to do community service and make new friends.  And the reason they leave is same two reasons.  They find they are doing more fund raising instead of community service and the established table groupings  in the club made it hard to build friendship.
He told a story about a young couple that were actively involved with youth programs but had problems with attendance.  The board sent them a letter drawing attention to their attendance and they both quit.  He said Attendance should not be the issue, rather it is whether they are engaged and involved with the club, and above all having fun.  
He told us about his own challenges with mental health and how he was not really involved with Rotary and his wife told him he had to be "in or out".  He got "in" to Australian Rotary health and the rest is history.   He told us that if we wanted to get people to join Rotary we had to tell them our own personal story and not the statistics of how many Rotarians there are in the world.   If we tell our story with passion and sincerity, people will want to be a part of Rotary.
Presidents Report May 15th

We welcome Noel, George, John, Ward and Camellia to our meeting today.

Congratulations to Phil and Nathan McIntosh on receiving Ken Scheller Nominee Certificates for their Gears and Beers article in RDU magazine September 2016. D G George Weston made the presentations.

Also congratulations to Doug Sutton on receiving the District Foundation Award for his work with the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Our guest speaker Noel Trevaskis had our attention with his presentation on Rotary.  Thank you Noel and we wish you all the best in your role as R I Director.

Good to see Camellia up and about after her recent illness.  We also wish Mark Hillis a speedy recovery from his heart surgery.  

Dates for your diary: Tree Planting Sunday 24th June, Change Over Dinner Tuesday 26th June.

Have a top week. See you Tuesday 22nd May for lunch at 12.30 pm. Thank you for your support. 

Secretaries Report May 17th 
It is your responsibility to find a replacement if any of your rostered duties can not be fulfilled.
Next Sprout & About Market Roster: 09th June 2018.
OIC – Pat Ingram has swapped with David Hodge
TeamTo Be Confirmed - Geoff Breust, David Byfield, John Egan, Gerry Gerlach, Peter Green, Tim Macgillycuddy, Peter MacKinnon, Robert Pearson, Jeremy Riethmuller,  Doug Sutton, Darren Wallace.
Rotaract: -
Next Rotaract meeting is a Dinner meeting Monday 21st May 2018 at at Farmers Home Hotel
Due to our Board meeting at the same time President Paul or myself are unable to attend. Pretty please, we need a Volunteer to represent Wollundry. Please advise me asap so I can advise Clare.
Jindabyne Trip: 18th-21st May 2018 has been postponed due to Mark Hillis unavailability. Thinking of you Mark get well soon. New date TBA.
Combined Board Meeting next Monday 21st at the Commercial Club 5.30pm. Please have your Reports to DMB and President Paul asap.

Our meeting May 15th 


David Pyke was the Sergeant and came to the podium and related this story about the markets and Burmo picking up a trailer and having some challenges getting it to the site.  He expected a reasonable fine from Burmo the next meeting he attends. 

David fined Neil Pinto for forgetting Nola’s birthday.

He told a story about a guy that was dating a homeless woman and it was getting serious as he said that she has asked him to move out with her.

He told another story about a horse race and it was received with moans and groans from the crowd.

He asked DG George to take the box around. He fined John Ferguson for a story about a teacher and a student.

RDU Award

President Paul called Phil McIntosh to the front and DG George presented Phil and his son Nathan with Ken Scheller Nominee Certificate from Rotary Down Under for their Gears and Bears story which appeared in last September RDU magazine.


District Award

President Paul called Doug Sutton to the podium and DG George presented Doug with a Rotary Foundation District Service award for the work Doug did with the Democratic Republic of Congo in Africa.

The Be Centre

David Pyke sent the editor the following article about the To Be Centre from RDU, which he read and was very positively impressed with.  He asked that it be reprinted in the newsletter and accordingly it is in this bulletin.  just click on the photo at your right and download the file.

May15th Attendance

Visiting Rotarians: John Glassford, George Weston
Visitors: Carmella Millemaggi
Club Guests: Noel Traveskis, Ward Gator
Makeps:  Geoff Breust SA 15/5, J Ferfuson GB 14/5, David Pyke SA 12/5, Dist Conf 5/5, J. Ross, GB 14/5, N.Pinto Rotary Club of the Cook Islands SA 14/4
Apologies:  L Blowes LOA, Craig Bromley LOA, Doug Conkey, Greg Conkey, P. Crozier, K cook, N Leywood, J Mason, Wal Payton, J Reithmuller, k. Taylor, Bob Willis, Steve McKoy, Mark Hillis, DanialBurns


Photos of May 15th Meeting