President's Report
PP Paul Milde presided as President David is in Malaysia playing golf. Pykie passed on three points:
  • He is playing golf in Malaysia
  • He is missing us but it is so easy to forget.
  • James Ross, President elect, will attend PETS this weekend.
Secretary's Report
Secretary’s Report for Meeting  No. 31  -  11th February 2020
  • next week's meeting :  No. 32  -  18th February
  • next Board meeting :  Monday 17th February, 5:30pm  Commercial Club,  Commmittee Chair reports to Directors by Thursday 13th please
  • Food & Wine Committee meetings :  Tuesday 18th February, thence every Monday, 5:30pm Commercial Club
  • PETS :  15th-16th February 2020, Commercial Club
  • Social Event :  Yachting weekend in Sydney,  14th-15th February 2020
  • Rotary Peace Awards :  Sunday 23rd February, Riverina Playhouse
  • National Youth Busking Challenge :  Saturday 21st March, Baylis St. 
  • D9700 Conference :  20th-22nd March, Temora
  • Food & Wine Festival :  Saturday 28th March (all hands on deck please)
Responsibilities:       Please,
×        Find a Replacement if any of your rostered duties cannot be fulfilled.
×        Register an Apology by Monday 4pm if you are going to be absent from the next meeting.
×        Register a Makeup for a meeting absence whenever you can.
Guest Speaker
Our Guest Speaker today was Bill Booth who was introduced by Peter Crozier who said:
It is my privilege to introduce Bill Booth, a neighbour of mine.
  • Bill was born and raised in Wagga Wagga
  • His interest has always been in the rural scene
  • He spent many years both overseas and in the western Riverina
  • His main interest has been in intensive and large scale irrigation particularly involving environmental aspects
  • He was awarded a Rotary foundation scholarship in 1972 in the days of PDG Eric Kronborg and Leigh Marshall
  • He has been a full time private consultant since 1988
  • He is well renowned on his topic in evidence of bringing along his own rent a crowd in Max Mclaughlin, Gerald Menagazzo who had a property in Narrandera area .
  • His topic today is Water Policy, bureaucracy and sometimes science 
Bill told us that he has been involved with Water since 1965 and has worked on projects both here and overseas. Water, he said is an emotional topic. Everyone has an opinion which is usually not based on fact. It has become a political football and this has obscured the science.
Since the arrival of Europeans in the late 18th Century the landscape has been changed greatly. Large areas of forests have been cleared, livestock introduced as well as exotic species for example carp into our rivers and waterways.
As Dorothea McKellar so beautifully described Australia in her poem 'My Country", it is a land of droughts and flooding rains. Rainfall averages also vary. Quoting a researcher Dr. Zhang, Bill said that data showed an 18% increase in rainfall in the period 1950 to 1990 compared with the period 1900 to 1950.
From 1990 to the present the average has reverted to the earlier period average by 18%.
Our environment has evolved to adapt to drought and flood. For example the River Red Gums benefit from drought. It has been discovered that this species of tree loses structural integrity when it is exposed to constant water availablility.
The Macquarie river averages a flow of 1,489 gigalitres but in the years 18/19 there was only 87 gigalitres. Similar low flows have been experienced in other systems. A standard allocation of water on the Murrumbidgee river is 972 Megalitres. Water licences are registered with the Land Titles Office and can be traded. Bizarrely enough water licences can be traded between unconnected rivers, as long as the same allocation arrives at the end point of the Murray Darling system.
It is impossible to do justice to Bill's talk in this bulletin. A myriad of graphs, bullet points and statistics supported Bill's talk which was listened to attentively by all present. PP Paul Milde gave a vote of thanks on behalf of the club and many stayed after the meeting to have a chat with Bill.
Our Meeting
PP Paul Milde conducted today's meeting as Pykie is on an Asian holiday. After grace he welcomed a number of visitors including, Bianca Lubke (returning exchange student), Ma Yan, Annette Flynn, Cherie Benn, Bill Booth (guest speaker), Bill Parker, Max McLaughlin, Gerard Menagazzo, Steve Anderson.
  • Thurs 13th February marks the 42nd anniversary of the formation of The Rotary Club Of Wollundry Wagga Wagga as a provisional Rotary Club. (Information supplied by foundation member Ken Cook

Burmo has advised that Sunday 23rd February marks the first anniversary of Michael's death. This is a significant event for the Greek Community and for Dawn and Nicholas and family. There will be a commemoration Mass at the Greek Orthodox Church at 8.30 am on Sunday 23rd followed by Coffee and Food. It will be a celebration of Michael's life and all club members are welcome to attend. Michael was a much loved member of our Club and is fondly remembered.
OIC John Ireland reported another successful market. In his words "as expected athleticism excelled in this brave hearted bunch of middle aged to aged Rotarians. Great day, great team - special thanks to John Smith who makes the market hum".
Team members were: Peter Crozier, John Flynn, Jonty Schuter, Darren Wallace, Greg Conkey, John Ferguson, John Mason, Pat Ingram, Paul Milde, David Post, Ken Cook.
Stalls:                      $2,1850.00
Gate:                        $   608.25
BBQ:                       $    360.05
Total:                       $3,153.30
Less Music:             $   150.00
Total Banke:            $3,003.30
Gerry Gerlach reminded us that the conference is on 20th - 22nd March in Temora. Attendees are required to register and this can be done via the District web site. The web site is The website also has a printable document of the Conference Program including the excellent speakers.
Today's Sergeant was Paul Murray. This was Paul's first attempt after twenty five years in the club. He entertained us for our money with a kaleidoscope of members' photos. The twist was that the photos were altered to caricatures of members which provided a lot of laughter. To view the video click here.  The video is not open to the public and is only viewable through this link.



Exchange Student

Neil Pinto introduced returning exchange student Bianca Lubcke to give us a brief address. She will come back to the club to provide a longer talk on her time on exchange. Welcome back Bianca.

Neil asked for a volunteer to take our exchange student Sofie to the District Conference at Temora March 20 - 22. Neil promised to send out details of Sofie's host parents to members to facilitate outings for Sophie
Wine bottle winner was David Byfield!!

Bulletin Feb. 11th 2020


Next Meeting. No. 32

18th February 2020

Fellowship :   
Greeting visitors

Richard Baguley

Helps Treasurer 

David Benn

Furniture : 
Setup & pack away

Geoff Breust

Rotary Information:



Bulletin Editor



Feb 18, 25, Mar 3 M Knight

Mar 10,17, 24       J Egan

Mar 31, Apr 7, 14 D Sutton

Apr 21, 28 May 5 P Murray


18th February  -  Tim McMullen (for Paul Murray)
25th February  -   Rob Nicholson
 Market Rosters
Swapping - Members are reminded that it is the individual's responsibility to organise a swap. One of the best ways to do that is to check whether you are rostered on well ahead of time and contact someone who is on a market further down the track to arrange a swap.
March 14th 2020

OIC - Gerry Gerlach

Team - Richard Baguley, Geoff Breust, Graham Burmeister, Shane Carroll, John Egan, David Foster, John Gray, David Hodge, Colin Duff (for James Ross), Darren Wallace, David Wishart.

APR 11th 2020

OIC - James Hamilton (for Colin Duff)

Team - Frank Fuller, Peter Green, James Ross (for James Hamilton), Stuart Heriot, Mark Hillis, Pat Ingram, Nick Leywood, Steve McCoy, Paul Murray, Graham Obst, Wal Paton, David Post, 

Birthdays & Anniversaries
Member Birthdays
David Post
February 2
Jeremy Riethmuller
February 3
David Byfield
February 4
Greg Conkey OAM
February 5
Pykie Pyke
February 7
Timothy McMullen
February 18
Richard Rossiter
February 20
Mark Hillis
February 28
Spouse Birthdays
February 1
Chrissie Hillis
February 3
Pam Green
February 8
Kay Sutton
February 14
Jacqui Stumpel
February 16
Peter Green
Pam Green
February 4
Paul Murray
Carolyn Murray
February 27
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Doug Sutton
February 1, 1990
30 years
John Egan
February 1, 1985
35 years
Michael Knight
February 1, 1983
37 years
Paul Milde
February 1, 1995
25 years
Craig Bromley
February 7, 2012
8 years
Shane Carroll
February 19, 2019
1 year
Ken Taylor
February 21, 2012
8 years



 Bill Parker, Ma Yan, Annette Flynn, Cherie Benn, Max McLaughlin, Gerard Menagazzo.


Sophi Soneme, Bill Booth, Bianca Lubcke, Steve Anderson.


Jeremy Reithmuller


Nick Leywood,  Ward Gaitor, Craig Bromley, John Ferguson, John Gray, Peter Green, Tim Hutchings, Tim McMullen, Robert Nicholson,Robert Pearson, David Post, Malcolm Robertson, Adrian Whiting, David Pyke, Steve McCoy.

Bulletin Editor
Doug Sutton
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After the genocide of 1994, Rotarians led a successful campaign to build Rwanda’s first public library.

Wollundry Photos
Photos from our Meeting
Mayan who is waiting to go home but is restricted by the coronavirus, with host Burmo
Cherie and David Benn
John and Annette Flynn
Rotarian Max McLaughlin who has a keen interest in all things rural.
Chatting with Bill Booth about water and related matters