Presidents Report May 26.   2020
26 May 2020
Hi Wollundry members,
We have the various Governments relaxing our travel and options to do business, particularly in the hospitality sector, so we will continue to gauge the various changes and see how it effects the operation of our Club.
The one important change that might affect us relates to the changeover on June 30. We had planned to have the meeting as another Zoom, however the changes that up to 50 people in one room might allow us to proceed. The new plan, if feasible, discussed with PE James Ross is to have the meeting at 12.30pm on Tuesday June 30. We think that the Commercial Club might not be open so we will need to look for an alternate venue for this occasion. Watch this space.
Last week I mentioned this matter and Tim McMullen sent a short video clip about Borambola Wines, so if anyone would like a bit of a promotion let us have your virtual tour. We will play the video clip for ‘Borambola next week.
Would all the members who would like us to know a little more about their business, could they take a phone video for a couple of minutes of that business, send to me and we will run them at our meetings. Because vocational visits are off the agenda, call it a vocational virtual visit. Those that come to mind would be Pete Clucas, Mark Hillis, Ward gaiter, David Hodge, Peter MacKinnon, Steve McCoy, Ken Taylor, David Foster, Richard Rossiter, Rob Nicholson, Tim McMullen, Andrew Puckeridge, Jeremy Reithmuller and any others I have missed.
I will be attending the District 9705 Zoom meeting this Saturday to discuss the 2020-2021 budget and vote on that budget. I have sent a copy of the budget to all Members. A number of District 9700 and 9710 Clubs are concerned with the District fee increase in the new District 9705. Our Board has reviewed the budget and we will voting against the budget as presented.
The Zoom meeting are being well attended and hopefully is achieving continuing communication between members. If you have something that you would like tabled for the weekly Zoom meetings, please let me know and I can allocate you a couple of minutes.
Don’t forget to ring other members simply to say hello, a simple communication can mean so much.
26  May 2020
Our Meeting - 26 May 2020
Again the meeting was held in format reminiscent of a Mazda Car Ad - Zoom Zoom!!!!
President David estimated that it could be meeting number 44, but he wasn't sure. Apologies from John Smith and Doug Sutton were acknowledged, and our guest speaker, Paul Rake was introduced and welcomed.
Members were briefed on current issues:
Cash Provided to Tumbarumba Rotary Club.
Rons Removals offer to transport Furniture to Batlow.
Call for Furniture donations, from club members or wider community
Changeover Dinner - Format review, possibly to physical meeting.
Changeover venue. Commercial club availability?
This function remains a work in progress.
At this stage Sofi had not joined the meeting, so Pykie provided some background on her activities. Last Friday night, the Doug Conkeys had Sofi for a meal, and also hosted the Greg Conkeys and the Pykes.  This is a permitted activity now, and we need more nights out for our exchange student. Jonty Shuter has also helped Sofi get out of the house - to the riverbank.
Sofi joined our meeting during the guest speakers presentation.
After Paul Rake - the guest speaker, there was discussion on our existing involvement in Cambodia, with Col Duff and Pat Ingram reminding our members of the ten year history we have, especially supporting Cathy Wallace and Chris Hillis' projects in Cambodia.
Darren Wallace has provided the summary below of our clubs support for Cambodian projects.
See list below of district grants. There have also been occasional one off donations from the Club.
DCC is the school in Phnom Penh. Registered as a RAWCS project. 120 kids at the school, 80 sponsored $40/wk by people all over Australia, many in Wagga.
We also support:
BOC - Battambang Opthalmic Clinic
Lotus House in Seim Reap - a school in a remoate community set up by an Australian couple
And various others
2019/20 - USD5,000 BOC equipment. 50/50 district/Club
2019/20 - USD2,000 DCC sound proofing Admin room. 50/50
2018/19 - A$5,000 for BOC, 20 beds.  District $1,250, Wollundry club $1,000, HELP $2,750
2017/18 - A$4,000 DCC 5 uni student fees for 1 year. District $2,000, Wollundry club $2,000
2014/15 - A$9,000 DCC 10 laptops plus internet for a year. District $3,000, Wollundry $3,000, HELP $3,000
Phil Macintosh provided an update on efforts to run the cycle component of Gears and Beers. We put out some online social media news that we were keen, and sold out the Dirty 130 event, capped at 1000 riders in a few days.
We will depend on permission from authorities to proceed, and a covid-19 risk management plan will be critical to achieving this. If we are in stage 3 of the relaxation plan, then a staggered start of groups of 100 may satisfy the requirements.
A Craft Beer festival later in the day remains at extremely long odds.
The proposed Special General Meeting to adopt changes to our club constitution could not proceed due to time constraints. President David expressed regret that, despite all the efforts of James Hamilton, the motion would need too be postponed until next week.
Our President Elect, James Ross has suffered the indignity of having his computer and email account hacked. The equipment has gone to a workshop, and James is disconnected from the world until second week in June. All responses to his email enquiries on committee structure and task allocation for next year should be emailed to President David, or communicated to James by phone.
An email from James to club members with a virus warning was part of the hacking of his computer, and a digital virus was the greatest risk in this instance.
We closed our meeting with a recorded National Anthem, and feedback has been positive. You can access this recording on Youtube, by searching for "Adam Hills National Anthem" and see the performance including the introduction, in higher definition.
Another Avenue in Cambodia.
Col Duff was called on to introduce our Guest Speaker. Cols recent contact with the Rotary Club of Bowral/Mittagong for cooperation on RAWCS projects brought him in contact with Paul Rake. Paul is a member of the Rotary Club of Chadstone / East Malvern which is already involved with projects in Cambodia.
Two points that Paul made immediately in his presentation are that many non Rotarians are keen to get involved in community work overseas, and that some Rotary clubs are willing to help, but lack the contacts to get a project from scratch. These are resources that Paul is keen to exploit.
There is a group in District 9800 that organises tours to a location in Cambodia, and there are three formats that these tours take:
Humanitarian groups - 50% Tourists and 50% Work. To expose the poverty and raise awareness.
Schoolies Groups, often in lieu of a trip to Surfers Paradise in November.
Hands On - Tradies and skilled workers with a job to do. The projects are delivered through a Cambodian NGO, and the current contact is called "Build your Future Today" and that have a four year plan to move a village from poverty to self sustainability.
Paul told us that a group of Rotarians go to Cambodia each January, and likened the project to "putting a few pieces in to a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle" The work defers to the expertise of the local NGO to ensure that all the activities are appropriate and don't become white elephants.
Paul had a powerpoint presentation, and we were able to see photos, charts and slides of the activities that he had spoken about. Paul Murray helped out - we had the powerpoint, and the talk progressed. He asked the question - How can our club get involved?
Rotary clubs can undertake a project, or team up with other clubs to reach a critical mass for a major project. Individual Rotarians often become involved, sometimes with clubs other than their own. Different organisations, within and outside of Rotary provide grants, and Rotarians have the expertise to access funds through grant applications.
Some of the activities that Paul has been involved in include the donation of bikes, Water Filtration systems, Water collection on roofs, and drilling bores for water. Major projects have been in Bosala, near Phnom Penh, and in the village of La'ak.
Paul summed up his presentation by telling us that there are no limits in the way that clubs, Rotarians and others in the community can become involved in overseas projects. The rewards will be immense, in appreciation from the targeted communities, and the sense of achievement that participants will feel.
During questions, Geoff Breust had a "I knew you from way back" moment, from Narellan House in Canberra. Geoff got to move a vote of his old mate.
From the Archives
The Wollundry Rotary First Eleven.
C2000. About the turn of the century.
Back Row.
Ring In, Alan Lloyd, John Gray, Jim Gibson, James Ross, Peter Kennard, Greg Conkey.
Front Row.
David Byfield, David Benn, John Flynn, Michael Knight, John Flockton.
The occasion was a match against the northern part of the District, at Borambola Cricket Ground.
May 26, 2020
Next Meeting. No. 46
2nd June. 2020
Zoom Meeting
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