Tuesday 26th March 2022
Next Meeting
Tues 03rd May 2022
  Romano's Hotel 

Members Duties
May 03 -  Darren Wallace
May - 10 John Flynn
May - 03 Greg Conkey
May - 10 John Ferguson
April 03 - Doug Sutton
May 10 - David Foster

Guest Speaker
May 03 - Helen Sturman and Peter Guppy - Cycling Without Age
May 10 - Belinda Crain
May 17 - Club Assembly
May 24 - Steve Barker
May 31 - Michael Merrylees

Rotary Information
May 03 - James Hamilton
May 10 - Robert Hennessy-Hawks
May 17 - Stuart Heriot

May 3, D Sutton.
May 10, Peter Wilesmith, 17, 24 D Sutton.
May 31 Jun 7 14 J Egan
Jun 21 28 Jul 5 P Murray
Jul 12, 19, 26 M Knight
Aug 2, 9, 16 P Wilesmith
Aug 23, 30 Sep 6 D Sutton  

 Members Choice 
May 03 - David Byfield
May 10 - Peter Clucas
May 17 - Doug Conkey

Meeting Tech Setup
Peter Wilesmith - May 3
Peter Wilesmith -10
Paul Murray – May 17, 24

 Saturday Markets

14th May 2022
OIC -  Tim Hutchings
David Post
Peter Clucas
John Flynn
Doug Conkey
Bill Parker
John Ireland
Mark Hillis
Andrew Puckeridge
Doug Sutton
Jonty Schuter
David Benn
Andrew Whiting
Michael Knight
Signs - James Hamilton
11th June 2022
OIC - J. Ross
Team: G. Breust, G. Conkey, K. Cook, J. Ferguson, J. Flynn, D. Foster, P. McIntosh, G. Obst, W. Paton, D.Post, D. Wallace, P. Wilesmith, R. Willis
Birthdays & Anniversaries
Member Birthdays
John Egan
April 3
Peter Mackinnon
April 5
Ward Gaiter
April 5
Rick Priest
April 17
Gerry Gerlach
April 20
Spouse Birthdays
Cherie Benn
April 1
Sal Puckeridge
April 7
Annita Booth
April 19
April 19
Sandra Legg
April 30
Peter Crozier
April 4
Doug Conkey
April 7
Stephen Anderson
Leah Anderson
April 7
Tim Hutchings
Di Hutchings
April 19
David Hodge
April 20
Join Date
Col Duff
April 1, 1992
30 years
Doug Conkey
April 1, 1994
28 years
Neil Pinto
April 1, 2000
22 years
Peter Crozier
April 1, 1980
42 years
Rick Priest
April 1, 1988
34 years
David Hodge
April 2, 2002
20 years
David Foster
April 3, 2007
15 years
Wal Paton
April 3, 2012
10 years
Malcolm Robertson
April 12, 2011
11 years
Bulletin Editor
Peter Wilesmith
Apologies. 12/04/22
Phil Burgess
Peter Clucas
Ken Cook
Andrew Crackanthorp
Peter Crozier
John Ferguson
Frank Fuller
Chris Kelly
Paul Murray
Jonty Schuter
Doug Sutton
Tim Hutchings
Bob Willis
Make Ups:12/04/22
James Ross - Saturday Markets
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Presidents Report
Our meeting was reasonably small and with no guest speaker there was time for fellowship and a few minor issues raised on the day. I reminded everyone who may be in a position to help with the rotary book fair to contact the club and offer their help; in part to reciprocate for them helping with our own two big events. For the upcoming changeover dinner on the 28th of June, we need numbers of attendees +/- partners sooner rather than later; please contact me or Phil re your attendance, and if you are NOT going please.
We may be getting a new member, Steve Parker who attended as a guest of Benny, This may occur soon. There was approval for $5,000 for simple hand operated pumps for drawing uup ground water for drinking in Tonga, due to the havoc from the volcano explosion near there.
It was also agreed that the bulletin not to go on the website in future but just to the members only, after a couple of incidents in the recent past. Also, the question of the old signs by the roadside was discussed and one thought that people could be directed to Facebook for information on local rotary clubs by a new sign. The current one has other clubs noted as well, so interclub opinion will need to be done at some stage. The current ones are dated and poorly placed. 
Secretary Phil sent out a questionnaire to members recently and has had a poor response. Apparently it has to be finished as a document then uploaded as an attachment back to Phil. If I have this wrong Phil can advise.
Paul Murray won the members draw, and our new projection equipment is a vast improvement on the old one.
The next board meeting will be on the 16th of May and this will be a combined meeting for May and June. Reports please from the members prior to this meeting.
After the meeting I went with a group of our members to our shed. We went through a lot of the stuff there, keeping relevant material, and John Gray will be sorting a lot of other stuff there for keeping. We took the 2 large cupboards back to Romanos, and they are now in a back room reached by going through the curtains and following your nose to the very back where it is in a small room where the stand by the windows. Most importantly the bits and pieces for our weekly meeting are there as well, so no further stuff is in the managers office now, and no key needed to access the back room.
Have a good week fellows and see you next Tuesday.
Secretary's Report
Hi all,
There has been a 20% response to the membership survey. I would like to see more than that, it will give a more accurate result.
The Wagga Book Fair will be held on 14/15 May 2022. Secretary Ellen Brasier advises that volunteer support prior and post the sale will be more beneficial. Sun morning is clean up and get out of there day, help required. If you wish to help ring Ellen on 0412 938 716.
District Club learning and Training days are coming up in Goulburn (14/05/22) and Parkes (21/04/22). This training is recommended for all Board members. Sessions will be held to cater for all Board positions. Register on the District Website.
A District Special General Meeting (via ZOOM) on Sunday May 22nd at 6:00pm. The meeting will vote on the 2022 -2023 budget and elect a new District Public Officer.
Diary Dates:
Next Sat Market - 14th May 2022.
The next Board Meeting - Mon 16th May 2022. A joint meeting of 21-22 and 22-23 Board members.
District Training - Goulburn - Sat 14th May 2022.
District Training - Parkes - Sat 21st March 2022.
Wagga RC Book Fair - 14th/15th May.
Rotaract Changeover Dinner - 18th June 2022.
Wollundry Changeover Dinner - 28th June 2022.
Secretary Phil
Our Meeting
Todays meeting number 43
Setup stared early with Secretary Phil, who is still feeling the long-term effects from his brush with Covid-19, brining in and setting up the gear from the storage room.
Next came our new projector, brought in by John Smith, who then gave our I.T. duties man Doug Sutton a lesson on setting it up and the finer details of using it.
Rick continued his help of setting up the mic and speaker.
Neil and Greg dutifully watched over the Rotary hats that are still available to members.
All the while John Grey was diligently marking of the names of members as they arrived. Today’s bulletin editor Peter Wilesmith was coming and going and had John loudly complaining that he had marked my name off four times.
President Richard started the meeting by leading us into grace and a toast. He talked about the upcoming book fair. He then told us he has only eight weeks to go as current president... but who’s counting.
He reminded us the change over dinner will be on the 28th June.
Fellowship time was generous today as there was no guest speaker, visitors or guests.

Phil Burgess presented a summary report of last Tuesday nights board meeting. The district in now looking for placements for inbound youth exchange students however will wait until January 2023, at the start of the school year. A motion was passed that the CSU scholarship be approved. The new member application of Steve Barker has been approved. The district grant of six thousand dollars for the purchase of water filters to go to Tonga was approved and lodged by John Egan. Phil commented  on a discussion around the amount of exposure around the content from the bulletin being placed on the website. A motion was passed to have the incoming public relations director and the webmaster to come back with some suggestions for the board. Phil elaborated on President Richards mention of the upcoming book fair on the 14th & 15th of May, they would prefer to have volunteers on the Thursday, Friday before or the Sunday beyond as they have to get in and clean up the Kyeamba Smith hall after the event.


Peter Green

Peter was invited to talk about the CSU/Wollundry Scholarship,
He said the award was made a couple of weeks ago, a young girl from Nangus way won the scholarship this year.
The committee that is responsible for the selection process is having a meeting next Tuesday after our Club meeting. Just to clarify a few of the matters raised this year and in the past. He said we need to sort out where we’re going with the scholarships, whether we increase the award value and look at the selection process criteria.
It’s been running for thirty years now, since 1992 and a lot has changed in that time so a review is due.
Peter put out an invitation to any club members that would like to come along and be part of the review process, and said everyone would be very welcome.
The review meeting will be next week after the lunch meeting.
Neil Pinto responded to say thank you to Peter and the committee for all the hard work they have put in and said well done. 



Bromley, Craig – LOA
Cook, Ken
Crakanthorp, Andrew
Duff, Colin
Ferguson, John
Fuller, Frank
Hamilton, James
Hodge, David
Ireland, John
Mason, John
Puckeridge, Andrew
Pyke, David
Shuter, Jonty
Wallace, Darren


Secretary's Report

President Richard rang the bell to announce Phil Burgess to come up and give us the secretaries report. Phil said it was the earliest he had given the report at a lunch meeting. He raised the topic of his survey that was sent out recently, 20% have responded so far and he asked to please complete the survey and send it in. He also note that it can be printed out, filled in with a pen and brought in.
Phil said he will be away next week and David Benn will be filling in with the secretary role.

Stuart Heriot was invited up for a quick talk before the end of the meeting. A few members suggested that a quick talk by Stuart was probably not going to be a reality.
However he did manage a quick few words about a few members going out to the shed after the lunch meeting. The purpose being to tidy up the shipping container and bring in some cabinets. Romanos have kindly allowed us to store some things on-site. There was a lot of debate about the time and logistics but Stuart had all basis covered and wrapped up is talk in a timely manner.
He reminded us that there is still a few sizes of hats available.

Paul Murray spoke to us saying he was shocked to see the quality of the projector video on the screen. He said it is a very good quality projector and thanked John Smith and Steve McCoy for their work.
Paul was also pleased to have his number drawn out of the bed pan at the end of the meeting.
To show of the quality of the new projector and to fill in some time (that we didn't have) we watched a short video of an entertaining acceptance speech.

Fish was a popular meal at this table.
A small but enthusiastic attendance at todays meeting.
Facebook Seminar
 You're Invited!!
Your District Communications team invites you to a Facebook Training Day on Sunday May 1st in Canberra.
Spaces are limited so get in quickly! and be sure to share the event with your club members and friends. 
Who should come?
  • Public Image, Communications and IT Directors.
  • Presidents & Secretaries who want to have an exciting and dynamic year.
  • Anyone who uses Facebook, or wants to learn how to use it!
  • Where will it be held?  
    Canberra Southern Cross Club in Macquarie/Jamison, Belconnen
    What date and time?   
    Sunday May 1st 10am to 4pm
    Register here  its free!
    Further details John Egan 0402488349.
Wollundry Bulletin Editors: 
Doug Sutton, Michael Knight, John Egan, David Pyke, Peter Wilesmith and Paul Murray