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28th Changeover Dinner

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28 - Changeover Dinner
Paul Murray

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9th July 2022
OIC - Andrew Puckeridge
Team: Steve Barker, David Byfield, Col Duff, Ward Gaiter, John Ireland, Steve McCoy,
Neil Pinto, Andrew Puckeridge,
David Pyke, Ken Ssargeant, Jonty Shuter, John Smith, Adrian Whiting.
Signs:   David Byfield
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June 1, 2010
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The nonprofit Music Mends Minds, launched by Rotary member Carol Rosenstein, provides people with memory loss an opportunity to reconnect through song.


Join us to Imagine What’s Next at the 2023 Rotary International Convention in Australia


Rotary and ShelterBox renew global partnership


When Lindy Knowles thinks back to his childhood in the Bahamas, a particular tree is the backdrop of the best memories: the mangrove. Spindly, with twisted roots, mangroves thrive in tidal areas around the islands, including a creek near his grandmother’s house. Knowles learned to fish among


Convention attendees are encouraged to learn about what Houston Rotary members are doing to combat two issues facing their community.


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Empower girls. End polio. Embrace new challenges. Speakers who urge us to see the world in new ways and take action to change people’s lives are inspiring participants at the 2022 Rotary International Convention in

Steve Mathews Promotes Website Relaunch
First off  was Guest speaker Steve Mathews Chair of Riverina Bluebelles, which is a mental health support group.  The group had been inactive through the Covid period and are in the process of a relaunch.
Steve Matthew's message to us yesterday regarding the launch of the new RBB Web site which will be at Romano's at 4.30 to 6.30pm on 11th July and would like as much support from Wollundry as possible. 
AHA ( Riverina) are producing 100,000 drink coasters for all the various hotels in the Riverina to use in their hotels promoting what RBB do.
He spoke of men's health and mental illness.  He encouraged all those  in the club to provide their email to help with the re-establishment of the RBB group.   He encouraged any members who may currently be experiencing any mental health issues to contact RBB via the website
Presidents Report June 21- 2022
This will be my last report as President before our changeover dinner.   A big thanks to all the members who helped me along the way. Also thanks to our board for the sterling work they do so well.
It has been a learning curve for me and has given me a deeper understanding of the many facets of our club and Rotary in general.
Our meeting in the Hampden room was less than ideal but until we change where we meet it will happen from time to time.
The members approved donations of $5,000 to Vinnies and $5,000 to ARH.
Paul Murray won the member draw. 
Our guest speaker was Steve Matthew who talked about Riverina Bluebell a it is restarting again in Wagga.
All the best.

Secretary's Report 21.06.22
Hi all,
My last Secretary's Report for the year. I thank you all for their support over the 2 years of my tenure. If I receive similar support  as President I will be well satisfied.
In am looking forward to the new role, and congratulate President Richard for his effort over the past year. 
Thank you to fellow Board members for their support over the past two years.
The changeover dinner is all planned with about 80 attendees registered. 6:30pm for 7:00pm, RSL Club Mirage room. Please pay $30pp to 
BSB 325 185
Account 387 000 36  if you have not yet.
Peter Mackinnon will be succeeding me as Secretary. Well done Peter, I wish you all the best in your new role.
My next report will be as President, see you then.
Secretary Phil
Our Meeting June 21, 2022

President Richards Last Regular Meeting

President Richard began the meeting by grinning and announcing that this was his last regular meeting.  He said he had learned a great deal and thanked all the members for their support.
Our normal meeting room on the second floor was not available today so we were assigned to the Hampden on the first floor.   The room is a bit small for our numbers and does not allow for everyone to view a projection screen easily.  Nevertheless we progressed with the last meeting of the year.

Members Choice  John Ireland
John came to the meeting well prepared with loads of facts and questions on Rotary.  He went through a number of questions  of which the following is a small sample:

1.    In what year was Rotary founded?
2.    In what city was Rotary founded?
3.    Who was the founder of Rotary?
4.    What was the first city in Australia to have a Rotary club?
5.    What was Paul Harris's occupation?

The members flew through the first 4 questions but slowed up to a standstill at the fifth, with some members mumbling, others grinning and others querying John as to whether he knew the answer.  Of course he did.  Paul Harris was a lawyer and John Ireland is a lawyer.

Secretary Phil Burgess announces the Board Meeting and Budget approval.
Secretary Phil Burgess informed members that the board meeting on Monday night had completed a number of major items, which included matters for the changeover, publication of the changeover booklet, next years budget and Projects that were approved by the board.  
Phil noted that other speakers would be making the specific details of the approvals later in the meeting.

Michael Knight announces two Projects Approved by the Board
Michael Knight addressed the members and announced two projects that were approved by the board.  The projects and amounts were as follows:
1.    Australian Rotary Health    $5,000
2.    St Vincent De Paul Winter Appeal   $5,000

Both projects were approved by the members.

Horse Ball Fundraiser for Ethan  July 22 at the RSL
Adrian Whiting brought in a video of Horseball and explained how active and exciting it is.  His son Ethan has been chosen to represent Australia and they are going to France to participate in the competition.
There is a fundraiser coming up on July 22 at the RSL and Adrian hopes to get a couple tables together to help support the team.  They have a good evening planned with trivia and auction and other activities.  Get the family together. You're going to really enjoy it!     And you'll be helping a mate.

Apologies, Guests and Makeups
Guests - Steve Mathews
Apologies -  Doug Sutton, John Mason, Doug Conkey, Ken Sergeant, Craig Bromley, and Bob Willis (LOA)
Makeups.-Phil McIntosh, John Mason, Michael Knight, David Byfield, Pat Ingram, John Gray, David Pyke
We had 33 members attend today.

David Pyke Presents the Budget
David Pyke, club Treasurer presented the budget to the board on Monday evening and it was approved.  Copies of the budget were not available, nevertheless no one was querying the specifics.  
The budget does allow a $50 reduction in fees due to a surplus.

Darren Wallace talks about RYLA
Darren gave members an overview of the long established and very successful Rotary Youth Leadership Awards.  
The program is international and most districts conduct them since  it is such a worthwhile program.  It is essentially a week long training and learning program that gives participants experiences that will benefit them their entire lives.  
Past Rylarians as they are called, speak extremely highly of the program.  Attendees must be sponsored by a Rotary club and the cost of the week ($950) can be covered by a business or a Rotary club.  
Darren is hopeful our club can organise a candidate for RYLA this year.

Members Draw
Paul Murray  won the bottle of wine!

Here are a couple archive photos of Past Presidents
Above is 25 years ago and below is 19 years ago.
Wollundry Bulletin Editors: 
Doug Sutton, Michael Knight, John Egan, David Pyke, Peter Wilesmith and Paul Murray