President's Report
26 March 2020
Steve Anderson was inducted to Wollundry last Tuesday. A big welcome to Steve and could all members make themselves known to Steve. 
The big news this week is the terrible situation around the world and the devastating effect the Coronavirus is having. Of course, our Club and members have been affected in many ways. Some of our members have businesses to operate and none of them are Woolies or Coles so the situation is unlikely to be very good. Please ensure that you keep all those Members and all other Members in mind.
We decided that we would not have meetings until after Easter but that is most unlikely so it will be a matter of watching this space.
The Food and Wine committee decided to refund all sponsorship, foodies and wineries the money that had been paid for the Riverina BMW Food & Wine Festival.  The 4000 wine glasses offered to sponsors for their logo inclusion had been printed and paid for so the print cost of the logo was not refunded but held over until next year. The Eye Care Plus sponsors had paid most of their sponsorship and have left that payment there for use next year. A very generous gesture. 
There has been overall support for the bulletin to continue and a number of members have contributed jokes or ditties. Some of those will be included. A couple of members have accessed Club Runner and sent those to members.
This is a time for us all to reflect on thinking about others and complying with the requested guidelines provided by Government. The guidelines are very clear and have been designed to reduce the risk of cross infection. The Prime Minister has said, amongst other highly respected leaders, that social distancing is so very important. We all need to do our part.
Amazing how my watering system now has no leaks, the lawns are mowed within an inch of their life, the garden is tidy, the car is clean and the washing and ironing is done. What will I do next week?
26  March  2020
All the below have been contributed by other members. None from me this week
 This young woman is about re marry for the third time and is still a virgin so how come. Well the first time she married a psychiatrist and all he did was talk about it. The second time he was a optometrist and all he did was look at it. So this time I am marrying a solicitor so I will get screwed for sure. Regards David Wishart
Our Meeting
This is the Clayton's meeting.
Nothing came from the floor and noone actually said anything.
However the Scholarship Committee has been working and has been conducting interviews by phone. Two still to go this morning.
The Nangus House project is proceeding well. The roof trusses have been purchased, and the roofing itself is underway. Next will come some brickwork, and then the internals.
We had hoped to be able to attempt working bees at that time, but unless things rapidly improve, that won't be possible. So far we have spent about $15000 of the total $30000.
As all of Wagga Wagga is closed except for essential services, I'm assuming that the Saturday Market is not on. Can you let me know, John if that's not the case.
Puck has sent out a request for some jokes, on our Club Runner email. Im certain there are a lot out there. It will be closed communication, by the way.
My hubby purchased a World map.....gave me a dart and said
"Throw this and wherever it lands, Im taking you for a holiday when this pandemic is over."
Turns out were spending two weeks behind the fridge
And that folks is as much as I have to report.
Couple of NetFlix movies you might like.
The Post....about freedom of the Press in the US under Nixon.
The English Game....a great yarn on the development of the FA Cup in England. You don't have to be a fan of soccer, its a drama about acceptance. Really good.
Bloodlines.......a drama of a really stuffed up family.Murder, Drug Running, deceit, all wrapped up in respectability. Don't miss it.
and coming soon Ozarcs. The first series is already there, but the second is about to land. Another great story of crime and drug influence in the mountain country. Another not to miss.
Outlander is a very interesting concept too, as we are taken back 200yrs to the battle of Collodin. 
Anyone else got some recommendations? We need something to do once all the jobs are done!! 
Covid 19 Impact
Last week, all the butcher shops in Wagga Wagga had bare shelves and empty counter displays. Some shops closed early, and the press blamed panic buying. Lets look at the facts.
We need to start with the old adage – an optimist thinks that a glass is half full. A pessimist thinks its half empty, and an engineer thinks that the glass is twice as big as it needs to be.
Supermarket supply chains are engineered solutions to getting products onto the shelves at the minimum cost, and thus with the minimum use of resources in personnel and infrastructure. Their capacity to increase capacity in the short term is limited, and suppliers like to hum along as close to capacity as possible.
Disruption, as we have observed in the current crisis, and in the frame of mind of a panicked populace, creates patterns of consumer demand that are outside the expectations of the supply chain designers. Different categories face different variations from the old normal, and the ability to adapt is also highly varied.
Toilet paper usage is remarkably stable – COVID 19 is not a gastro virus and is not particularly effective in reassembly as a face mask. The panic buying was very real.
The Meat display cabinets in supermarkets were also empty, and butcher shops experienced record sales – some shut early with no product available to sell. Panic buying in the meat industry?
There is a more logical explanation. As social isolation became more effective, the number of meals consumed in the home with meat from retail outlets increased dramatically, and fewer meals were consumed in restaurants, clubs and pubs. The supply chains for these different markets are distinctly different – Food service and Retail.
In the 1960’s almost all meals were prepared at home, and the protein component was from the butcher. Various social impacts have eroded that strength – eating out, smaller portions, lifestyle decisions , ethnic cuisines and supermarket incursions all played a part. What we saw last week flowed from the inability of supermarkets to increase their meat supply to meet the new demand. This was not panic buying.


Bulletin 17th March 2020


Next Meeting. No. 37

24th March 2020

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APRIL 11th 2020

OIC - James Hamilton (for Colin Duff)

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Swap needed  -  Nick Leywood

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