President's Report
Peter Wilesmith was inducted today. A big welcome to Peter and could all members make themselves known to Peter.
We need to maintain our membership level at the healthy mid 60’s. It is good to see that we have two more prospective members who have been nominated and will go to the March Board meeting. Members have been notified of those nominees. They are 
 Steve Anderson and Bill Parker
It still remains our responsibility to bring along a friend who would like to join Wollundry.
Food & Wine have weekly meetings on Monday afternoon at 5.30pm at the Commercial Club. The launch was held last Friday 28 Feb. Only two meetings to go before the event. 
We received a letter from DG John McKenzie and this matter will be dealt with our Board meeting next week. It is truly amazing that our question of their activity has resulted in District's approach. With falling numbers in Rotary, and RI and Districts crying out for new members, this approach seems bazaar. 
10 March  2020
Our Guest Speakers
Our Guest Speakers today were  Melanie Renkin and Rachel Whiting
Both of these very competent people work for Regional Development Australia, with Rachel being none less that Director.
The main thrust of the RDA is to establish workforce development, asses skilled migration to the area and to understand the level of professional development .
Recently she has launched a skills survey within the Riverina in order to consolidate this information, all of which will be used in forward planning.
One of the most interesting facets brought forward by Melanie was a detailed examination of the impact that Gears and Beers has had on the region.
Their statistics showed that some 4986 people visited Wagga Wagga for the festival, and jointly spent $1.8 million over that weekend.
These are astounding figures.
Nearly 50% of these were riders, 25% were there just for the beer, and about 20% were family members. We made up 2%.
Motels fared best with around 45% choosing to stay there, and the rest were shared out among family and friends,  BnBs and Caravan Parks.
This analysis proves that the festival is an enormous success, and contributes massively to the local economy. And that's before the Club distributes the funds it raises.
Our Meeting
The meeting began. Grace was decimated and we settled in to the business of the day. David welcomed back two members who have been away ill

Paul Murray is recuperating well from a stint in Wagga Base. Good to have him back with us.
 Doug Conkey is making rapid strides from his surgery, and things are looking up for him too. It is always good to see his smiling face.
First up was the Sergeant Session, with Wal Paton extracting as much as we could.
The jokes on members Frank Fuller, John Smith and Pykie made many think that Easter had come early and Michael G was back with us!!
Today we inducted a new member Peter Wilesmith.
Peter is a keen cyclist so he was included in the Gears and Beers Committee.
Peter will make a great member and we all welcomed him warmly.
Our Exchange Student Sophi reported on a wonderful weekend at Ulladulla where the all exchange students from the two Districts met. She had a wonderful time!!
Neil Pinto hosted her there, and asked us again to remember to include her in any activities. Geoff Breust is flying her to Hay soon.
Fundraising for Fire and Drought relief continues, but two of our members have joined up with blazeaid to work on recovery by helping farmers with fencing and grapevine trellis. Doug Sutton and Darren Wallace worked at Tumbarumba last Friday, and ongoing opportunities are available.
The club decided to try to raise a RAWCS project in the name of Tumbarumba. This gives us charitable status , and allows all donations to be tax free, as well as removing GST on some of the purchases. John Egan is following this up.
Doug Sutton is keen to get more Rotarians involved.

RAWCS call to action:

Col Duff went to Vanuatu last year, volunteering to work on a RAWCS project. The trip was initiated by the Bowral / Mittagong Rotary Club. A call to action has been made again. there is a proposal for a team to go to either Cambodia, India, Nepal or Vanuatu. The time frame proposed is late in 2020, and Colin called for possible starters. Six hands went up.


Food and Wine Festival Update:

Its three weeks away. All hands on deck! Be sure to fill those roster spaces

The Committee made a decision not to proceed with insurance against cancellation due to rain. The liquor licence has not been issued, but "those with knowledge of the matter" remain confident that all will proceed. WWCC final approval still outstanding, but also not a matter for concern.

The busking competition "slipped under the radar" at the early planning stage. It's too late to catch up, so it has been cancelled for this year.

The Science Challenge:

The Science Challenge was a great success. Our club provided the trestle tables and set up the hall. A couple of members also went to the sessions, then due to the rain event the cleanup was not until Monday. A great effort, and thanks to the trailer jockeys, Pykie, Mal and John.

David Benn invited us to the Riverine Club's Autumn Ball. Its Saturday March 21. Murrumbidgee Club also has a dinner that same night. Bad choice of date as that is Conference weekend!

RYDA is coming next Wednesday. If you can help contact Neil Pinto. Its an interesting day to observe and to help.

Pykie's Closing Comment:

There wasn't one this week. Greatly missed.

Secretary's Report
Secretary’s Report for Meeting  No. 35  -  10th March 2020
  • next week's meeting :  No. 36  -  17th March
  • next Board meeting :  Monday 16th March
  • next Food & Wine Committee meeting :   Tuesday 17th March, 5:30pm Commercial Club
  • Dinner with RC Murrumbidgee :  Friday 20th March
  • D9700 Conference :  20th-22nd March, Temora
  • Riverine Club Autumn Ball in aid of Riverina Bluebell :  Saturday 21st March (see David Benn)
  • Food & Wine Festival :  Saturday 28th March (all hands on deck please  -  save the date)
  • meeting with RC Tumbarumba :  Monday 20th April
  • Tumba Rail Trail opening :  April
Responsibilities:       Please,
×        Find a Replacement if any of your rostered duties cannot be fulfilled.
×        Register an Apology by Monday 4pm if you are going to be absent from the next meeting.
×        Register a Makeup for a meeting absence whenever you can.
AED's update.
At our meeting on 28 Feb, we presented a defibrillator to Jasmin Woodland, from Anglicare. This was the 27th unit that we have provided into the Wagga Wagga community, with a collective value of around $62 000.
Geoff Breust has taken on the administration of this project, originally the brainchild of Travis Downie.
Jasmin thanked the club for the support, noting that her husband had suffered a heart attack, so she had close personal interest in the device.
Photos from the meeting
Brad Booth with David Foster 
Welcome Peter Wilesmith! 

Bulletin 10th March 2020


Next Meeting. No. 36

17th March 2020 "be wearing the Green"

Fellowship :   
Greeting Visitors

Peter Crozier

Helps Treasurer 

Col Duff

Furniture : 
Setup & pack away

John Egan

Exchange Student
Activities roster :
Week commencing Sunday 15th March  -  Phil Burgess


Rob Medway, Soil Conservation

Bulletin Editor


Mar 17, 24             J Egan

Mar 31, Apr 7, 14   D Sutton

Apr 21, 28 May 5   P Murray


17th March  -  Rob Pearson
24th March  -  Neil Pinto
7th April       -  Ric Preist
14th April     -  Andrew Puckeridge
 Market Rosters
Swapping - Members are reminded that it is the individual's responsibility to organise a swap. One of the best ways to do that is to check whether you are rostered on well ahead of time and contact someone who is on a market further down the track to arrange a swap.
March 14th 2020

OIC - Gerry Gerlach

Team (6:30am)Richard Baguley, Geoff Breust, Graham Burmeister, Shane Carroll, David Foster, Peter Green (for David Wishart), Mark Hillis (for John Egan), David Hodge, Tim Hutchings (for John Gray), Colin Duff (for James Ross), Darren Wallace.

Trailers (6:15am)  -  Shane Carroll, David Hodge, 2 others needed

BBQ  -

APR 11th 2020

OIC - James Hamilton (for Colin Duff)

Team - Frank Fuller, Stuart Heriot, Mark Hillis, Pat Ingram, Nick Leywood, Steve McCoy, Graham Obst, Wal Paton, David Post, James Ross (for James Hamilton), Peter Wilesmith, David Wishart (for Peter Green). 

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Sofi Seneme, exch Student


 Bradley Booth



Ward Gaiter, Nick Leywood, John Ferguson, John Mason, John Ireland, Stephen McCoy, Graeme Obst Robert Pearson, David Post, Andrew Puckeridge, Richard Rossiter, Jonty Shuter, Darren Wallace, David Wishart


Make ups. 

Craig Bromley, Phil Burgess, Tim Hutchings, Tim McMullen, David Byfield.

Bulletin Editor
Michael Knight
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