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President's Report
This week's meeting started and finished with an attempt by some to be a little more Covid safe by humming Rotary Grace and the National Anthem.  However we gave the vocal chords some exercise in singing happy birthday to our Exchange Student Sofi Seneme whereupon she blew out the candle on the cake kindly prepared by Nola.  Perhaps the Zoomers can whip up a mighty chorus for us.
This week's meeting was highlighted by Sofi's great presentation on her home country Brazil for which several visitors zoomed in.  It is a delight to be hosting Sofi at this difficult time and her English is certainly better than our Portugese.  The world is a very different place to the one that saw the Rio Olympics just four years ago.
Graham Burmeister's brief presentation of Rotary Information reflected on his time as President in 1986-87. Six years earlier he, Ken Cook and David Byfield were still in their 20's when the now defunct RC Lockhart expressed dismay that Rotarians could be so young.  Next week will be Croz's turn to reflect on the year before.   
The next Saturday Market is scheduled for this Saturday under the OIC-ship of Pykie.  The weather forecast is for rain on Friday and 'shattered scowers' on Saturday so we will see if a move to Hammond Hall has to be implemented at short notice.  Members who are not rostered on are very much encouraged to drop in for fellowship around morning tea time.
There was no Presidential joke this week due to the pressures of time.  Thankyou for Pykie for filling in as Sergeant-at-Arms at short notice and providing some light relief.
For those who may be concerned, we are indeed keeping a record of who wins the Lucky Members' Draw. Hopefully we will have something soon.
Stay well Fellows.
President James

Secretary"s Report
Hi All,
Another successful meeting at The Riverine Club. It is proving to be an adequate venue in lieu of  The Commercial Club.
The after meeting coffee and fellowship sessions are proving popular.
It was a great presentation by Sofi. Happy birthday for Aug 9th Sofi.
Fellows just a few words on Make ups.
It is the responsibility of each individual member to ensure that their make up credits are registered. Say for example if you are on the Sat Markets roster, and you attend as required, you are not automatically given a make up credit. You must claim this credit.
Also members cannot register their own credits in ClubRunner.
Make up credits are now available for use throughout the year, not just a fortnight either side of an absence.
Credits cannot be claimed in advance.
Please claim make up credits as follows.
By recording the detail at the reception desk with Treasurer Ken on meeting days, if you are physically attending the meeting.
or by an email to John Mason if you do not attend the reception desk.
This information is ultimately forwarded to the attendance officer James Hamilton for recording in ClubRunner. 
Please advise John Mason each Monday if you will be physically attending the meeting next day, also advise of guests if any,
and advise if you will be eating if physically attending.
Cheers,  Phil B.
Our Meeting
President James called the meeting to order, and instructed the choir to sing the Rotary Grace softly, because robust renditions of the song present a danger of spreading aerosols containing Covid 19 virus. We started by humming a few bars, but that fell away, and a more familiar rendition was soon evident.
No visiting Rotarians responded when called, but we had guests, both at the club, and on Zoom.
Burmo's guest posed for a photo with Graham and John Gray - or perhaps Graham and John posed for a photo with Mayan.
Guests at our meeting by Zoom hookup included Rob Uhl, district 9705 Youth Exchange chair from Brindabella Rotary Club, and host parents Monica Jessop and Monique and John Sheppard.
We just don't know how this came about, but the "coffee nerds", that's James' description, were not impressed with their lattes last Tuesday. The Riverine Club were suitably chastened, and had a new supply of Coffee beans on hand for this weeks connoisseurs.
Our Saturday Market is scheduled for this week. Rain is forecast, so the committee has taken an option on Hammond Hall at the showground to ensure that we have a venue. Obviously, we will have our team of twelve, but James asked for support from more of our club - gather for coffee around 10.00am.
There was a Birthday Cake on the table at the back of the room, and El Presidente (is that Spanish, Portugese or Brazilian?) called Sofie to attend at the candle extinguishing ceremony. It was a jolt when we were told that Sofie was turning sixteen - so young.
Steve Anderson was rostered as Sergeant, but wasn't able to get to the meeting today, so riding in from the sunset was PP Pykie to reinforce the finances of the club. I think that it was an ambit claim, but folding money, not coin was mentioned as a requirement. I dread the use of eftpos equipment by the sergeant - "to protect the health and safety of the staff."
No names, but this story featured a Rotarian from Wantabadgery, well over the speed limit, pulled up by the Highway Patrol. At the end of his shift, the cop didn't need the hassle of the paperwork, so he hoped for an excuse that satisfied.
He was told "Many years ago, my wife ran off with a policeman. I thought that you were trying to bring her back" On your way, was the response.
Doug Conkey was acknowledged as finishing three books in two days - but was stymied until he could get more colouring in pencils.
The next fine was on Ward Gaiter, and related to a shared house, sugar bowl and mothers visit.  The story failed the misogony test, and cannot be reproduced in a Rotary Publication.
David Benn had a cross fine on the coffee drinkers, and we wonder, if the old brew was that bad, what was it doing to the reputation of the Riverine club.
Burmo was next with Rotary Information. He disqualified a group of Past Presidents, and then asked a Cricket Question, about a Victorian opening batsman who failed in both innings of his only test. I think that Burmo was surprised to get the right answer called from the floor immediately.
The next anecdote was more relevant to Rotary. Neil Pinto and Graham were visiting a Rotary club around 60kls south west of Wagga Wagga. The message to recruit new young Rotarians was coming from Evanston and from District, but the locals resisted this, and considered that Rotary was for the established senior elite in the community. The club is now defunct.
Graham reminded us that when Wollundry Rotary was formed, Ken Cook, Peter Davies and Burmo were all under thirty YO.
Sofi: Guest Speaker.
Sofi gave her presentation today on Brazil, her state of Sao Paulo, her town of Rio Claro, and Rotary District 4590.
She was very well organised, and spoke on her family, her home, her school and City, State and Country. Sofi used the Brazilian Flag to explain elements of the nation, and made the point that Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world, just ahead of Australia, but with a population of 210 million, has over 8 times our population.
In the late 19th Century, Brazil imported many species of Eucalypt trees from Australia, to grow timber for railway sleepers. Even now, there is a museum dedicated to these trees in Sao Paulo.
Sofi made the point that Brazilians speak Portuguese, and has had to correct many Aussies who expect her to speak Brazilian. We should know better, because we speak English - well, some of us!!!!
There were many topics covered in the presentation - The currency, Religion, food, like rice and black beans, the samba and Carnivale, pronunciation - its Hio de Janeiro, The Amazon and deforestation. We saw photos of Carnivale, and it is a huge part of the national identity.
Sofi was able to explain the difference between fires in Brazil and Australia. We have dry and very hot fires, where the humid conditions in Brazil lead to slower burn, cooler fire conditions.
Sofi explained that she has an extensive background with Interact, and had exposure to youth exchange. Australia was her first choice for the exchange, and she thinks that she was lucky to get to Oz. We think that we were the lucky ones.
We had a question for Sofi, on whether the exchange had opened up new possibilities for career choices. Her response was that completing her education was the priority, and all options were open.
There was a banner presentation from the Interact club that Sofi represents.
Last Sunday, Sofi was interviewed by the ABC, and led into a story about exchange students coping with Covid 19. The link to her comments is here.