Tuesday 17th May 2022
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  Romano's Hotel 

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May - 24, P. Clucas
May - 31, J. Egan
May - 24, Graham Burmeister
May - 31, Robert Hennessy-Hawks
May - 24, D. Byfield
May - 31, C. Duff

Guest Speaker
May 24 - Steve Barker
May 31 - Michael Merrylees

Rotary Information
May - 24, M. Hillis
May - 31, D. Hodge

Bulletin Editor
May 24 P.Wilesmith
May 31, Jun 7, 14, J Egan
Jun 21, 28, Jul 5, P Murray
Jul 12, 19, 26, M Knight
Aug 2, 9, 16, P Wilesmith
Aug 23, 30 Sep 6, D Sutton  

 Members Choice 
May - 24, G. Conkey
May - 31, K. Cook

Meeting Tech Setup
Paul Murray – May 24
G. Breust - May 31, Jun 07

Saturday Markets
11th June 2022
OIC - J. Ross
Team: J. Ireland, A. Whiting, K. Cook, J. Flynn, J. Ferguson, D. Foster, P. McIntosh, R. Baguley, W. Paton, D. Post, D. Wallace, P. Wilesmith.
Signs: John Gray
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May 1, 1979
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May 13, 1978
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May 13, 1978
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May 20, 2003
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May 22, 2018
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May 29, 2001
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Across Europe, Rotaract members are using digital tools to share information and coordinate to help people who have been affected by the war in Ukraine


A surgeon in Spain finds a way to treat patients in Nigeria

presidents report 17/05/2022
Another busy meeting today. There was a board meeting last night and as a result various donations were discussed. The ones approved were explained today at the meeting and all 6 donations were approved at todays meeting. It was decided that if we take an exchange student it will be from January; there is no one currently listed , but if we do get one then EVERY member needs a current working with children clearance. The scholarship and book prizes for CSU have been made so thanks to the committee for this. We also looked at donating 8 fresh water pumps to Tonga, after their surface drinking water was fouled by the recent volcanic eruption there. RYDA was successful recently. There is a new member applying to our club, and this is in process.
The meeting today was busy and well attended, with a lot of humour from the floor today! The recent market at the showgrounds made a tidy $2,110 with good numbers on a wet day. Having the book sale on hand probably helped the excellent BBQ money.
Doug Conkey, doing members choice, gave the story behind President Lincon's famous Gettysberg address at the famous battle site. He then read it out; I was struck by how apt it is to a lot going in America today.
Stuart Heriot attempted to give a talk on rotary's history, but was jocularly howled down by the floor. Made for one of the briefest presentations ever! 
We also talked briefly on the loss of some of our younger members, and how hard it is to find people of that age group to join. This is a world problem with no easy solation.
Adrian Whiting told about an upcoming trip tp Lo in western France, with his son, to play a sport called Horse Ball. It involves 2 teams of two riders a side and catching a special a special ball and passing it through a vertical hoop. You can ask him about the finer points at our next meeting.
Have a good week fellows and see you at the next meeting.
President Richard
Secretary's Report 17.05.22
Hi all,
The wind up of the year is approaching quickly. It is a busy time, looking at new Committee make-ups, preparing for the changeover dinner, looking at Strategic Plans, prepping for the 22-23 Budget and so on. I will handing the Secretary's role over to Peter Mackinnon at the end of June in readiness for the President's role. The Secretary's role has been an enjoyable and informative process for me. It is a good way to get to know members and the operating procedures of the Club.
It is good to see the Projects Committee having the freedom to allocate funds to worthy projects again. Post COVID, has given us the freedom to raise funds once again and respond positively to Community requests for support. The approvals effected at the Board meeting on Monday night and then ratified at the meeting yesterday are testament to that.
The price of the mandatory RDU magazine is to rise again. If members receive an electronic version of the magazine instead of a hard copy, the Club will save $5pa per member. Forty Four members still receive the magazine in print form. If you wish to retain this option please advise me ASAP as I intend to make all subscriptions electronic.
Response to the Membership Survey has been positive. If you have not responded please give it some consideration.
Diary Dates
Food and Wine debriefing meeting - Thursday 19th May 5:30pm Romano's Hotel - Ambassador Room.
District Training at Parkes - Saturday 14th May 9:00am at Parkes Leagues Club.
Finance Committee meeting - Monday 23rd May Romano's Hotel - Ambassador Room.
Next Sat Market - Saturday 11th June 2022.
Rotaract Changeover Dinner - Saturday 18th June Ten Pin Bowling 5:00pm. Bowling tickets via Eventbrite on Then at the Riverina Hotel 7:30pm for purchase your own dinner.
Next Wollundry Board Meeting - Monday 20th June 5:30pm  Romano's Hotel Ambassador Room.
Wollundry Changeover Dinner - Tuesday 28th June 6:30pm RSL Club Wagga
Next District Conference - 21-23 October 2022, Joyes Hall CSU. Detail on the District Website.
Secretary Phil
Members Choice
The American Civil War was the backdrop for Doug Conkey's most interesting talk about the Gettysburg address. In 1863 the Battle of Gettysburg, a small hamlet, took place over 3 days from the 1st to the 3rd of July. The Confederate army from the South was led by Robert E. Lee while the Northern Army was led by George Meade. 170,000 troops took part in the battle and while the South lost 25,000 men the North's casualties were 28,000.  Lee withdrew his troops and left the battleground on 5th July.
In November of that year, Abraham Lincoln went to Gettysburg to dedicate the Union (Northern Army) Cemetery. The main speaker on the day was Edward Everett, a well known politician and clergyman noted for his oratory. He spoke for one hour and fifty seven minutes. The President had been asked to offer only a "few appropriate remarks".
Lincoln's address lasted only a few short minutes and comprised 269 words, but it has come to be regarded as one of the all-time great speeches.
Doug and Wendy toured the Civil War sites and Doug has very detailed interest in that terrible conflict which saw citizens of the same country slaughter each other. The rift in the American body politic is still very evident today.
Read the speech below.
Our Meeting
Today's meeting was Club Assembly so no guest speaker, nevertheless we were entertained by our own speakers through Rotary Information and Members Choice.
The market was held in Hammond Hall at the show ground. It coincided with the Book Fair in the Kyeamba Smith Hall so there was a lot more customers than normal. Traffic congestion was high and our members took over parking duties which effectively relieved the situation.
David Golland, Bill Parker, Michael Knight, John Flynn, John Egan and Doug Sutton guided the students around the lecture halls at the Showgrounds on Wednesday last week. Although the number of students were down on the day, the four day event was a success, with hundreds of students from all the local high school year eleven classes, hearing various aspects of driving a motor vehicle. Lectures were given by Police, Driving Instructors, Victims of Road Trauma etc. This is a great program supported by Jupiter Motors' Scott Oehm who provided a vehicle used to demonstrate stopping distances.
Michael Knight presented a number of projects to the Cub which required a vote by members, having been approved by The Board. Following our very successful Food and Wine Festival and Gears and Beers Festival, our Club has sufficient money to fund a number of worthwhile projects. Because they were for sizeable amounts, each project was moved singly and voted on. All were passed except for a proposal for a humidicrib at the Hospital which was rejected on the grounds that it should be provided by the dept of Health.
For those whose myopia prevents them seeing the figures above, here are the approved projects:
ROMAC $2,000
Trishaws for  Cycling at andy age. $18,000
Ukraine assistance $10,000
Shelter Box $10,000
Lillier Lodge $3,300
Anglicare Winter Appeal $5,000
Total $48,300
Today's provider of wisdom and wit was Stuart Heriot who took us down a path of historical facts about Rotary. You could call it a bunch of dates. Stuart did, however, provide us with a few new interesting tit bits and a lot of laughs. Did you know that Women make up 22% of the number of Rotarians worldwide? or the RYDA started in Qld? or that only a quarter of the world's population are literate? or that the first Rotary Motto was "He profits most who serves best".?
We all enjoy Stuart coming to the microphone and so does he!
Adrian Whiting informed us that his son has been selected to play horsetail for the Australian Team in Europe. To raise funds they are having two functions: one on the 16th June at the Forum Cinema for a showing of "BUZZ LIGHT YEAR" The second on 22nd July a trivia night at the RSL Club. For the uninitiated, and that includes all of us, Horseball is played obviously on horseback, but is a mixture of Rugby and Netball. Go figure!
Lucky Prize Draw
Today's winner was Mark Hillis.
photos from meeting
Wollundry Bulletin Editors: 
Doug Sutton, Michael Knight, John Egan, David Pyke, Peter Wilesmith and Paul Murray